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Title: When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrow 7/?

Author: KwyckSylver mailto:kwycksylver@aol.com

Rating: NC17 overall.

Warnings: Characters will be OOC occasionally (for example, when necessary Duo will be lying through his teeth). There will be angst, betrayal, humor, lemons and all kinds of other good stuff.

Pairings: Eventually 1x2x1 as well as 6 + 2 which might lead to 6x2 depending on what path the story takes (I apologize for not mentioning that earlier, and it does not mean there definitely will be that pairing, just a possibility).

The plot set up, as well as the poem I took the title from, are found in the first three chapters.

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When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrow 7/?

Duo crept through the door as quietly as possible, and tiptoed his way to the stairs.

"Where the hell have you been," Zechs's voice boomed from the living room, making Duo jump in surprise.

Duo stood silently as he tried to think of something clever to say, but all he could do was stammer. Zechs raised up off the sofa and walked over to Duo, his eyes taking in the sight before him.

Duo's braid was a mess, strands of hair were sticking out here and there. His shirt was unbuttoned and his clothes were rumpled. His cheeks were flushed and his lips were swollen and red. His loose jeans could not hide the bulge in his groin and Zechs's body responded.

Duo recovered from his momentary shock, he'd never heard Zechs get angry, until now. He jerked his head towards Zechs and slowly exhaled. He'd hoped to avoid a confrontation. Then he realized he didn't care for the tone of Zechs's voice. Zechs didn't have the right to talk to him that way, not any more. Duo glared at him, daring him to say more.

"I asked where you were," Zechs repeated, he sounded calmer but the anger was still there. He had a look in his eyes that Duo could not quite read, but Duo didn't back down. His glare was full of hatred and defiance.

"Answer me," Zechs was not going to put up with Duo's insolence. He lunged out and grabbed Duo by his shirt, pulling him close to his chest. He could smell another man on Duo and it made him jealous. Someone else had touched Duo, had tasted him and made love to him and Zechs couldn't stand it. He'd been keeping his own desire in check since he'd met the boy. Well, not any more.

"You don't look like you were doing homework to me," he snarled, "answer me, you little liar, who were you with?" Zechs leaned forward, the smell of alcohol was heavy on his breath. Duo's eyes grew wide as he turned his head and wriggled out of Zechs' grasp.

He finally recognized that look on Zechs' face. It was pure lust, hard and mean. Zechs had tried to kiss him. Duo's eyes narrowed at the thought. This was going to make their already awkward relationship very complicated, but he couldn't resist the urge to taunt the other man.

"It's research for my sex education class. You don't want me to flunk, do you?" Duo smirked, fanning his hand in front of his nose, "geez, you could use about a pound of Altoids right now, your breath could peel paint," Duo stood on the landing with his hand on the banister, "I'm going to bed. I'll talk to you in the morning, after you've sobered up. Goodnight, Zechs." He took one step up the stairs.

"I didn't dismiss you," Zechs latched onto Duo's shoulder, his fingers digging painfully into the flesh underneath Duo's shirt.

Duo ducked and turned sideways, pushing Zechs away from him as he took one more step. Zechs recovered and grabbed him again. Duo knew he was in big trouble if he didn't try to defend himself. He remembered something a friend of his at his old high school had taught him. He balled his hand into a fist and punched Zechs in the abdomen as hard as he could. If he hit the spot he'd aimed for, Zechs would go down.


Heero returned to his car holding a root beer and a bag of chips. He laid them on the front seat, then grabbed the gas nozzle from its cradle. As he was filling his tank, he noticed Duo's backpack laying on the rear floor. While the fuel pumped into his car, he debated with himself on what to do. When the counter stopped at $5.00, he had already decided. It was late and he was tired. He'd return the backpack to Duo tomorrow. As much as he wanted to, he would resist going back. Duo didn't want him anywhere near Merquise and Heero had to agree with his reasoning. Heero replaced the nozzle, got in the car and drove home.


Wufei looked outside his front window, Heero still wasn't home and it was almost midnight. He had an idea what those two were doing but he couldn't help but worry they might be jumping into something they weren't ready for.

He saw the beam of light coming from the headlights of Heero's car just before it came into view and pulled into Heero's driveway. He opened his door and trotted across the street, telling Heero to follow him. He had gotten the first report a few minutes earlier and the news was not good.


Zechs slumped down onto the landing floor. Duo could not hold back his grin, the 'solar plexus(1) punch' his boxing friend had taught him worked just as it should. No one knew why, but a punch to the torso, between the chest and navel and a little to the right of center, caused an almost instantaneous loss of consciousness.

He had no idea how long Zechs might be 'out' and he wasn't going to haul his butt up the stairs to his bed. The jerk could just sleep it off where he lay. And it would serve him right.

