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Warnings: Shonen-ai

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A Slip Of The Tongue


By KwyckSylver mailto:kwycksylver@aol.com


“We’ll be back in two days,” Duo stood in the opened doorway. His only response from Heero was silence. Heero wasn’t the perfect soldier, he was the perfect statue.

Acting on an impulse, Duo embraced Heero and kissed him, a quick slip of the tongue between unresponsive lips.

“Something to think about while I’m gone,” Duo said as he stepped into the night air and hopped into the waiting car, and rode off with Trowa.


“Heero?” he was vaguely aware of a hand on his shoulder, shaking him gently, “why are you standing there with the door wide open?”

“Huh?” He was as still as death, except for the gentle rubbing of his fingers across his lips, “did you say something, Wufei?”

Heero’s mind was far away, off in another world.

“I asked if I could use Wing on our next mission,” Wufei grinned, if this didn’t get Heero’s attention, nothing would.

“Sure,” Heero responded, never tearing his eyes from his unseen target.

“He’ll be fine,” Wufei observed.

“Who?” Prussian blue eyes continued to stare at nothing while no muscle so much as twitched.


The mention of the braided pilot’s name broke Heero out of his trance.

“What makes you think I’m worried about him?” Heero frowned. He closed the door and bounded up the stairs.

//Because you’ve been staring out the door since he left . . . baka// Wufei smirked, only thinking what he dared not say.


Heero sat in Wing’s cockpit, running diagnostics and doing program maintenance. He could not concentrate, his thoughts kept wandering to last night – and the kiss. His lips tingled, reliving the feel of Duo’s tongue between them.

He had no idea where that kiss came from, or why. Duo had never given him so much as a second glance. He couldn’t even remember them ever having more than one sentence conversations, except during a mission. Of course he had never gone out of his way to be civil to Duo either. Besides, Duo liked Trowa.

Didn’t he?


“What’s wrong with my cooking? Don’t you like it?” Heero was picking at the lunch Wufei had prepared for them, steamed rice and vegetables.

“Hmmmhh,” Heero sighed, “I duo like it. I guess I’m just not hungry right now, Duo.”

Wufei snorted, Heero’s slip of the tongue was not lost on him. “Yeah you’re not worried one bit, liar,” he muttered.

“What was that?” he could have sworn Wufei called him a liar.

“Nothing, I didn’t say a thing,” Wufei smiled as he finished his lunch.


“What are duo watching?” Heero’s slips were getting more frequent and he wasn’t even aware he was saying them.

Wufei considered mentioning it to Heero, but the television program he was watching gave him a better idea.

“I’m watching the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin,” Wufei answered, giving Heero a sideways glance for his reaction, “it’s a twenty four hour marathon.”

“Hn,” //Now, why did he have to say that?//

Thoughts of that kiss floated back into his mind and he could taste Duo on his lips. He shook his head to rid himself of the memory. Maybe immersing himself in some mindless old television program would help.

‘We’ll be right back with more adventures of the dynamic duo, but first, a word from out sponsors . . . Duo-Brite toothpaste.’

Heero buried his head in his hands and groaned. Wufei looked at him and grinned. He knew something happened before Duo left, he just didn’t know what. Whatever it was it had to be good because Heero now had Duo on the brain. Heero was absent minded and preoccupied, something completely out of character. And Wufei didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him, or laugh.

‘Duo-Brite toothpaste, it freshens your breath while it cleans your teeth. The only toothpaste made with our patented duo-clean formula. Pick up a tube of Duo-Brite today. Your mouth will thank you.’

‘And now back to our programming . . .’

Heero couldn’t take it any more and went to his room.


He lay on his bed and grabbed the only thing to read that was in the nightstand drawer. It was a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine.

//Why duo we find only women’s magazines in the safe houses? Who picks this stuff for us?//

He began flipping pages, at least it was something to occupy his mind that would not remind him of – no he was not going to think about it.

‘EYE SHADOW DUOS’. The ad screamed Duo’s name at him, and he threw the magazine on the floor.

“Aaarrgh”, he growled. Maybe some music, and some sleep. He turned on the radio.

