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Part 4/5


"103.2 degrees F," clucked Duo Maxwell after a moment of studying the thermometer, finally pulling the little nifty gizmo from his delightfully cute face. He clapped the sniffling Arabian on the shoulder with one hand and ruffled his hair with the other. "It's official, Little-Q. You're sick."

The blonde youth groaned pitifully, but the effort was lost as it sent him into a another fit of deep, rusty, and let us not forget VERY nasty coughs. He knew something was wrong ever since he woke from an empty bed earlier that day with a headache like there was no tomorrow. Ever since then he'd been rotating between wandering around to kill time, napping, and occasionally wallowing in his misery. Sure doesn't get any better than that...

He'd been dreading the possibility of sickness all that day, and having the little hypothesis confirmed didn't make him feel the least bit better. //And it HAD to be the day when Trowa and the others left...// He let that disappointed thought trail off. Trowa had to leave with Heero and Wufei very early in the morning, and they weren't expected back for another three days. Not only had that left him with Duo --God help him-- ALONE, it left him with Duo when he was sick.

The author repeats: God help him.

//This day will not be one of my better ones,// Quatre mused mentally. During that time Duo had been shifting noisily through the medicine cabinets, every once and a while muttering an exclamatory under his breath or "Not this, or this... maybe this... no, too many side effects..." and the sorts. After five minutes of this, which Quatre sat through with all of his patience on front, Duo exclaimed "Aha!" and reappeared with a bottle of... something in one hand. The pilot of Sandrock couldn't help but feel a might weary (with good reason!) of anything Duo deemed 'good enough' to work. The braided boy's methods were somewhat... eccentric when it came to playing nurse. At best. //Poor Heero...// Quatre shivered mentally, remembering that one time...

Ah. Another story, another time.

"What's that?" Quatre was momentarily amazed with his acting. He actually sounded CALM, no matter how nervous the grin on Duo's face made him. //Amazing,// Quatre marveled. //Simply amazing. I should have been an actor...// Sigh. Too late for that... Or was it? Hmm...

"Medicine," the long-haired boy chirped whilst struggling with the child-proof cap. Quatre once remembered a time when he was seven. That was the last time he was sick, mind you. No matter how hard the servants tried, they simply could NOT get the child-proof cap off of the medicine bottle. After everyone tired of the 'game', Quatre had simply reached for the bottle, picked it up, twisted, and *pop!*. The cap was off. So surprised were the adults... Everyone had a good laugh about how they bottles were more adult-proof than child-proof.

ANYway... *pop!* went the cap, and the bottle was finally open. Duo grinned brightly and pour a teaspoon full of the thick, gooey substance into the little cap. "This stuff is supposed take your temperature down and stop the sickness from getting much worse, in case it does. Y'know?" Quatre could have SWORN his braid-baring friend had added a very quiet and unsure "I think" to the sentence... but before he could question it..."Bottoms up!" The blonde's mouth, being open at the time, was filled with stuff that he had automatically swallowed, feeling and tasting the bitter, disgusting brew as it slowly --too slowly-- made its path down his throat. Blanching, Quatre took the bottle of the stuff from Duo's lax fingers and began to read the prescription in very little interest. His eyes bugged, however, when it hit him.

"Duo," Quatre squeaked, "this is noridine!"

"Yeah. So?"

"So?! I'm ALLERGIC to noridine!" the small blonde howled in anguish. "I'm going to have ugly rashes and my organs will swell up!..." He developed a brief image of Trowa seeing him as a bloated blonde in SD form, and paled in horror. "I need to get to the emergency room, ASAP!"

"... Oops..." Duo sweated, immediately set out for a search of those dag-nabbed car keys that had somehow winded up lost. "Eheheheheh.... Sorry?" //Ma~a~an, Trowa's gonna kill me for this...// moaneth Duo mentally. "Let's find those DAMNED car keys..."



"You're a very lucky boy, Mr. Whitiker," the doctor said after his examination, using one of Quatre's many alias'. "You came just in time to stop the effects. No one this day and age uses noridine anymore." The doctor smiled at the blushing Arabian gently to take the mock-scold out of his tone.

The Winner heir smiled politely. "Yes, I know. Thank you very much, Dr. Ross."

"You're welcome, young man. And try not to make this a habit, ne?"

Quatre's pink cheeks darkened to red and he nodded in reply to the amused doctor. He met the almost frantic Duo in the lobby and couldn't help but to smile softly. The other boy was pacing nervously, and from the looks of things he'd been bothering some of the other patients too. More than a few of them were glaring openly at the Shinigami pilot, and the rest wouldn't even bother to look at him. The blonde angel cleared his throat, still feeling a bit under the weather even though he'd taken some _proper_ medicine, and began to cough.

Duo pounced on the sound. "Q-man, you okay?! I didn't make it worse, did I?! You aren't in pain, are you?! What? What? What??"

