Disclaimer: Everyone knows the drill already. I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters and I will never be rich enough to buy it, so I just borrow the characters and play around with them for a while. Honest, I don't know where the bruises came from.

Ratings: NC-17

Pairings: 2x1x2

This is not a story fic, per se. This is more of a visual aid. You will see what I mean as you read.


By KwyckSylver


Think chocolate.

Lovely, sweet, brown, sensuous, dribbly melted chocolate.

Think Duo.

Now think chocolate again.





Duo, dipping a finger in that silky, smooth confection and slowly bringing it to his lips.

Imagine him lazily licking and sucking every inch of that finger until every drop of chocolate is gone.

Did I happen to mention that it's Heero's finger?

Think again of that chocolate.

Now think of Duo.





Imagine Duo once again dipping a finger into the chocolate (his own finger, this time) and smearing it across Heero's lips.

Now imagine Duo leaning down and devouring the chocolate off of those sensual lips.

Same bowl of liquid sex, that natural aphrodisiac known as chocolate, same Duo.





Duo dipping another finger into that magic elixir and finger painting his way down Heero's lean, muscled chest.

Now imagine Duo's tongue. A most agile and gifted muscle. Oh the things it's learned to do. And now it's ready to show all those things to Heero.

Imagine the tongue working its way over Heero's torso, licking a nipple until its red and hard, then moving on to the next for the same delightful treatment.

Contemplate Heero's navel as Duo's tongue flicks in and around it, lapping up the pool of chocolate that found its way there.

Think of Duo's tongue running out of chocolate and suddenly feeling sad.

Think of Heero, writhing, wriggling and twisting under the delicate attention that most able of tongues.

Think of Heero being driven wild with hunger . . . but not for chocolate.

Once again, focus on the bowl of that most fabulous of creations, (sorry, here I was referring to the chocolate and not that other fabulous creation – Duo).

That trifle of chocolate has only begun to whet Duo's appetite, he wants more, much more.

Picking up the bowl of chocolate, a hunger shines in his eyes, and he pours the remaining chocolate on Heero's straining cock.

They both moan in anticipation of this most sumptuous banquet.

Duo to eat.

Heero to be eaten.

Duo lowers his head.

Heero trembles with expectation.

Tongue meets tip, and begins to lick.

Lips smack at the taste of the chocolate, and Heero.

Mouth covers the chocolate slicked erection and slowly lowers its way down to the base, where a curly ruff tickles a cute turned up nose (that happens to have a spot of chocolate on the end). A giggle erupts.

But the tongue does not care, it wants the chocolate and as the mouth lowers, it twirls and swirls and continues to lap, until alas, every last bit of chocolate has been consumed.

The tongue, in search of the chocolate, has driven Heero over the edge and he erupts, sending the essence that is he down his shaft and into the awaiting mouth, which is greedy and wants more, even expects more than mere chocolate to satisfy it.

The tongue is delighted with the new tastes and the new sensations that assail it and greedily licks up the new offering. The mouth sucks as the tongue laps, until every last trace is gone.

The mouth and tongue, finally sated, relax as the now spent member retreats. It too is satisfied and happy.

Now bring to mind more chocolate.

And Heero.





Now think of this.

It's Duo's turn.