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Warning: This is a fluffy PWP piece of yaoi lemon with absolutely no socially redeeming value . . . I promise.

Pairing: 1x2

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This is the result of a one word fic challenge issued by ClarySage2000. Not only is she a really cool friend to have, she is one hell of a great writer. That one word is the title.

By KwyckSylver: mailto:kwycksylver@aol.com


"Heero, if it gets any hotter, I'm going to bake," Duo grumbled.

A drop of sweat slowly meandered down the middle of his bare torso, blazing a trail down his abdomen. Heero's eyes were transfixed on that drop, never leaving it before it disappeared into the nether regions below his braided partner's navel.

Oh how Heero wished his tongue was that sweatdrop. Reluctantly, he tucked that fantasy away, sticking it in the `when hell freezes over' section of his dreams. There was no sense in getting himself all hot and bothered over something he would never have.

He was dealing with enough frustration as it was.

The heatwave had settled in with no end in sight. At least that was what the weatherman had said. The days were hotter than hell and getting hotter. A brief respite of cool morning air was the only thing to look forward to. But it was gone as soon as the sun rose high enough in the sky to burn it off.

Of course the air conditioner chose to go out during the worst days of the scorcher. And as luck would have it, he'd had to order the part and wait for it to come in. Duo had taken to wearing as little as possible in a vain attempt to keep cool, which only made Heero hotter.

Could anyone blame him for being in such a rotten mood?

"I'm working as fast as I can. Ok?" Heero sniped, "it does take a while to install a new switch you know."

"You don't have to be so damned grouchy, I did offer to help," Duo groused back.

He'd about had it with the `perfect soldier'. No matter what he said or did, Heero found a reason to bitch at him. It was as if Heero was blaming him for the weather.

"Do you know anything about air conditioners?" Heero asked sarcastically, "no . . . wait . . . you already told me you don't know jack shit about them."

"Just bite my head off, why don't you?" Duo protested, "I could hand you your tools or hold your flashlight for you, you know."

"I don't need a flashlight, I can see fine," Heero retorted, "just stop bothering me and go find something to do. And grow up while you're at it, all you've done is whine."

"Fuck you, asshole!" Duo cursed, shoving his fist in Heero's face, extending his middle finger for emphasis.

"Promises, promises," Heero mumbled sarcastically, pushing Duo's hand out of the way.

"Knowing you, you'd probably just lay there," Duo shot back at him, then stomped his way into the kitchen.

"Well, fuck you too!" Heero yelled after him.

Duo looked back and glared, " you wouldn't know how to handle it," he snorted as he turned the corner.

"BAKA!" Heero yelled again, determined to have the last word.


"I swear, I'm gonna kill him before we get outta here," Duo muttered as he threw open the freezer door and grabbed some ice cubes, tossing them in his glass. At least the ice hadn't melted yet. They'd had to turn the electricity off while Heero replaced the nonworking part.

He filled the glass with water and swished the cubes around to cool the liquid faster. Just the sound of the ice clinking in the glass made him feel a little better.

He quickly downed the contents and refilled the glass to take to Heero. Why he was being so considerate to such a big jerk was beyond him.

Maybe it was the way Heero's ass looked in spandex.

Duo smirked, //Yeah, that must be it.//


Duo stood at the end of the hall, just watching Heero for a moment and trying to decide if Heero really deserved that glass of water. Duo sighed . . . maybe he did and maybe he didn't, but he was working awfully hard trying to get that cranky old AC going again.

He continued to watch. It wasn't just the tight ass in the even tighter spandex, it was the way Heero's muscles rippled with every movement, knotting and bunching and relaxing. It was the way Heero's blue eyes pierced right through him when he really looked at him, sending shivers all the way to his soul. It was the way his tousled hair bounced with every movement of his head.

But most of all it was when Heero graced him with a rare smile that warmed his face, making him even more handsome. That smile had a way of turning Duo into a pool of goo.

//Ok Duo just knock it off . . . stop thinking of him like that or he's going to wonder why your walking around with wood in your pants.//

It was like Heero could sense he was being watched. He turned suddenly, giving Duo puzzled look. Duo acted as if he'd just walked out of the kitchen instead of spending the last few minutes ogling his partner, especially since Heero still had that `annoyed by Duo's very existence' look on his face. That look always pissed the hell out of Duo and put him on the defensive.

"Here," Duo shoved the glass of ice water at Heero, none too politely.

"Thanks," Heero ungraciously accepted Duo's offer. He drank it down quickly and shoved the glass back at Duo, then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

//I don't know if I can take this much more// Duo's thoughts groaned. Snatching the glass out of Heero's hand he managed to snarl, "you're welcome."

