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Warnings/Pairings: 1X2 Lemon PWP, contains explicit acts and some silly pillow talk.

Rating: NC-17

This is not my first piece of fluff, but it is my first yaoi lemon PWP. It was written on a dare, now proving to all that I am hentai to the nth degree.

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Naming It
by KwyckSylver


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Heero”, Duo groaned as he lied back down. Sated from their ardent loving making and the intense orgasm that had filled him with incredible pleasure, he gasped, “you’ve made Li’l Shinigami very happy this evening.”

“Li’l Shinigami?” Heero asked, breathless as he plunked down next to his lover.

“Yeah . . . you know . . .”, Duo hinted as he cradled himself in his palm, raising it for emphasis.

You named it?” Heero had an urge to laugh. There was nothing ‘li’l’ about Duo, he observed as he looked down at him. Hell, he wasn’t even completely ‘spent’ yet, even though they’d been at it for a couple of hours already.

“Of course,” Duo said as he pulled his novio to him, “don’t you have a name for yours?”

“Huh? Uh . . . no, am I supposed to?” Heero asked with great curiosity.

“Don’t you know that naming your wanker is a time honored tradition among males,” Duo chuckled, “you mean you really have never heard of it?”

“No, I haven’t” Heero admitted, “apparently someone forgot to mention it to me.”

“Another area where your ‘education’ has been sadly ignored, I see. That’s ok, I’ll be more than happy to teach you. Besides I’ve got my own pet name, anyway,” Duo declared as he snuggled against the slim yet tightly muscled chest.

“Oh, you will?” Heero had to know what it was Duo thought he needed to learn, “and . . . uh . . .just what is your pet name for my . . .”

“I’m not telling you,” Duo teased, cutting him off, “not until you come up with a name for him, yourself.”

“Oh, now it’s a him?” Heero chuckled.

“Well of course. Haven’t you ever heard other guys refer to theirs by a name or a description? You know, like ‘Jones’, ‘the big guy’, ‘junior’, ‘the boss’ . . . or like me, calling mine ‘Li’l Shinigami’”, Duo grinned.

“I haven’t really noticed,” Heero replied dryly, “why would you want to name it anyway?”

“ He is a part of you after all. And you have to admit they do act like they have minds of their own . . . most of the time. I know Li’l Shini does. . . see? We’re just talking about naming them and already he’s acting like he’s raring to go for some more action.” Duo took Heero’s hand and placed it on his ‘little god of death’, to prove his point.

Heero followed his natural inclinations and began stroking Duo’s hardening member as Duo wiggled closer and sighed with delight. His joy came to an abrupt end when Heero ceased his ministrations.

“Heero!” Duos exclaimed, not hiding his irritation over the sudden lack of attention, “don't stop now!”

“I have and I will,” Heero replied, “until you tell me what you’ve named mine.”

“Talk about blackmail . . .and torture. You’ve got a mean streak in you Yui,” Duo said with mock petulance as he puffed out his lower lip in an exaggerated pout, “I said I’d tell you once you came up with your own name for him.”

“I haven’t a clue what to call it,” Heero admitted.

Duo pressed his hand against Heero and began his own rhythmic stroking. Heero’s response was immediate.

“See, two can play this game,” Duo teased as he bent low and continued fondling Heero, but with his mouth.

Heero began squirming with all the attention Duo’s able tongue was lavishing on him, “Ok . . . ,” he moaned, “ . . . don’t . . stop . . that . . feels . . . amazing!”

But Duo did stop and raised his head, grinning from ear to ear, “Uh-uh, love, turnabout is fair play, after all. Give me a name, and I’ll think about finishing this.”

“Only if you tell me what you call it,” Heero was still trying to get his own way, but Duo almost always managed to turn the tables on him. This was fast turning into a no win situation for Heero, not that he minded . . . much.

“You gotta give him a name first . . . and finish what you started as well,” Duo crossed his arms. The gauntlet had been thrown, the terms of engagement declared.

A wicked gleam appeared in Heero’s deep blue eyes, this was a ‘skirmish’ he was going to win against his braided lover, for a change.

Heero retook Duo’s erection in his hand, then lowered his head, “You tell me first,” he said as he engulfed Duo and began licking and sucking. He was going to make Duo climb the walls and beg for mercy.

Duo began pumping his hips up and down, matching Heero’s rhythm. Heero was taking him in deep, his tongue flicked around the base of his koi’s throbbing shaft. Duo’s knees would be buckling from under him for the next few days.