‘You are listening to KROM 104, home of the oldies,’ the announcement said, ‘tonight we have a special treat for our listeners. You requested it and we’re duoing it.”

Heero glared at the radio, did he hear what he thought he just heard?

“You got it folks, tonight our special program highlights famous singing duos, duets, and dual covers of the same songs.”

Heero turned off the radio. It was as if the world was plotting against him, making him think of Duo and that kiss. He went downstairs and rejoined Wufei in the living room.

“Duo we have to watch this?” he asked, “I duon’t think I can stand a steady stream of ‘Batman and Robin’.

Wufei could not hold back the snicker, once again Heero’s slip was showing.

“What’s so funny?” Heero challenged.

“I’m sorry and I wasn’t going to say anything, but do you realize you keep saying Duo’s name?”

“I duo not!” he denied.

“You just did it again.”

“No way.”

“Heero, I found you staring out the door last night after he left. You had been standing there ever since he and Trowa took off.”

“They had just left.”

“You were standing there, staring off in space and they had left about twenty minutes earlier. I know because I heard the car as it drove off. Talk to me Heero, what happened before Duo left?”

“Nothing,” Heero said, resisting the urge to touch his lips.

“Something happened. Your speech is full of Freudian slips, you keep saying Duo’s name, you even called me Duo during lunch.”

“I said nothing happened, so just leave me be,” Heero stressed.

“He said something to you, didn’t he?” Wufei pushed.

“I said leave me alone, Chang,” Heero got up from the couch and stormed back upstairs, slamming his door.


Heero stood at the window, staring up at the night sky. Again he replayed the kiss over and over in his mind. What was Duo trying to tell him? He didn’t dare hope it meant what he wanted it to mean.

He wasn’t sure when he first realized he was attracted to Duo. He had almost said something on a few occasions, but the fear of being vulnerable had tied his tongue. Here he was always telling people to act on their emotions yet he was guilty of never following his own advice. Now it was too late.

He’d been kicking himself ever since Duo and Trowa had gotten together. Trowa had been hurt when Quatre had suddenly broken their relationship. Duo had helped Trowa through it. They had become fast friends and now it seemed, lovers as well. Why else would they have become roommates . . .after all the time Duo had roomed with him?

But then Duo had said ‘something to think about, while I’m gone.’

//And he kissed me in front of Trowa. He had to have seen.//

He’d think about the kiss and what Duo told him. Then he’d think about Duo and Trowa being a couple. His thoughts became circular and he was getting a headache trying to figure it out. What he needed was an objective opinion.

//I wonder if Wufei is still awake?//

He trudged back down the stairs.


“What’s the matter Heero, can’t you sleep?” Wufei was still watching the Batman marathon.

‘We now return to twenty fours hours of the dynamic duo.’

“No . . . that offer to talk duos it still stand?”

‘Holy duality Batman! There’s a duo of Jokers!’

“Of course,” Wufei stifled a grin, “what duo you want to talk about?”

‘Yes Robin, a duo of Jokers means double the trouble.’

“Duon’t duo that!”

‘Well, if it isn’t the dunce duo. What’s the matter Batman, can’t handle my duet? My dual personalities? Can’t I double my pleasure, double my fun?’

“Why not, you are!”

“That’s because that stupid television keeps saying duo every two seconds. Can we please change it to something else?”

“We’re out in the middle of nowhere, we’re lucky we get this station.”

“Turn it off then.”

“But the Catwoman episodes are coming up next,” Wufei teased.

“I’m going back to bed.”

“Don’t get your spandex all in a bunch, Heero, of course I’m going to turn it off. I couldn’t resist ribbing you,” Wufei shut the television off, “so what do you want to talk about?”

“You guessed right. Something happened last night. Duo kissed me when he left.”


“He also said it was something to think about while he was gone.”


“I don’t understand why he did that.”

“I’m guessing you liked it? You’re not mad, your not insulted, just confused, right?”

“I am very confused, Wufei. Why did he kiss me? Especially with Trowa there to see.”

“What does Trowa have to do with it?”

“Well . . . you know . . . ever since Trowa and Quatre . . .”

“They’re not together Heero, they’re just friends.”

“They’re sharing a room now when Duo used to bunk with me, why else would he have moved in with Trowa if they’re not . . . lovers?”