Heero had a natural sensuality he wasn't even aware of and watching him as he slowly wiped the water from his lips was the last straw. Duo almost forgot to be mad at the jerk and beat a hasty retreat before Heero could notice he was as hard as a rock.

Heero scratched his head wondering what the hell had gotten into Duo, he'd practically run down the hall before he disappeared around the corner. The air conditioner was fixed and he was about to ask Duo to turn the electricity back on when he'd brought him the water.

Then it hit him, Duo had been thoughtful enough to bring him something to drink and he had treated him ugly. In fact he'd been really mean and nasty to him these last few days and was surprised Duo had put up with it as long as he had.

Duo's `fuck you', complete with gestures, meant he'd finally reached his limit with him.


Heero flipped the breakers back on and turned on the air conditioner. And then he was going to apologize for his boorish behavior. Allowing the heat of the sun, and the growing desire he felt for his partner, get the better of him was inexcusable. He couldn't afford to damage his relationship with his partner, they depended on each other too much.


Duo was about to dump the half melted ice cubes into the sink, then stopped. That ice had touched Heero's lips, something he'd longed to do but knew was never going to happen. He scooped one out of the glass and popped it into his mouth, it's icy coldness instantly chilling and satisfying his constant thirst. Too bad it couldn't cure his hunger too.

He dipped another ice cube out of the glass and rubbed it across his face and down his neck, the water dribbling down his chest and cooling him off. Ghods that ice felt good against his hot skin. He rolled it over his shoulders, allowing the melted water to trickle down his back in icy cold rivulets. He shuddered from the intense cold and the fleeting pleasure it gave.

But alas, the ice melted all too quickly. He tried to dig out another cube, but there was nothing left but water. Duo drank it down and put the glass in the sink.

Now if there was just something, anything, that would cool off the rising heat in his pants. Of course! Ice! He'd hold a cube in his hand until it got good and cold, and then he'd . . .yeah, that should work out fine.


Heero was about to step into the kitchen but stopped. Duo was leisurely massaged ice over his face and neck. He stared silently as Duo sensually rubbed it slowly across his shoulders with one hand while he held up his braid with the other and moaned from the cube's cooling sensations. He continued to watch as Duo repeated the act with another piece. The look of ecstasy on Duo's face as the ice cooled his skin had been the hottest thing Heero had ever seen.

Or maybe it was watching that sweatdrop trail down Duo's torso earlier, or the undulating glide of his hips as he walked. Or it could be the way his eyes rolled and lashes fluttered when he ate something he really enjoyed, always offering to share with him.

Or it could be the way one side of his mouth would curl when he was amused by something Heero said or did. Or how the lilt in Duo's voice had the strange effect of going straight to Heero's groin.

Heero's cock began generating some heat of its own.


He watched Duo drink the last of the melted ice then step over to the refrigerator and open the freezer. He continued watching as Duo stood there, letting the blast of cold air cover him with relief and then he did something Heero wasn't expecting.

Duo unzipped his shorts, did some tugging and grabbed an ice cube from the freezer.

"Duo . . . don't." Heero entreated. His husky voice slicing through the thick silence in the air.

Duo jumped at the sound and the frozen cube went flying out of his hand landing somewhere across the room. He began fumbling with his shorts trying to stuff himself back in when Heero grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. Heero looked down, licking his lips as a feral grin stretched across them.

Hell had just frozen over.

Duo was sporting an arousal that rivaled his own. It stood fully exposed, hard and straight, pointing toward his naval, unfettered by material or zipper. And it was begging to be touched . . . by him.

Heero's grin changed to a predatory leer Seizing Duo to him, he pushed the freezer door closed. He then pressed Duo's body tightly against the refrigerator with his own, pinning him to it with no hope of escape.

Duo's yelp of surprise was cut short by Heero's mouth smothering him with a kiss. Duo sighed happily, he was initially shocked by Heero's unexpected assault on his mouth, but not for long.

Duo responded by opening his mouth wider and caressing Heero's tongue with his own as he wrapped his arms around his waist.

Heero slid one hand behind Duo's shoulders, pulling them even tighter together while his other hand fiercely grabbed Duo's cock and began stroking and kneading it. Duo gasped and tried to pull away, again surprised by Heero's aggressiveness as well as the jolt of pleasure Heero's touch had sent coursing through his groin, but Heero would not let him.

Mouths and tongues danced and sparred while hands groped and stroked. Duo groaned when Heero's initially aggressive handling softened to a delicate friction of fingers and thumb gliding over his cock, making him shiver with delight.

Duo's hands inched towards the waist band of Heero's shorts, slipping inside the stretchy spandex to caress the two rounded mounds that filled the backside of those shorts so well. Fingers and palms manipulated the muscled flesh, taking pleasure in the feel of the smooth softness of skin while marveling at the steel that lay underneath.

