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Title: When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrow 6/?

Author: KwyckSylver mailto:kwycksylver@aol.com

Rating: NC17 overall.

Warnings: Characters will be OOC occasionally (for example, when necessary Duo will be lying through his teeth). There will be angst, betrayal, humor, lemons and all kinds of other good stuff.

Pairings: Eventually 1x2x1 as well as 6 + 2 which might lead to 6x2 depending on what path the story takes (I apologize for not mentioning that earlier).

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When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrow 6/?
By KwyckSylver


"Duo, you know we mean it when Wufei and I say we'll do everything we can to rescue your father," Heero vowed.

He started the car then pulled out of the driveway and started driving down the street.

"I know," Duo said, "I trust you Heero, and Coach too. But don't put too much trust, or faith in me right now, ok?"

"I know it's easier said than done, but don't give in to their threats," Heero urged, "your father's training and his loyalty to the colonies will get him through this."

"You don't understand," Duo raised his voice in frustration, "I was born on Earth. This is my home. I'm just a high school kid. I'm not a loyal colonist or a trained anything. If they use threats against my dad, I don't know how I'll react or what I'll do."

"Duo, your father has always been prepared to give his life for the safety of the colonies, as we all are," Heero declared, "we've all vowed our lives if necessary."

"I never took that vow," Duo pointed out.

Heero pulled the car onto a side street and parked, turning off the engine.

"This isn't my house," Duo said brusquely as he turned his gaze outside the car window.

"I know," Heero answered, "you need to calm down before I take you home."

Duo rolled down the window and propped his arm up on the door. He laid his head on his arm, taking deep breaths of the cool, crisp autumn air. The two sat quietly for a moment until Duo broke the silence.

"How old were you when you came to Earth?" he asked.

"Ten," Heero replied, pushing his seat back to a reclining position.

"Were your parents part of all this?" Duo continued asking, still staring out the window.

"Yes they were," Heero answered, "it's why we came here."

"And you knew about them then?" Duo leaned back into his seat, reclining it to Heero's position.

"I've known since I was old enough to understand, even before we came to Earth."

"When did they start training you?" Duo turned his head, looking straight at the other boy.

"I guess I've always been in training, one way or another," Heero replied, "why?"

"I just wish my father had done that," Duo sighed.

"Wufei says its because he wanted a normal life for you," Heero reached over, giving Duo a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder.

"I guess he's thinking that wasn't such a good idea, right about now," Duo smiled sadly.

"He probably is," Heero agreed, "I think it's time I took you home now." Heero put his hand on the ignition key then stopped, " Duo, I hope I didn't leave any marks on your throat. I already put a scrape on your face this morning."

"You didn't grab me that hard," Duo grinned, "but you did scare the crap out of me."

Heero turned on the dome light, "I'd better check for marks anyway, a scrape on your face is a lot easier to explain than handprints on your throat."

They leaned towards each other and Heero began a slow examination of Duo's neck for any bruising or scratches. The touch of his fingers against Duo's skin was light and delicate and Duo relished the feel of them. Heero's scent filled Duo's nose as his hair brushed against his face. Duo inhaled deeply, it wasn't his cologne or the aroma of his shampoo that was making Duo feel lightheaded, it was an essence underneath, it was Heero himself.

Duo groaned, the sound of it echoing back in his ears but in a lower tone, like a growl. Heero's head shot up and he looked Duo straight in the eyes, the growl still in his throat. Duo smiled, laying his arms on Heero's shoulders as Heero reached up and turned off the light.. He brushed his lips against Duo's mouth. Offering no resistance, he parted his lips, and invited Heero in.


Wufei finished the last of his inquiries and went downstairs for one more cup of tea before he took a shower.

Aside from asking for the records on the boys, he'd informed his cell leader about Duo and what had happened to his father. He requested they try and track which Oz base Frank Maxwell had been taken to, which Colonial agent had been the last to have contact with him and what he'd been working on. He advised them to check if any other operatives had gone missing. He then asked if any information about Zechs Merquise had turned up.

He'd get Heero to hack into Oz's computer network, but at least for now, this was a head start.