“If you paid attention to people’s conversations, Heero, you’d know they’re not together.”

“I don’t listen in on other’s conversations.”

“That’s why you never know what’s going on.” //now here’s where I get a deathglare//

Heero glared.

//He is so predictable//. “I’m going to put on a pot of coffee,” Wufei said.

“Why? It’s getting kind of late for coffee.”

“Do you want to know what is going on?”


“Well, we’re going to need some coffee then, cause this is going to take a while,” Wufei got up and walked to the kitchen

“Guess we’ll continue talking in there,” Heero followed him.


A couple of hours later:

“That’s quite a story Wufei.”

“Yes it is.”

“That still does not explain why Duo kissed me.”

Wufei threw his hands up in disgust, “Yui, you are denser than gundamium sometimes. Duo and Trowa are not a couple. Quatre and Trowa are a couple. They never broke up, they just pretended to since his family disapproves . . . Quatre wants his family to get to know Trowa. Duo is helping them out. Duo kissed you because he’s interested in you. Just like you are interested in him.”

“What makes you think I’m interested?”

“Standing at the door for twenty minutes, those slips of the tongue with his name, the fact you’ve had no appetite and can’t concentrate. And most important of all, you came to me for advice. And don’t give me another one of your glares. Just admit the truth to yourself, if no one else. I’m going to bed,” Wufei rinsed out his cup and saucer and set them in the sink, “I’ll see you in the morning. Don’t forget to turn off the coffee.”


Heero had gone to bed shortly after Wufei did. He didn’t get much sleep, he was too excited but tried to blame it on the caffeine instead.

“Quatre and Trowa are a couple. Duo is interested in you,” Wufei’s words echoed in his mind.

Duo would be home tomorrow. Just the thought of seeing him was giving Heero butterflies and he kept breaking out in sweats, every nerve was on edge. Maybe a shower would help him relax.


The shower was no help at all. Instead it made him more wide awake than before. He turned on the radio, hoping the program that had been on earlier wasn’t still on. He would have gone downstairs and turned on the television but that damned Batman marathon was still on.

He tossed, he turned, he could not get comfortable but sometime during the night he finally drifted off into a fitful sleep, but only after all the bedcovers and pillows were tossed on the floor and the sheets were a tangled mess on the edge of the bed.


He awoke to voices downstairs, one in particular stood out, Duo’s.

“Damn! He’s back! And I need another shower! I don’t have time for a shower!”

He dashed into the bathroom, grabbing his washcloth and soap as he turned on the water.

“OUCH!” he yelped, he’d only turned on the hot water faucet and it was steaming. He turned on the cold and soaped down the cloth.

He washed, he dried, and he applied deodorant. He then remembered to brush his teeth.

He was ready.


He heard Duo walking down the hallway, alone. He waited at the door then . . .

“What the . . .?” Duo was caught by surprise as Heero grabbed him and pulled him into the bedroom.

“Well, hello to you too, Heero. Mind explaining why you just scared all the growth out of me?”

“I just wanted to tell you I thought about it, while you were gone.”


Heero leaned in and kissed Duo. He was a little nervous at first, until he felt that slip of the tongue as Duo gained entry between his lips. That gave him the confidence he needed. His tongue found Duo’s, stroking it and curling around it as he wrapped a hand in Duo’s hair while the other embraced him pulling him tightly to him. Duo pushed his tongue further into Heero’s mouth, it felt hot and sweet and oh so good. Heero’s lips felt wonderful against his and soon Heero was once again taking the lead. He ran his tongue along the roof of Duo’s mouth and over his teeth. He sucked harder on Duo’s tongue as their lips moved and writhed against each other. The kiss created a delicious friction that traveled from their mouths to the tips of their toes. Heero had Duo pressed against the wall as he devoured him. Duo kissed him back greedily, pulling Heero tightly to him both hands in Heero’s hair, fingers massaging as lips pressed harder and harder. They finally had to come up for air, their lips parted as they looked in each others eyes.

“As you can see I gave it lots of thought,” Heero panted.

“I’m glad you did,” Duo gasped, “what made you realize how I felt?”

“It was a slip of the tongue,” Heero grinned.