A finger traced inside the line of Heero's cleft, softly teasing, tickling until it found the velvety sac it had sought. A hand replaced the single finger, lightly squeezing, rubbing and manipulating, then moved upward. Again the single finger traced as it outlined and ringed Heero's tight little crevice then dipped inside. Startled, Heero jerked from the touch while lips tore from each other in ragged moans.

"Get undressed," Heero whispered, his hand still busy with its gentle caresses all along Duo's very excited arousal.

"You first," Duo moaned. With his hands still inside Heero's shorts and with the dexterity that any sleight of hand artist would envy, Duo had Heero suddenly naked from the waist down and surprised as hell. His shorts lay draped around his feet.

"Where'd you learn that?" Heero glanced down at his feet, he hadn't even felt them drop.

"Trade secret," Duo laughed, "now help me get out of mine?"

Heero grinned and with similar deft movements, Duo's shorts were now pooled at his feet as well.

"You're not the only one that knows that trick," Heero smirked.

"Yeah? Well I've got one more," Duo said as he wrapped his arms around Heero, then threw the green tank top on the floor.


They stood facing each other but with eyes cast downward, as if their being aware of their utter nakedness made them shy, their boldness fleeting. But shyness wasn't why they were staring at each other's feet.

Two pairs of eyes began to drift upward, taking in the curve of a leg, the scar on a knee, the shape of a hip. The eyes wandered higher, pleased by the tightness of stomachs and the flexing of chest muscles, the slenderness of a neck, and two perfectly handsome faces with smiles to match.

"Damn, Heero . . .you are hot!" Duo gasped.

Heero grinned, "not as hot as you," he said, daubing sweat off Duo's forehead.

"That's not what I mea . . ." Duo's words were cut off by Heero's mouth.


Heero wrapped his arms around Duo and nuzzled his cheek while he nibbled his ear and neck, lightly licking and tracing circles with his tongue.

"I promise I won't just lay there," he teased.

"Oh believe me, I'm not going to let you," Duo whispered, pushing Heero backward and onto one of the chairs. He got on his knees, "I'm going to have you squirming and screaming my name."

Heero's groin responded to Duo's words with a forceful twinge that almost doubled him over. Then he nearly came out of his chair when Duo parted his lips and took him whole.

His cock was buried in the sweet warmth of Duo's mouth and it was the purest pleasure he had ever felt. Then Duo began to suck, and Heero could swear he saw stars. He knotted his hands in Duo's hair while Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's thighs and pulled him closer, making him slide downward in the chair to a half laying position. Duo scooted in tighter between Heero's legs, still sucking Heero's hardened manhood all the while.

Heero moaned and gasped as Duo fed on his flesh, delicately licking the pearly drops that were beading up on the head. Duo flicked his tongue in and around the slit and Heero could not keep still. Duo's mouth felt so good, he almost couldn't stand it. And to add to Heero's excruciating pleasure, Duo began to tease his balls with his fingers, lightly brushing the tips of his nails across them before his fingers met Heero's opening and began playing with it. He tickled, teased and rubbed with his hands while his tongue and lips licked, sucked and caressed until Heero couldn't take it any more.

"Duo," he groaned, "please . . .not like this."

Duo stopped and lifted his head, looking Heero in the eyes, "Huh?"

Heero grinned, the bewildered look on Duo's face was priceless, "I don't want my first orgasm with you to be like this, you giving me head. I want it when we are making love, I want us to come together."

"Heero, you mean this isn't just a fuck?" Duo crossed his fingers for the answer he wanted.

Heero cautiously answered, "No . . . at least not for me."

Duo rose from his knees and straddled Heero. He leaned forward so their heads touched and he wrapped his arms around him, "not for me either . . . I've waited for this . . . although `just a fuck' can be a lot of fun, too" he grinned.

"Baka!" Heero laughed then kissed Duo hard, grabbed his ass and ground their cocks together, the friction created was pure heaven.


"I want you Heero," Duo whispered, "as soon as we find something we can use . . ."

Duo reluctantly pulled himself off Heero's lap and began rummaging through the cabinets.

"Let's see, barbeque sauce, ketchup, mustard . . . I don't think so. Vinegar ? Oh definitely not! Mayonnaise . . . hmmmmm, ma-a-y-y-be," Duo turned and looked at Heero, who was busy not taking his eyes off Duo's naked body.

"Think mayonnaise would work?" Duo asked but Heero shook his head, "butter?"

"I used the last of it this morning . . . at breakfast," Heero grinned, "what about that right there?" Heero pointed to a small bottle half hidden behind the soy sauce.

