warnings: weird vampyric bishousen. blood sucking. you have been warned.

disclaimers: i'll make this short: not mine. wish they were, though. goddess knows what i would do with 'em.


[what the hell we fighting for?
just surrender and it won’t hurt at all
just got time to say your prayers
while you’re waiting for the hammer to
hammer to fall]
-queen, hammer to fall (the song makes absolutely no sense, but it’s cool)

[lethal kiss]
october fic challenge
lady of the mer

[part 1]

Heero had always known he had vampyre blood in him.

He knew it as the first pang came. He knew it as he silently crept out of the window in search of fresh blood-energy. He knew it as the mists of bloodlust rose to obscure his vision. He knew it as the dark power took control of his body.

The fact that he was a half-blood made the few times he had a craving very difficult. He couldn’t turn to shadow as full-bloods could. He couldn’t transform into whatever animal he wished. He was, however, immortal, which was why so many self-destructs hadn’t harmed him in the least.

Some of the full-blood’s powers had been passed down to him, such the ever-famous immortality. It wasn’t truly immortality, though. He would die if his life-source was depleted, though his was much larger than ordinary mortals’ was.

Another of his powers was that of energy-seeking. The Dark Lord had granted his servants the power to seek out energy, so as to make their job easier. Heero could sense the energy levels of everything, even when he wasn’t in his Dark state.

Being that he was one of the Dark Lord’s servants, even a half-blood, meant that the lightning-fast reflexes, unbelievable strength and astonishing speed were his to posses, too.

Heero knew all this as his fangs made their presence known in his mouth. He knew it all as a great, pulsing, golden energy appeared at the edge of his vision. The dark power enlightened his senses, alerting him to any change in the physical world. He moved quickly towards the great energy.

At last he reached it. The golden energy pulsed about the figure, hiding it from view. Heero, being so hunger-crazed, pounced without thought. He was mildly surprised as the great energy made no move to defend itself, but he gave it no thought as he sank his fangs into the soft, white neck.

It was the sweetest and richest blood-energy he had ever tasted. So thick with energy it was that the half-blood was sated after a few minutes, and dropped the energy. Heero started to walk away, when suddenly a slender white hand gripped his wrist.

Heero tried to get away, but the new energy was too strong. The energy pulled itself up and the half blood caught a glimpse of the two small holes in its neck before they disappeared in a flash of deep purple light and the sign of Saturn glowed briefly where the punctures had been.


Heero’s eyes grew wide. This was no ordinary energy. This was a vampyre, and a powerful one at that.

This was one of the Great Planetaries, the nine most powerful vampyres on Earth. The Dark Lord had used the Astral forces of each of the planets to form the Great Planetaries, for the God’s power hadn’t been enough when he created them. The Great Planetaries were truly Immortals, existing as long as their planet’s Astral forces did.

This was Saturn, the greatest of the Planetaries.

The shapeless golden mass took form, solidifying into a recognizable human shape. Robes spun of night and studded with stars appeared on the person, and wide, violet eyes opened in its face. The figure walked toward Heero, who awaited his punishment for Drinking a Planetary.

The golden figure extended a hand toward Heero and the half-blood flinched involuntarily. To his surprise, the hand, instead of slapping him, tilted his chin up and moved it to the side, exposing the boy’s neck.

The figure opened its mouth, revealing long, white fangs. The Planetary moved closer to the boy and...

...sank its fangs into his neck.

Heero shuddered. The Planetary was doing the most intimate of vampyre gestures. It was starting to Claim the half-blood. A hauntingly sweet ache filled Heero’s body as the Planetary drew his energy.

He had one last coherent thought before everything disappeared into amaryllis depths.

That shade of purple was the same as Duo’s eyes...