The warm, fuzzy glow Duo had felt from being with Heero had dissipated the moment Zechs had made that pass at him. And he resented the hell out of him for that but he wondered if Zechs would have tried if he hadn't been drinking. He'd never done anything like that before. Now that he thought about it, he had never seen Zechs drink more that one beer when he did drink.

Admittedly, he'd only known Zechs for a couple of months but until tonight his behavior had been rather aloof, almost business like, except when he tried to act the role of his brother.

Zechs began to snore lightly, his state of unconsciousness had changed to a state of sleep. Duo looked down at him and realized he couldn't be com pletely heartless with the guy. He went upstairs and took a pillow and the comforter off Zechs's bed and made him as comfortable as he could while he slept off the alcohol and the punch, laying on the cold hardwood floor.

Duo went to his bedroom and undressed in the dark then slipped under the covers. He had to chuckle over this one additional act of defiance, he wasn't wearing those damned pajamas tonight.


"How are we going to tell Duo?" Heero asked, "or should we even tell him?"

"I don't know," Wufei answered, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. They were both exhausted but they couldn't call it a night until they decided what to do.


The alarm went off and Duo woke up to the smell of coffee brewing. Zechs was awake and apparently not the worse for wear, considering the events of the night before, and where he'd slept.

Duo frowned as he slid into his bathrobe and slippers. He hoped Zechs didn't remember what had happened. Then he remembered the pajamas. Frowning more, he took off the robe and put them on. He finished tying his robe on the way downstairs.

He took a deep breath as he hesitated a moment before he walked into the kitchen, took a cup out of the cupboard and poured himself some of the brown elixir. He desperately needed the caffeine, he hadn't slept well.

Zechs sat quietly at the table, still in his clothes from the day before. He was sipping a large mug of the stuff , black with no sugar. Duo opened the refrigerator, adding milk to his. He leaned against the counter, keeping some distance between himself and Zechs.

"Would you mind telling me why I woke up on the floor this morning?" Zechs's question broke the uncomfortable silence.

Duo almost choked on his coffee, the way Zechs had asked made him want to laugh.

"Uh, what do you remember?" Duo probed.

"Pretty much everything," Zechs admitted, "except why I found myself on the floor."

"I punched you in the gut," Duo said, "after you tried to kiss me."

"I knew that," Zechs confessed, "I wanted to see what you would admit to." He stood up and approached Duo, who had been on guard since he entered the kitchen.

"God you are such a piece of slime. Just back away from me, asshole," Duo warned, "I mean it, back away from me."

Zechs stood his ground, "I just wanted to see that scrape on your face. I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"You didn't do it, Zechs. I got this," Duo said, pointing to his face, "during football practice. But from now on, keep your hands to yourself. There will never be a 'you and me', so get that idea out of your head right now."

"You may want to rethink that," Zechs snapped, "your life just may depend on it."

"You filthy bastard," Duo growled, taking a swing at Zechs, "I should have expected something like this from you."

Zechs caught Duo's arm and jerked him forward, "no, not me," he answered softly, "my superiors."

"What do you mean?" Duo glowered, not believing him.

"Duo, that deal we made with you means nothing. If I don't convince you to come to our side, you are dead once you point out the mole to us," Zechs tenderly stroked Duo's cheek, "I'm supposed to do it any I can, even seducing you if I have to. I'm telling you this because I care for you. I'd rather you come to me willingly."

"What about my father?" Duo whispered, fearing what he might hear.

"Your father's life is still in your hands," Zechs lied, "what you decide determines if he lives or dies."

Duo's laugh was half-hearted and filled with irony. It was the kind of laugh people made when they accepted their fate, knowing there was nothing they could do to change it.

"Well, it looks like I don't have much of a choice," he deadpanned.

"You have no choice," Zechs answered as he pulled Duo to him and kissed him softly on the lips.

"No, no choice at all," Duo agreed as Zechs forced his tongue deep into Duo's mouth. Duo played along, hoping Heero would understand as he slid his arms around Zechs and began rubbing himself against him.



(1) Solar plexus is a common name for the celiac plexus, network of nerves in back of the stomach. It is part of the autonomic nervous system. This system controls the abdominal viscera (internal organs). Nerve threads of the autonomic nervous system connect by branches with organs of the abdominal cavity.

A blow on a spot between the navel and breastbone, a little to the right, is called the solar plexus punch. A fighter can be knocked out by this punch if it is hard enough. The exact manner in which this occurs has not been determined. The solar plexus first became well known in 1897 as a result of the championship boxing match between James Corbett and Robert Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons knocked out Corbett with a blow to the solar plexus.

This information was copied directly from http//:discoveryschool.com