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[i want to be your lover
i wanna wrap you in rubber
as pink as the sheets that we lay on
cause pink is my favorite crayon

pink, it was love at first sight
pink when i turn out the light
pink, it's like red but not quite
and i think everything's going to be all right
no matter what we do tonight]
-aerosmith, pink

[darkest heart]
lady of the mer


"Stop, murderer! Thief!”

The boy turned to look at the guard for a moment, eyes narrowing. He whirled, black cloak circling in a great cloth arc, and ran on. His pointed ears caught the sound of feet running, pounding the flagstones of the castles courtyard.



“Dispatch him.”

A glint of pleasure in a blood-red eye. “Of course.”

A black falcon checked its flight and turned sharply, rocketing toward the guard. The boy heard a scream and smiled. The falcon reappeared at his shoulder, beak and talons stained with purple faerie-blood.

“Good, Shi.”

The falcon changed, then, to a giant panther.

“Master, I smell something.”

“What is it, Shi?”

“The chief guard. Up ahead, ten-and-twenty paces.”

The panther roared. A terrible sound, of death and destruction.

Another boy appeared, materializing from the darkness. Short, with piercing steel eyes and dark hair. Thin, gossamer wings rose from his back and delicate antennae waved gently in the breeze.

“You,” he said.

The other boy stopped and grinned, bearing slightly pointed teeth.

“Yes, what about me?”

The panther changed again, this time to a great gryphon, a beast of legend. It rumbled threateningly and a wickedly hooked tail curved over its back.

“You killed the Lady.”

“I did. Good-for-nothing little snot, she was.”

The other boy took a step forward and unsheathed a white sword. “Doesn’t matter. You killed her.”

“Master,” the gryphon growled.

“Don’t worry, Shi.” The boy threw back his hood, exposing an fragile, elfin face, with skin as white as snow and slanted, catlike, violet eyes. He drew a slender rapier from the sheath on his back..

The faerie-boy came running now, sword held high.

“Spirit of evil, come to me! WATER SPRITE!” A silver-blue, wispy spirit rose from the rapier, great wings of water spread. It roared and flew toward the other boy, claws extended and teeth bared.

“Shinigami! Come, Shinigami!” The gryphon—panther—dragon, now, crouched low as the elf-boy leapt astride and took off, a bullet of liquid obsidian.

The boy turned, blowing a kiss. “Catch me if you can!” he called, mockingly.

He turned and clung to his dragon’s neck, clutching with his knees while he drew a small pouch from his cloak.

“Shi, we got it. I can’t believe we got it!” The dragon under him rumbled in pleasure as the boy withdrew a glowing, fist-sized black sapphire from the silk bag. He held it up to the light of the blood-red moon.

“Master, the Heart can improve your powers tremendously. If you can harness its power, you’ll be able to protect the church for all its existence. If not, then we’ll all be blown into oblivion. You should put it on a thong and hang it round your neck or something.”

“Yes, Shi, I know. You’re such a worry-AUGH!”

“Master? Master?! Master!”

“Iron,” the boy gasped, an arrow imbedded in his shoulder. “Must’ve been that faerie-boy.” He coughed. “Oh, Shi, it hurts! Shit, Shi, I...I don’t know if I can stay...awake much...” the elfin boy slumped forward, unconscious.

And the jewel in his hand, the Darkest Heart, the most powerful thing on Aearth, slipped from his limp grasp.

The last thing that passed through Shinigami’s head before he, too, slipped into oblivion was this:



well? shitty? good? what?