Pain, it surrounded him. Darkness hovered just out of reach. They were teasing him, again. Who were they? A soft voice, reasuring. Why couldn't he see? Or move? And who was screaming? A burning sensation. Another scream filtered through the haze in his mind. What was happening? He retreated into the shadows of his mind, confused and hurting. Was he even alive? -Damn you- Who was it? He tried to answer, but couldn't. -Wake up- It hurt to much to do that. -I know that. But you have to- Why? Who are you? Leave me alone. A soft sound.
-I can't do that. Wake up- No. I don't want to. -If you don't..- No, don't go. -You told me to- Stay. -I can't. They may find us- Who are they? -Stay quiet- Not untill you tell me what's happening. Why can't I remember? Who are you? Why do I feel as if I know you? -You don't remember?- Why am I floating? This is too weird. The others. Where are they? Why can't I see? Hey? Are you there? Don't go! -Shut up. I'm here- Oh. So why am I floating? -You're being carried. Now, be quiet- Fine. Be that way.
He hid in the shadows and darkness of his mind again. The pain was back. The darkness was darker somehow. Something wasn't right. He knew it. -Hey, stay with me- Huh? As if I was going somewhere. -Hey..I said, stay with me- I'm too tired. -Stay awake. You have to- Why? It wasn't as if something bad was going to happen. -Stay awake- His black world was jarred. Tilting crazily, he nearly fell off the earth. Stop that! It hurts. -Hn- The blackness lifted a little. And the uneasey feeling lessened. He floated, trying to remember. Exactly what had happened? -Quiet- Why? -Someone's here. Hush- Fine. Pain resurfaced again. Damn it. This wasn't supposed to happen this way. It wasn't supposed to fail. Why do I feel like this? Hey? Are you there? Why can't I see? Why am I feeling this pain? Why can't I see? Hey? Hey! -Shut up- No. This darkness. I don't like it. I'm afraid. But I shouldn't be. I'm used to the darkness. I've carried it around long enough. So why am I afraid? -Quiet. They may hear you- Who? Who may hear me? -Our enemies. Now shut up-
Odd memories. Who's the scrawny kid with the braid? And why's he stealing that apple? He saw me. He looked straight at me. And he waved at me. How can he see me? I can't even see me. -You talk too much- Oh. You're still here. I thought you left. -Hn. I'd never leave you, baka- Really? Everyone else has. So why not you too? Two people. I should know them. But I don't. A man and a lady. They're dressed in black. But they left me. All because of...I can't remember. Who are you? Hey? Where'd you go? I'm getting cold again. And the pain is returning. Oh...tingly. And wet. What was that? -Cleaning your wounds, Baka- Is that my name? -No- So what is it? -Worry about that later- Okay. That hurt! -Hn- What are you doing? Why are you hurting me? -It's always darkest before dawn- That makes no sense. -Ah- The darkness is coming back. Should I welcome it? -No. Stay here- Why? I'm tired. It's surrounding me. I think I should go into it. Then I wouldn't hurt anymore. -Stay here. Don't go into it- Why? -Just do as I say for once- But it looks comforting. I really want to. -Hey! I said stay here. If you don't I'll..cut off your braid- You wouldn't! I have a braid? What color is it? Is it long? -Yes. You have a braid.- Well? -Well what?- Anything else I shuld know about it? -It's covered in blood- Really? Why? What happened. You still haven't told me who you are yet. Hey, it got cold again. Where are you? You left me. Again. Just like last time. -What are you taking about?- I'm cold. Why is it so cold? -You lost alot of blood- That's a good reason, I guess. -You guess?- Yeah. It's back again. And it's warm. I'm not so cold anymore. -Hey. You're leaving again- Yeah, right. I can't even move. -Stay here- But it's warm this time. Honest.
-I don't care if it's singing. You stay here with me- But why? I haven't anything to lose do I? -Yes, you do- Enlighten me then. Aw, damn. The blackness is gone agin. See what you did? You made it leave. -Good. You need to stay here- I'm warm again. But the blackness hasn't returned. Why is this? -I'm holding you. Do you have any objections to that?- No. Not really. Ah, the pain is back. Oh goody. -Hush- Why? -Someone's here- Who? Do I know them? -Hn..- You left again. Hey! Where'd you go? I'm alone again. Why'd you leave me? Did I do something wrong again? -No, you didn't do anything- Who's there? -Relax. It's a friend- Oh. The weightlessness is back. Are you caring me again? -In a way- Huh? Explain that. -You're on a sling- A what? -A sling. Don't worry about it. You're safe- Who's the other voice? Why won't he talk to me? Where'd that heat come from? It's nice. Uh oh. -What now?- That blackness is back. -You're slipping- I'm trying not to! Where am I going? -Hey! Stay with me!- I'm trying, I'm trying! But, aw damn. -Are you still there?- -Hey!- -Oh shit. His heart's stopped!- -Oh damn, oh damn- -Help me get his heart started again. You pump, I breath okay?- -Good- -Damn you. Don't you dare leave me. Not after what you did to me- -Ha!- Why'd you do that? I was warm again. And you pulled me back to this darkness again. -Your heart stopped- Really? Wow. Didn't know I could die. Waitaminute. I died? I can't die! Oh god. Please, keep me here. -Fine. I will- Thank you. -hn- Hey, that hurt again! What's going on! Where'd you go! I can't hear you anymore! -Shut up- You stayed! -I won't leave you. I told you that. Remember?- Oh, yeah. I'm moving again. Why am I moving again? -You're in a ambulance- A what? -An ambulance. W're heading to the hospital- Oh. Who's driving? -Another friend- I have one? -Yes. You have four- Oh. Why? My friends never last very long. They usually leave me. -We won't- Oh. Hey, I stopped moving again. -We're at the hospital- Now, I'm moving again. You won't leave me will you? -I promised I wouldn't- Oh. Where are we now? What's going on? Hey? You there? ~Shinigami~ Who's there? ~Shinigami~ Hello? Why'd it get dark all of a sudden? The pain's gone. ~It's over Shinigami~ What's over? Who are you? Where'd my friend go? Why isn't he here? -Hey, Where are you going?!- ~It's over~ -Stay here! Doon't you dare leave me!- Over? Hey..I can see again. Why's he crying? And who's the body? ~Look at him, Shinigami~ Huh? Why? A braid. Oh shit. That's me, isn't it? ~Hm. Yes, it is~ I died? I can't! He promised! He promised he wouldn't leave me! ~He didn't leave you, Shinigami. You left him~ No! I won't! Oh, god. Let me go back! Please! ~It's over~ No! It can't be! Oh shit. Heero. I'm sorry, god am I sorry. I didn't mean to leave you. ~Why cry Shinigami? You are Death after all~ I don't care! I don't want to be Death! I want Heero! ~It's too late for that Shinigami~