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PAIRING: 1+2 with a twist
WARNING: Original character, mild language, Relena bashing.
FAMOUS LAST WORDS: As quoteth from Dilbert–-"Lately the only thing stopping me from becoming a serial killer is my distaste for manual labor."
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STATUS: Songfic
SONG: So in Love With Two. It doesn't sound to me like the lyrics are correct, so bare with me.


Fangirl's Obsession

The clock struck twelve. Hungry students milled the grounds, carrying a tray of some mystery meat from the cafeteria of the school (to which the author has no envy for) or a simple brown bag filled with the goodies from home. Amongst all of these talking and laughing students dressed in typical uniforms, one girl stood out. Watching. Drooling.

For she was bishonen hunting. And she found five delicious morsels sitting at one table. Yummy... but only two struck her fancy. Those two warred in her conscious, the Question repeating over and over in her fragile mind...

//Do I want him...?// Her eyes landed on the stoic Japanese boy with moss green hair, listening to the others talk about secret things that only boys know. He was well proportioned, meaning he wasn't overly muscular but he DID work out. His eyes were a sharp blue cobalt color, odd for a Japanese man or woman, but typical for some reason. His body was to die for... The girl drooled a bit more for emphasis on this rare male beauty that sceamed masculine.

//Or him?...// This time her eyes came to the one with the long braid of chestnut strands and the violet eyes laughing with mirth. He was talking animatedly with a blonde at the table, his heart shaped face showing sharply in her mind. He also had a hint of muscle in him, but not quite as much as his Japanese companion. She admired his hair streaked with blonde, browns, and reds, drooled over his lips as they moved in rapid speed.

//God. Thank you for this plentiful bounty,// she prayed silently, still admiring both the beauties. //I promise on my grandmama's grave that You won't regret this...//


"Is she still staring at us?"

The blonde at the table, a boy named Quatre Winner, nodded slowly, adding, "More at you and Heero than anyone else at this table, but sometimes she sends the rest of us odd glances."

"K'so," the braided boy known as Duo Maxwell cursed with a grin still plastered on his face. If one knew him closely, they'd see the grin didn't quite reach his eyes like most of them do, and there as a little TOO much laughter in his eyes. "What does she want? It's not like we have big signs hanging about our head's reading `We are here. Stare at us'."

"Who knows?" Wufei, a Chinese boy with black hair tied in a tight pony tail, huffed, crossing his arms in vexation more than anger. "She's just an on'na."

"That's your answer to everything," Duo exclaimed, exasperated as he rolled his violet orbs and mimicked the other, "`She's just an on'na' or `They're all a bunch of weaklings!' just doesn't cut it sometimes, Wu-man."

The Chinese youth huffed once more with a small scowl, followed by the mumbled words, "Don't call me `Wu-man'."

"Ah, `Wu-man' was getting old, anyway," Duo waved in nonchalance, adding as an afterthought, "`Wu-honey' on the other hand..."

"Duo..." came the threatening voice joined together from two different sources. Wufei and Heero glanced at each other but said nothing more.

"Sugoi. In stereo even."

Trowa had barely raised a brow at the antics of the braided Shinigami, instead stayed out of it and switched from watching the girl watch the Japanese pilot of Wing and the American pilot of Deathscythe to the developing drama unfolding in front of him. Planting his carefully worded phrase, he commented, "Perhaps she is an Oz spy."

Both the Chinese and American boys stopped in there bantering to look at the girl breifly. With identical snorts born of cynicism, they both replied in an off-handed manner, "Naaaah."

//Mission accomplished.// Heero looked at Trowa with a small smirk, nodding his thanks to the taller boy for defusing the situation before Duo and Wufei started a food fight again. Trowa gave a equally small nod in return, a silent `you are welcome' spoken in the Language of the Silent.

Quatre smiled at the exchanged, but said in a serious voice, "I think she can't decide who she likes better." Everyone paused to look at the blonde, and Quatre explained, "She's admiring Duo and Heero particularly. She's trying to decide who looks better. You can tell because she has this giddy statement on her face and she has a faint line of drool running down the side of her chin."

Even Trowa blinked at this observation. Well, there was only one thing they could do about it...

Ignoring the girl as they passed, they headed for their next class early.

/OoH Ohh
My number one
There could never be another like you
How come I feel this one man/

The girl paused in the hallway, clutching her books to her chest as she gave a lingering glance to the body of the Japanese boy. Unnoticed to him, he closed his locker and walked into the direction of his next class, leaving the girl struck with the force of her admiration alone in the corridor. The bell rang, signaling the tardy should hurry to their classes. With a sigh of wistful thinking, the girl turned to hurry to her next class.

