Title: While you were sleeping

Author : Sand Angel

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Gundam Wing, nor will I ever, and since I have no money......PLEEZ, DON'T SUE ME! *sniff*

Warnings : Er, I guess it's sorta a heart warming thingie., and its also 1+2 (naturally), so I guess there shouldn't be any warnings at all! Haha!

While you were sleeping

As cold as it was, the night seemed to be pretty gruesome. There they were, sitting comfortably in two red chairs, side by side, next to the nice warmth of the fire. Heero drank his warm cup of coffee, as he kept typing on his laptop, checking emails that Dr. J had sent him. Duo, on the other hand, was resting. His snoring was quite loud, too bad poor Heero couldn't pay attention with this loud noise, even with all the training he was given (i.e, Relena).

So the Japanese boy's priority, was just to move to another room in the cabin, even though he wanted to go into another country (Duo's snoring was SO loud!). Sad thing was, there was a blizzard outside. All the Japanese boy could think of was "damn".

It's been at least nine days since this mission. The mission's objective was to spy on the Oz base just a mile away from there. Their Gundams were already being shipped to another base just around the area.

Unfortunately, Heero was stuck in a cabin with Duo for these past days. All he could think about was, /Hn. Why do I always get stuck with this baka?/. But he thought something completely different in his heart. He actually liked being stuck in a cabin with Duo. They were alone, in a nice warm cabin, miles away from civilization. Perverted thoughts stirred through his mind, but he was strong enough to stop whatever thought he was thinking, and continued what he was doing. But, who could not resist just staring at the braided baka sleeping? Heero thought he looked too damn cute! He even was starting to think the snoring was cute, too! So his second priority was to move the American beauty to a better sleeping quarter.

Heero stood up, putting the coffee mug down, and walked quietly towards the sleeping beauty. He picked the boy up. and slowly walked into the bedroom. Now over the bed, with the boy in his arms, he laid the sleeping boy down. The cute sleeping statement on the American's face was still there. Heero smiled, as he kissed Duo's forehead. Duo smiled in his resting form. As Heero approached the door, he whispered "Goodnight, koi." And closed the door behind him.