"Olive oil," Duo read, "ummm, I don't know Heero, the label says its `extra virgin'".

Heero rolled his eyes and groaned, "I think it will work fine."

Duo grabbed the bottle and returned to Heero's lap, "you're sure about this?"

Heero took the bottle and opened it, "as sure as I've ever been about anything. You know, you're a wet dream come true."

Duo brushed their lips together lightly, "so are you . . . but I was talking about the olive oil."

Heero laughed, "I'll take my chances."

Duo looked at the bottle and raised an eyebrow skeptically, "yeah, but it's not your butt."

"Duo, do you want to switch places?"

"Nuh uh, I'm staying right where I am," Duo smiled and began nuzzling Heero's neck and inhaling his musky scent, "ghod, Heero, you even smell like sex."

"Uhhhrrrrrrgggghh," Heero growled from deep within his throat, which was being licked and bitten by a very adept tongue and set of teeth while nimble hips did a slow bump and grind against his groin, arousing and exciting him to the brink of climax.


Heero dribbled some olive oil into his hand and began massaging it into the cleft of Duo's ass, smearing it around and in his tight little opening with one gloss coated finger.

"Ohh…ohh…Ah-ah-ahhhh," Duo moaned, the invasion by Heero's finger had an oddly ticklish sensation at first, but became more comfortable the further inside his finger pushed. Heero rubbed and massaged all around inside him, spreading the oil over the sensitive areas. He didn't want to hurt Duo when he entered him.

Duo rocked and wriggled, if Heero's finger felt this good, imagine what his cock would feel like. He grabbed the oil from Heero and drizzled it all over his erection, slicking every inch of it down, from tip to base.

"Are you ready?" Heero whispered lustily.

"I'm past ready," Duo hoarsely gasped. He covered Heero's mouth with his own in a deeply passionate kiss. Expressing with the kiss how much he wanted him while Heero slowly removed his finger, replacing it with the crown of his cock and pushed gently upward while Duo pushed down, swathing Heero's hardened shaft with warm and ready flesh.

They moaned in concert as Duo began pumping up and down, slower at first, getting used to the feel of being filled with Heero. His arms were loosely wrapped around his dark haired lover's neck, Heero had a firm grip on Duo's hips, helping him move up and down his length.

Duo moved languidly, making little rocking movements as he slid up and down Heero's erection, eliciting ahhhs and ohhhhs from that sensual mouth. Duo looked like the cat that ate the canary, happy and smugly pleased with himself at the same time. He finally had Heero just where he wanted him and he wasn't going to turn loose any time soon.

Heero was wearing that same smug look.


Duo pumped as Heero thrust, like cylinder and piston of a finely tuned engine. Their movements synchronous, harmonic, balanced and perfect.

Heero pulled Duo's mouth to his, first teasing and tasting, then devouring with hunger and greed. He wanted everything Duo had to offer, and more. He trailed a finger lightly over Duo's shaft causing delicious tingles to run through his groin while waves of goosebumps sluiced over him raising the fine little hairs that covered him, his skin acutely sensitive to the merest brush of flesh.

Duo arched backward, Heero catching and holding him with one hand while the other busied itself with Duo's cock. Fingers and palm stroked and massaged him while he groaned and gasped air, only to yell Heero's name while he continued to ride Heero for all he was worth.

Heero pulled Duo upright then forward, foreheads touching, "look who's screaming whose name," he chuckled, working his hands all down Duo's back then grabbing his butt as he began to thrust harder. His tongue licked a path down Duo's neck then back up again on the other side, settling on an earlobe for his lips to nip and teeth to nibble.

"We're not done yet, Yui," Duo's response to Heero's challenge was to increase his speed and intensity while he did a little nibbling of his own. Heero matched him thrust for push, in time with the rhythm Duo had set, their moans getting louder as climaxes began to grow from within. The building heat and friction from their union creating an ecstasy neither had known could exist.

It was flesh upon flesh pounding hard and frenzied, desperately climbing to reach their zenith. Breath was ragged and uneven, skin shone from the sweat of their desire, muscles burned and ached as minds and hearts prayed and parched throats cried out for release.

"Heero!" the name leaped out from lips contorted by pleasure.

"Duo!" the name torn raggedly from an already hoarse throat.

Finally they came. Their shared climax fiercely shaking their bodies in orgasmic harmony as semen ejaculated forth in violent explosions.

Two bodies lay in one chair, exhausted, spent and sated, too tired to move and too happy to want to, anyway.

They sighed as they snuggled each other, just relaxing and resting. They sat wrapped around each other for what seemed like hours, not wanting to move . . . until . . .




"I feel cold."