He looked at his watch, it was ten thirty. He walked to his front window and peered through the blinds. Heero's house was dark and his car was not in the driveway. Wufei telephoned his home and left a message on his machine to call him as soon as he got back.


Five empty beer bottles sat on the coffee table. Zechs Merquise was busy taking care of the sixth as he lounged on the sofa with the television on, but he was busier watching the clock than he was the program. Duo had said he'd be home by ten o'clock. It was now ten forty five and he still hadn't walked through the door.

Treize's news that afternoon had put him in a cross mood and the beer wasn't helping it either. The longer he watched the clock, the angrier he got. The boy had to understand, one way or another, that Zechs held his life in his hands.

Zechs drained the last sip of beer from the bottle and set it next to the others. Six of them were lined in a row and he still felt sober. He went to the refrigerator and grabbed another one. He twisted off the top and tossed it aside, he heard it clatter as it fell somewhere on the floor. He sat back down on the sofa, stared at the clock and wished he was feeling numb.


"Heero . . ." Duo moaned.

"Hmmm, wha . . .?" Heero mumbled between nips of shoulder and neck as he moved back to Duo's lips.

"We . . .need. . . to. . . go. . . .home," he finished between kisses.

"Yours or mine?" Heero teased as he lifted himself off Duo and scooted back behind the steering wheel.

"Oh definitely mine," Duo grinned, "I know the 'family' would love to arrest - I mean - meet you."

Heero leaned over as he started the car, "that wasn't funny," he smiled, licking Duo from chin to lip before he took one last kiss.

Duo sighed, "neither is Zechs going to be when I get home. My ass is grass."

"Do you want me to come inside with you?" Heero asked as he pulled into a driveway to turn around.

"No," Duo said emphatically, "I don't want Zechs any where near you. If he sees us together, he might start putting two and two together, and believe me, he's smart enough to come up with four."

They turned back onto the main thoroughfare and towards Duo's house.

"Heero, have you dated much? Relena told me you and she used to," Duo asked.

"I tried dating but," he sighed, "I don't know, it never felt right with any of them. What about you?"

"I dated some. I even went steady a couple of times, but I'd break it off. It just wasn't working, like there was something I should be feeling but couldn't, not even after we . . ." Duo paused not wanting to finish the sentence.

"It's ok," Heero grinned, "at least you got that far. I couldn't, or I should say, I didn't want to."

"Heero, don't you think this is weird, you know, you and me?" Duo asked, "um, the next street is the turn to my house," he added.

"I know, and yes I think it's weird Duo, damned weird. But you know what? I don't care. I haven't felt like this in a long time."

"Like what?"

"I don't know, relaxed, contented, maybe even happy. I haven't felt any of those things since before my parents died," Heero admitted, "I guess that's why I was so belligerent with you. You were stirring up feelings in me that I didn't want to feel yet and I resented that."

"There's my house," Duo pointed, Heero came to a stop in front of it, "good night, Heero. I'll see you at practice."

"Good night," Heero smiled, "and Duo, I think at school we should try to act towards each other the way we've been doing, at least for a while."

"I guess that's best," Duo agreed, "it would seem odd if we became best friends overnight, huh?"

"I think so. But with us 'studying' at Coach's every night, I'd say by the end of the week, it should be ok."

"Sounds good," Duo grinned, "oh, by the way, I'm taking Relena to the dance Friday."

He leaned over and kissed Heero long and hard, "that one's got to last us the rest of the night," he panted, "see you in the morning,"

Duo got out of the car and waved goodbye before he entered the front door. Heero drove off as he entered, feeling a small pang of jealousy over the news about the dance.


Duo crept through the door as quietly as possible, and tiptoed his way to the stairs.

"Where the hell have you been," Zechs's voice boomed from the living room, making Duo jump in surprise.

Duo stood silently as he tried to think of something clever to say, but all he could do was stammer. Zechs raised up off the sofa and walked over to Duo, his eyes taking in the sight before him.

Duo's braid was a mess, strands of hair were sticking out here and there. His shirt was unbuttoned and his clothes were rumpled. His cheeks were flushed and his lips were swollen and red. His loose jeans could not hide the bulge in his groin and Zechs's body responded..