hallow, minna, y'all probly don't remember *this* little hell-child. anywaysies, this is for the vampy (::huggles::) cause she made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and cause she poked me to write it. ^__^

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warning: vampiric bishies. ::cough::hetimplications::cough::. squicky. yaoi, 1x2 (duh).

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[we can't afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy
it's a do or die situation
we will be invincible

and with the power of conviction
there is no sacrifice
it's a do or die situation
we will be invincible]

-pat benetar, invincible

[lethal kiss]
lady of the mer

[part three]

Duo-Saturn stared at the unconscious Heero.

“Smooth move, lover,” he said quietly, eyes burning with smothered violet fire.

Relena cocked her head in an infuriatingly innocent way. “Well, it’s your fault. If you’d have told him sooner, koi, he might not be lying on the floor of the Plane right now.” She smiled, bearing slightly elongated canines.

“Being my past-lover isn’t going to save you this time, Venus.” Duo grinned just the way he did before he went on a suit-massacre. He licked his lips.

“Oh?” The blonde girl’s head was still tipped slightly to the side.

“Nope.” His grin widened, and a ball of black-purple energy formed in the open palm of his hand. He made a fist over it and it became the long hilt of a broadsword, black as iron.

“So, Duo-koi, you wanna play dirty, eh? Fine by me.” The scabbard of a delicate rapier formed on her hip. She drew it, and it rang; the clear tone of white gold.

“Ready, lover?”



Relena launched the first attack. Fast and furious, a blur of white-silver flitted through the air. Duo made no move to counter, and she pressed what she thought was her advantage. He moved backward, giving ground and blocking the few thrusts that endangered him.

Duo shook his head, grinning. “You’ve lost your touch, ojousan. All that luxurious living has made you soft.”

“You think?” Relena’s breath came more quickly now, shallower. “I haven’t seen you fencing lately, O Great and Purple One.” She ran her tongue over her teeth.

Saturn stopped running now. “You know I hate it when you call me that.” He met her every strike, clang of black metal ringing against white. Sparks flew every which way as the blades locked. Duo leaned against the smaller girl now, whispering.

“As a matter of fact, yes, I have been fencing lately.”

He broke and stood, blade poised.

Relena was red-faced now, panting, gasping for breath. She looked up and narrowed her eyes. “I will kill you,” she said, deadly quiet.

She now launched a new attack, reckless and messy because of her exhaustion. Parries and thrusts were so sloppy Duo couldn’t tell one from the other. He found an opening quickly, and with a flick of his wrist disarmed her.

“Now, what was that about killing me?”

His former lover bowed her head. “Do it quickly.”

Duo’s eyes grew hard at this. “No. I will not kill you. I’ll let your heart crack and shatter, just as mine did.”

His sword disappeared with a bang of displaced air and he strode over to where Heero lay. Duo picked him up easily, holding him cradled in his arms. “Good-bye, Felicia-koi [1],” he said quietly as soul wind swirled around him, preparing for a teleport.

“Good-bye, Mikel-love [2],” Venus whispered long after Saturn had disappeared with his precious Mate.


[an: okay. that was so incredibly *squicky* to write. ::shudders::]


Heero woke slowly, not opening his eyes and assessed his condition.

His ever-present, gnawing hunger was sated.

He’d fed last night.

Wait...what was this strange mark on his neck?

As Heero ran his fingers over the two puncture wounds, a frown creased his brow.

What? How have he been bitten?

Suddenly, he felt a pulsing, purple energy enter the room.

But...a vampire couldn’t be Claimed against his will.


He opened his eyes to see exactly who had begun to Claim him.

“Morning, sleepyhead!”




Heero’s eyes rolled back into his head again, all the information proving too much for his tired brain to process.


[1 & 2] relena and duo’s past-life names, respectively.