/My number two
Never tried to tell me what to say or do
I'm so in love with two/

Duo laughed at something the girl said, patting her on the shoulder. Y'know, she wasn't so bad. Sure, she had this habit of staring off into space somewhere, but if you were a little friendly she was alright. About to say more, he opened his mouth.

But alas, he didn't get his words out. Heero cleared his throat and jerked his head toward the school doors, an impatient look on his face as he stared the girl down. Surprisingly she matched his stare with a small smile before dismissing herself from the boys' presence.

"She's not so bad," Duo shrugged imperturbably, ignoring his koi's pointed look. "Sure, she has a harmless crush, but I explained my material status and she understood."

"Hn," was all Heero `said' before grabbing the boy by the braid and gently tugging him outside the doors.

Somewhere down the hall, the girl grinned widely. Oh, this was so perfect...

/I don't wanna push it
I don't wanna fight
But these feelings keep me up all night/

The girl sighed, flipping over in her dorm bed and thought of the two boys she admired. One was serious, almost coldly calculating while the other joked, cunningly crafting his words with preciosity practiced to a T. Both could match her mood swings perfectly, if only...


With a silent cackle as to not wake her roommate, the girl flipped over again to attempt sleep.

/If I only could decide
But I can't make up my mind
I'm breaking all the rules because of you/

Funny or serious... funny or serious...

The girl fumed in the long line for lunch in the cafeteria, an visage of indecision written clearly on her face. Not that she had to have a favorite, mind the reader, but she was still in war with herself over a serious problem.

Which looked better? The braided one or the anti-social one?...

Argh... With a small sigh, she quickly ordered her lunch and chose solitude in the school garden.

/You can tell me it's not right
And it tears me up inside
but the problem is
I'm so in love with two/

/Heya hey ya
I don't know what to do
Heya hey ya
what am I supposed to do/

"`Morning, Duo-kun," the girl chirped brightly the next day as she passed the named boy, smiling widely and waving. Duo waved back, his smile equal to her own.

"`Tis so, m'lady," he teased, bowing deeply. She grinned wider in response.

"`Morning, Heero-kun." The greeting went unanswered, but the girl expected this. Heero-kun was anti-social, and merely glared at anyone even attempting to speak to him.

With a skip in her step and a whistle blowing between her lips, she headed for her first class.

"Are you sure she's given up?" Wufei asked after the girl was out of ear-shot, still peering down the hall she walked down and seeing her disappear in a throng of students.

"Not entirely," Duo said undaunted, grinning at his gruff koibito. "Aww, Hee-koi, don't look like that. Carina-chan says it doesn't suit you."

If possible, Heero's scowl deepened ten-folds. "Hn! She is as annoying as Relena."

The author winces. Thank GOD this isn't a self-insertion...

/My number one
You'll give me everything I need/

"Heero-kun, may I borrow your notes for a second?" The girl, whom the author has suddenly decided to give her the name Carina, asked pleadingly with big eyes up at the Japanese boy.

Heero almost ignored her. Almost. Remembering that he promised Duo he'd stop glaring and started making nice, Heero just snorted and handed her a notebook. Not a word of reply, just handed her the notebook. This, of course, was the extent of niceties for him.

The girl named Carina thanked him and quickly crammed for the test she conveniently forgot about, instead voted to watched the two boys and their three friends play basketball from her view in the window of her room.

/But some think two I'm better with/

Carina sighed, admiring her view from the window once again. She really should have been doing her homework –-the unnoticed pile of books and papers in front of her–- but she just couldn't take her eyes from the braided boy.

Heero took his shirt off. Wowie...

She slammed her geography book hard, cursing. Why was it so damn hard?!

/My number two
He's the one that really makes me feel so good
I'm so in love with two/

/I don't wanna push it
I don't wanna fight
But this feeling keeps me up all night/

Another night of little sleep and a drool-worthy wet dream...

If Carina didn't know any better, she'd think that this was more of an obsession than actual love. She had thought of it as a small crush at first, but the more she thought about it...

/If I only could decide
But I can't make up my mind
I'm breaking all the rules because of you/

Carina sighed and set the bucket on the windowsill, wetting the wash rag in her hands to rinse the chalk from it. Swallowing the nervousness from her voice, she turned to talk to her `helper' when all of a sudden...


Her `helper', namely the object of her obsession as of late, groaned at this squeal, his head firmly planting itself on the desk he was currently washing. He muttered something, bounced back up, and stalked toward the window with a look of almost dark distaste. "Can't that girl ever give up?" she heard him mutter before opening the window and staring out.

Carina, confused, followed his dark eyes to spot a girl in an unfamiliar uniform running toward the Japanese boy under the windowsill, three stories down. The Japanese youth tensed and put away the book he was reading, standing to prepare for his leave.