Quatre began to laugh, but quieted. It was not polite to laugh when a someone was worried and nervous, especially friends. But by the look on Duo's face, he didn't mind at all. But still, he didn't laugh and replied, "I'm fine. Nothing serious to worry about, I assure you."

The braided boy deflated in relief, his violet eyes floating upward in something Quatre assumed was a silent thank you to a prayer answered. In reality, Duo, not being all that religious was thinking more along of the lines of //Quatre's alive, Trowa isn't going to kill me... I'm safe as long as Quatre doesn't tell...// He wasn't afraid of the tall pilot, but the thoughts of lions, tigers, and bears... Brrr. Duo gulped, and rather loudly, too.

The blonde, however, had no plan to let Trowa find out about anything. Loud-mouth or not, Duo Maxwell was a caring, entertaining friend. But he wasn't ABOUT to reassure Duo in any way. Let the boy stew for a day or two. //Maybe,// the blonde mused silently, //I can use this as insurance...// "Duo?"


"Can we keep the place quiet for a few days? I'm still feeling under the weather..."

"Sure thing, man, anything you say!"

//Allah thank you for small miracles and mixed blessings...//



"Harder! Duo, pull harder!"

A grunt. "I'm pulling as hard as I can!"

Three exhausted pilots stopped dead in their tracks and simply stared at the front door of their latest safe house. The mission was a harsh one, yet it was accomplished. Trowa and Heero couldn't wait to get home to their lovers, and Wufei couldn't wait to curl up with a pair of ear muffs and simply meditate. So the reader can imagine how they reacted to the commotion inside. In other words, that Trowa flinched, Wufei's eyes widened, and... you know that little vein under Heero's left eye? It sort of... flinched.

"Damnit! How could you get it stuck like this?! If Trowa finds out, he'll kill us!" Shuffle, shuffle. "Oh, no... They could be home any minute."

"How do you think Heero will feel?! He'll be pissed I broke Trowa's little toy!"

Now, Trowa is usually a very mild tempered little clown. On very few occasions had he EVER lost his temper, and those little tantrums were never in front of the other pilots for good reason. He had a reputation to keep, as much as he managed to act like he didn't particularly CARE about his rep.... He still had one, damnit, and he wanted to keep it! But hearing Duo say that... Well, it sort of pissed him off. Big time. Like I'm-going-into-a-psychotic-rage-ANY-second-now sort of pissed off. Yeah.

Meanwhile Quatre could be heard snorting in irritation, a very Un-Quatre like thing to do. "You shouldn't have been PLAYING with his 'little toy' in the first place."

Wufei felt a small, slow trickle run out of his left nostril. Irritated and highly uncomfortable, he squeezed said left nostril shut with his index finger and thumb. Absently he thought of Treize, Zechs and Noin... But he shook his violently. //What the hell am I THINKING?!//

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"Hmph. Maybe..." A pause. "If I push it in a little more..."


"Oh, jeez! Are you okay?"

"Yeah..." Quatre sighed. "What are we going to do? We can't just leave it like this!"

"Tell me something I DON'T know. Hey, how about we try pulling it out together? That might work!"

"Yeah, maybe... One. Two. Three!" Grunt, groan, and grunt.

Heero decided he had enough. He was BEYOND angry. How could Duo DO this to him?! His first and only lover...! He thought Duo lo... lo... well, CARED for him enough that he wouldn't need another lover. And QUATRE! Of all people! The Japanese nut had nothing against the little blonde, but let's face it... Said little blonde had NO quality shared with Heero besides a good amount of leadership skills. And the blonde already HAD a lover...

Wufei stood back and watched with mock disinterest and boredom. Inside, he had a feeling that this would prove MOST entertaining. At least, something to tell his grandkids. If he ever HAD grandkids, anyway...

Trowa and Heero stimulously pushed the door open and stalked in, ready and hopefully prepared for the scene they just KNEW they were going to face. Both stopped in their tracks when they saw what the two shortest pilots were up to.

Boy, were they mistaken or what?

Duo stood near the wall --fully clothed-- with both hands clasped around something that was obviously stuck in the wall. Quatre had one hand raised to his face, his index finger suckled by his mouth as he tugged on the same object stuck in the wall. Three pilots blinked. The other two had yet to notice their arrival.

Duo grunted and finally stopped straining as he took his hands away from the 'object'. Quatre did the same with a tired sigh, revealing a long and familiar silver flute stuck in the wall.

Quatre sighed. "Only you would be able to manage the impossible."

"Hmph," 'hmph'ed Duo again, crossing his arms with an adorable Duo-pout. "This isn't working. Hey, what about I--" Duo turned and froze when he finally met the gaze of a relieved yet rarely angry looking Trowa, a furiously flushed Wufei, and a... well, simply furious looking Heero. "Uh, hi, guys! Wh-when did you get back?"

Silence. You could hear a pen drop.

"Uh, guys? What are you doing with that duct tape? Guys? Guys??"