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warnings: uh...yaoi-ish, for those who wish to look for it. lots and lots of purple. first part made me think of prozac. very very very very weird.

don't ask, i don't know.

[it's so dreamy
oh fantasy free me!
so you can't see me?
no, not at all.

in another dimension
with voyueristic intentions
well secluded, i see all]
-magenta, the time warp (rhps. the BEST halloween movie on the planet!)

[lethal kiss]
lady of the mer

[part 2]


It was purple.

Everything was purple.

The silken ribbons that hung from a brooch on his chest and were draped over his otherwise naked form…the strange looking ‘h’ that was Saturn’s sign…the Planetary’s eyes…all purple. Violet. Amaryllis. Lilac. Indigo. Amethyst. Iris.

All the same.




All purple.

The cloak that formed over his shoulders…the writhing, shifting spirits that were the dreamscape…the burning-hot Claim-marks on his neck.




And then, a sanguineous [1] light, a slight, flickering flame, appeared. It grew, consuming the all-enveloping purple.


It took all of Hero’s self-control not to clap his hands to his head. The voice was terrible. Like death-cries. Like gunshots. Like the scream of a dying vampyre.

All mixed into one.

“Half-blood,” The voice said again, and a shadow stepped out of the now-huge flame. A cloak woven of night and spirits slithered over the figure’s body and a cowl covered all but the chin of its face. The cloak gathered from the purple spirits, intertwining violet and black to form an irreversible tapestry.

“Do you know who I am, half-blood?”

Heero shook his head, mute, enthralled by the ever-shifting cloak.

“I am the Dark Lord. Your master, half-blood, even if I only own part of your stone. Your mother was the Lady Sang. Fine vampyress she was, that Lady.” The cowl shifted ever-so-slightly as the God shook his head.

Heero nodded dumbly in agreement.

The figure walked up to where Heero was and brushed a bone-white hand to the boy’s neck. Heero flinched; the brief touch had sent a bolt of ice through his body, so cold it hurt.

“Ah…so Saturn has Marked you. Lucky one, you are. The best lover out of the whole lot.” The Lord barely glanced at the bright purple flame that suddenly flared where his hand had touched. “Very protective, too. See how quickly his Guard-Fire reacts. If that flame touches anyone but you, me, or Saturn, it will sear their hand off.”

Then, for some unknown reason, the corners of the Lord’s mouth began to turn upwards into a sadistic smile. “Well. This should be interesting. My, but Venus is a greedy little thing, isn’t she?” With that, the Dark God disappeared in a swirl of red fire.

All of a sudden, a yellow glow appeared and formed the shape of a girl. A slender girl, with wide, blue eyes set in an expanse of golden light. The girl slowly reached out to touch Heero’s neck, pressing her fingers to the Mark of Saturn. There was a flash of violet light, the purple fire erupting far more fiercely this time. And then, for what looked like no reason at all, the spirits began to gather and shift, solidifying to form a figure.

A glowing figure with long, long hair.

The yellow-gold girl turned around to face the newly-arrived figure, crystal blue eyes narrowing. She still kept the fingers pressed to his neck and Heero felt something, glowing, orange invade the purple fire which raced through his blood, but the amaryllis flames fought fiercely and the marigold glow was driven back.

“Venus.” The voice came from the glowing-purple figure, the spirits from which it formed had dissolved into dusky purple mists. “What are you doing here?”

The girl removed her fingers from Heero’s neck and turned completely, facing Saturn. The half-blood suddenly felt very faint, as if he had been bedridden for several days with a fever. Bright amethyst fire suddenly coursed through his veins and the Mark on his neck pulsed blindingly, giving him unholy amounts of raw energy. Saturn’s violet eyes met his and Heero suddenly understood: the amethyst fire was Saturn’s.

“Saturn.” The voice came from the glowing-gold girl this time. Her aquamarine eyes narrowed further, leaving only twin slits of blue.

“You have tried to steal that which is Marked.” As Saturn spoke, dozens of spirits surrounded him, whirling around and spiraling upwards to form an eerily silent spirit-matrix. Though shadowy mists obscured everything else, his violet eyes shone through, as clear as day. “We must battle,” he whispered, and the soul-wind tugged once more at his now-chestnut hair before dissipating into the dreamscape.

The Planetary had shifted to his human shape. He was slender, dressed in a semi-priest’s outfit. His features were delicate, fey, placed on a heart-shaped face with the skill of that which with a sculptor forms beautiful things of blocks of marble. A jagged line of bangs raked across his forehead and a honey-gold braid hung down his back, reaching his upper thighs. But the eyes remained the same. Large and soul-searching, probably able to read a person’s deepest, darkest secrets from a glance at their eyes.

Heero’s breath caught in his throat and his eyes widened in recognition.


Duo was Saturn. Saturn was Duo. Duo had Marked him. Duo was a vampyre.

This was bad.

This was very very bad.

“Have it your way,” the glowing-girl said, and her form began to shimmer, like air rising off hot pavement. Her features blurred and shifted, never staying in one place for more than a few seconds at a time. Then there was a great flash of light and Venus stood in all her human glory.

Long, flaxen-blonde hair fell down her back, twin braids meeting in the center of the back of her head. Her not-quite-woman’s body housed the fledgling curves of a teenager. She was clad in a tight white bodysuit that clung to her like a second skin.



There was a faint thud as his limp body hit the solid soul-wall that was the ground


[1] new word! means ‘blood-red’ or ‘involving blood or bloodshed’