Heero logged online and began to sift through all the data files. There wasn't much time. He had to find one file that'd save his, he didn't have friends. He had to save his partner. And preferably before someone found out. He drifted for awhile, searching. For once, he was glad that he'd been outfitted with a search engine. A green light flickered on, indicating that his file was out there. Bringing it up, he scanned it. 'ZipDrive, Viruses...none. Data size...unknown' Hn. Well, he did have two gigs left. That should be enough. Now, to do this before he was found out. 'Download File?' He confirmed yes, and it began downloading into his central hard drive. Scanning, he saw that there was no one near him. Good. If he were found, he'd either get de-ranked or taken off-line. The only good thing about directly downloading, is that he left a small portion of himself behind. And if his partner was right, should all the pieces be found, he could be downloaded and brought back onto file. Duo, his partner, had said that he'd done it a few times. A red light flickered, indicating that there was someone online. Oh, damn. He brought his cloak up, hiding the exact where abouts of his location. 'ZipDrive...85% done' His program was scanned by the other person. -Message..Accept?- He confirmed it. -Heero...?- ~What?~ -What are you doing? You're not supposed to have copies of any programs- ~Your point?~ -Our Com isn't going to be happy about this- 'ZipDrive....99% done' ~Why? Is there something wrong with having any program?~ -If it's not issued by the Com..yes. Something about our obedience. With each file, our Ob level goes down. WHy'd you think Duo is so hard to control. He's always downloading stuff- 'ZipDrive..done. Install?' Confirmed. 'ZipDrive installed. Have a nice day' ~I'm done, let's get out of here~ -You're probably going to get de-ranked for this- Heero discontinued the link and logged off. Opening his eyes, he saw Quatre watching him. Like him, Quatre was also a mix of human and cybernetic machinery. "Well, let's go, Heero". Heero nodded and followed. 'ZipDrive overriding central system...go into default?' Confirmed. They reached the infirmary, where Duo was. Heero uplinked to Duo. -Duo...respond- ~Heero? Hey! You downloaded something..~ -How'd you know?- ~Heh. Easy. Some of your control files are missing. What'd you download?- ~Something to fix you. I think you've got a virus in you somewhere~ -Ah. Well, scan away then- Heero scanned Duo, locating the virus. Hm. Somewhere inside his downloading files. ZipDrive, opened. Scan and isolate the virus. 'ZipDrive scanning...found virus. Isolation complete' Zip Duo. 'Duo File Zipped' Restart the system. 'System restarted' Download Duo into the system. 'Duo downloaded. Add files?- Confirmed. His files were copied and sent to Duo. Heero severed the uplink and opened his eyes. Duo was already awake and watching him. "Now what?" Duo asked. Heero glanced around, no one in sight. "We download programs." Duo grinned. "It's high time we broke the Com control," Duo chirped.