“Oh . . . ghods . . . Heero!,” Duo gasped, Heero’s mouth was doing things to him he could never have imagined possible. Could someone die from raw pleasure? Duo was sure he was about to find out as he grasped Heero by his hair, pushing his mouth further down as he thrust his hips harder.

Heero carried on, laving, tasting and exploring as Duo continued to moan, groan and writhe under him. He could feel a pulse in Duo’s arousal, so Heero slowed down, then let go of his shaft, taking a couple of deep breaths. It was way too soon for Duo to come. He wasn’t finished playing with him yet.

“Give up?” he asked, not sure if Duo was even paying attention. Duo’s eyes were glazed and unfocused and he was breathing hard, “did you hear me?”

“Yes . . . and no!” Duo whispered hoarsely.

“Yes and no?” Heero asked, Duo’s voice was heavy with need.

“Yes, I heard you and no, I’m not giving up!” Duo could not speak above a whisper.

“We’ll see . . .”, Heero smirked, again zeroing in on Duo’s groin but this time, targeting a lower area.

He slipped his arms under Duo’s thighs, spreading them and raising his lover’s hips as he did. He began smothering his sac with little nips and licks, then surrounded it with his hot, wet mouth and began to suck. Violet eyes grew wide with surprise and Duo nearly doubled over in an arch. Heero had never done that before and it felt indescribably fantastic. The braided boy achieved what he thought would have been impossible, he became even harder.

Duo’s grasp was becoming painfully tight, forcing Heero to pull one arm out from under his thigh. He extracted Duo’s long, slender fingers from his mass of dark brown hair then slid his own arm back where it was. But Duo once again seized the unruly locks but this time began combing them with his fingers instead of pulling.

“Tell me,” Heero demanded.

“No,” Duo groaned.

“Stubborn baka,” Heero grinned.

“I’m not giving up,” Duo moaned.

“Yeah . . . right,” Heero chuckled, returning his concentration on Duo’s tumescent shaft. He could see Duo was preparing to climax at any moment. Not only would he be willing to tell him, he’d be begging to.

“Say it,” Heero knew Duo was teetering on the edge, he just needed a little push.

“No,” Duo whimpered, not willing to give in, no matter how wonderful Heero’s mouth felt.

“You asked for it . . .” Heero threatened. He again lowered his head as he raised Duo’s hips, hitting his intended mark, Duo’s very sensitive opening. He flicked lightly around and across it with gentle caresses of his tongue. Duo plunged off the precipice on which he had been delicately poised as he willingly surrendered to lust.

“My Perfect Soldier,” Duo rasped, as explosive orgasmic waves washed throughout him, his seed bubbling to the fore and down Heero’s hungry throat. Heero swallowed greedily as he continued to suck, taking all the salty- sweet nectar Duo had to offer.

Heero released his koibito after he licked the last bead of dew from his tip. He raised up, capturing Duo’s mouth with his and their tongues mingled, sharing that last taste.

They lied together, wrapped in each others arms, breathless and exhausted. It seemed Heero had not only ‘won’ this round but had managed to wear Duo out.

“Are you too tired to speak?” Heero whispered between breaths, in Duo’s ear.

“Never,” Duo whispered back but still breathing hard, “why?”

“My Perfect Soldier?” Heero asked, amused.

“Yeah,” Duo affirmed, suppressing a yawn.

“Well?” Heero nudged him gently.

Duo propped himself up on his elbow, resting his head in his hand, “Curious, eh?”

“Duo . . .”, he growled, “stop teasing me and tell me . . .please.”

The braided boy leaned over, brushing Heero’s lips with a soft kiss, “Well, just like a good soldier, he can stand at attention for hours, he’s ready at a moment’s notice and he follows ‘orders’ very well.”

Heero leaned back and laughed, then pulled Duo to him, “I like it. Do you think the others have names for theirs, too?”

“I’m pretty sure they do,” Duo answered. Then he added, “but that’s beside the point, you are supposed to be naming yours, remember?”

“Why can’t I just use yours? I like it, I really do.”

“Nuh-uh and just because you are stalling, you have to come up with a name for mine as well,” he scolded.

“I can see you’re not going to give up on this, are you?” Heero was hoping Duo would let it slide.

“Nope, you gotta do this, on behalf of every red-blooded male who has lived before us and follow the tradition,” Duo was adamant in his decision.

“But you haven’t finished what you started, either,” Heero reminded him, “I think I need an incentive,” he continued, lying flat on his back as he spread open his legs.

“Maybe so,” Duo agreed as he laid a hand on Heero’s groin. His warmth spread through ‘My Perfect Soldier’ who immediately obeyed and stood at attention.

“Now about those names . . .” he hinted as he lowered his head.


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