The girl caught him, and there was a muffled conversation carried mostly by herself. But Heero stood in a stance that screamed his discomfort and annoyance to anyone daring to look at the two.

Carina flinched. "Who's she?"

Duo also flinched, but obviously for different reasons. "That's Queen of the Friggin' World herself, Miss Relena Peacecraft."

Carina blinked. Then she looked down below. "Miss Relena? I didn't recognize her out of her usual outfit and character..."

"She hounds Heero like a dog," Duo replied, moodily squeezing the washing rag dry. It was more of something to mutilate than actual work to do. "The girl is obsessed. I honestly can't understand WHY she's called the Queen of the World, but it doesn't give her a right to disillusion herself when the rest of us have to face reality."

Carina looked away and bit her lip, one sentence echoing in her mind. //'The girl is obsessed.'// With a small, sad sigh she looked back. Then a plan formed. Something so devious, so evil... She rolled the plan over and over in her mind, looking at the objects needed and calculating the needed answers... With a grin, she moved the object just so.

"How good are Heero-kun's reflexes?"

"Ne?" Duo blinked. "Better than mine, I guess. Why?"

"Just wondering," she shrugged innocently, making a show of turning. But suddenly her elbow hit something and it fell out of the window, pouring dirty water as it turned upside down...



"Opsie..." Sticking her head outside the window, she smiled her apology with just enough embarrassment to be almost sincere, but as Duo could clearly see, there was just TOO much mirth in her bright green eyes. "Sorry about that, miss!"

Relena glared up at her and huffed indigently before smiling tightly at Heero and excusing herself, dripping all the way back to her pink limo.

Heero watched the Peacecraft girl leave before glancing at Carina again. This time, instead of scowling in annoyance or giving her a blank look, he grinned a bit. Just a small tilt of the lips before he turned his attention back to walking away.

Duo was still rolling on the floor in laughter, holding his stomach with tears streaming down his face when Wufei found him and the girl alone five minutes later.

/You can tell me it's not right
And it tears me up inside
But the problem is
I'm so in love with two/

/Don't wanna fight
Another night
Just wanna make it right
Come on/

Carina stewed in her chair, watching in an abhorred fascination as a scowl formed across the face of a fellow student. Lack of sleep and too much caffeine did that to her, in any case. That and endless obsession with two guys that most certainly didn't like obsession mixed with the guilt of her obsession sort of put her in a sour mood.

"Can't you take your Midol before class?" the guy sniped discourteously, a sneer curling his upper lip.

//De-balling time,// chimed in Carina's head. But before she could maintain the action, Heero was standing on one side of her while Duo on the other, glowering at the smart mouthed guy down with a glare/smirk so self assured it was downright SCARY just to watch it unfold.

"Leave her alone," Heero said flatly, the sound of his knuckles cracking leaving an indefinite threat in the air.

"That's not the way to treat a lady, man," Duo added with a deranged smirk on his face and doom in his eyes. "Why don't you apologize to Carina-chan? Before Heero decides to get ugly, that is."

The other student, easily twice Heero's muscle-size, paled and stood down, stuttering an apology before hurrying off with his friends behind like a dog with his tail between his legs. Grinning brightly, Carina thanked the two.

Heero merely nodded and walked off, leaving Duo to assure her, "That's just his way of saying `welcome'. And thanking you for that stunt you pulled yesterday." A twinkle appeared in his eyes as he added, "He said it was `amusing'. It's not easy to `amuse' the great Heero Yuy."

Carina's head was held high the rest of the day.

/OoOh my number one
OoOoh my number two
Won't somebody tell me
What I'm supposed to do
OoOh my number one
OoOoh my number two
Won't somebody help
I'm so in love with two/

Carina made a decision. It wouldn't hurt to put this action to the test, but she'd have to kill what was left of her pride to put it in motion.

Ah, well...

With a skip and a whistle, she was in bed, for once sleeping the sleep of a girl without baggage.

/I'm so in love/

/If I only could decide
But I can't make up my mind
I'm breaking all the rules because of you
You can tell me it's not right
And it tears me up inside
But the problem is I'm so in love with two/

She walked, arm in arm, with Heero and Duo. Heero looked uncomfortable with the situation, but a grin and a wink from Duo made him stay where he was.

"So, I've admitted that my feelings are nothing more than a school-girl obsession," Carina finished, feeling good about her decision. Remembering Duo once told her they wouldn't stick around long, she added quietly, "Hope you aren't completely uncomfortable with me for the rest of your stay here."

Duo `pfft' and waved it off with his other hand, grinning. "Ne, at least you can admit it was just a crush."

"Hn," was all Heero `said', but Carina felt it was enough.

"Umm... Question."


"Okay..." She grinned mischievously. "Up for a threesome?"


"Really? Rats..."

/I'll choose the both of you
Heya hey ya/


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