Author:Kemi(Sand Angel!)
Pairing: 1+2(do you rly think?)
Desription:Well, just pretend that Duo and Heero are kinda Chibi( just a lil' now),and imagine Relena as the "bad" person, you'll see....not to mention, it's pretty much AU(alternate universe fic), but it's very sweet^_^and FUNNY!
Disclaimer:Sorry, but I don't own GW, nor will I ever,so pleez, don't sue me =(
WEll, here's the fine story ^_^
He was just laying there, covered up in a blanket, with his long hair almost touching the floor. As the sun was shining through the window, he still kept his eyes shut, not knowing what to do. He wondered where Heero was, as soon as he had woken up, the boy wasn't even there.He just sighed,and turned over, just to figure out that the sun was blinding his eyes(just as he had open his eyes).

"uggh..." He murmered"I guess I gotta get up then.."

He then sat up,and rubbed his tired eyes. Then he stood up, pulling his boxers up,as soon as he started walking into the kitchen. As soon as he got there, he saw Heero at the stove, stirring something in a pot.

Duo:Hiya Heero*yawn*

Heero just stood there, with a strange looks on his face, just staring right into the pot, Duo came over,and took a look also.

Duo:Hey,what's in the- what the hell is THAT?!

Heero: how would I know? I only got this from a recipe that Princess Relena gave to me...

Duo:*sweatdrop* The Princess gave that to you???

Heero: I was hired to protect here,as her body guard...

Duo: Allright Heero,whatever you say....

He starts to walk away,as soon as Heero grabs him by the arm, and pulls him to him.

Heero*a small mischevious grin* I hope you're not jealous..

Duo: Why would I be?

Heero: never mind

Then Heero holds onto him,and gives him a sweet kiss.

Heero: would that answer your question?

Duo:sure, I guess



Duo runs to the phone to answer it

Duo(on the phone):Hello?

Voice:Hello may I please speak to Heero Yuy???

Duo:Who is this??

Voice: DUMB BAKA, I AM YOUR PRINCESS!- um, this is is Princess Relena speaking....

Duo:.......,so um, why would you like to speak to him...

Voice: Because, he has a job to do for me. And another thing, you shouldn't ask a princess her bussiness, who are you anyway?

Duo: I'm Duo, um, and I live here..

Voice: Oh, now why would he ever let some guy live with him, I mean, is this YAOI????!!!!

Duo: can you PLEASE come down miss?!


Duo: Listen lady, i don't care if your princess or not! Will you shut the he-

Just as soon as that, Heero snatches the phone away.


Heero: calm down, who was this who you were talking to,anyway?

Duo: Oh, it was that dumb butt princess, she wants to talk to you...

Voice: WHAT??!! DUMB BUTT???!! WHY you!

As soon as Relena's almost finsih saying her *ahem*"speech", Heero goes on the phone.


Voice:Ah Heero it's you, how are you doing today?? You know you have a job to do for me today,and who was that guy that was speaking to me?? does he rly live with you?? Please,explain Hee-chan, I would really love to know all of this-...."

Duo:Aww, brother, there we go again!


That is the end of part one, wait for part 2 next time ^-^ thanx,and pleez send me some comments!