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Allergies: Trowa Barton
Part 3/5


It was a nice, normal day when they arrived at their new safe house. The golden sun was hidden behind a pile of white, fluffy clouds, casting a shadow on the surrounding area. For a spring day, it was unusually cooler than normal; perhaps because they were farther north of the Equator than their last safe-house. Even though it was spring, no flowers bloomed that far north. The area was also conveniently deserted.

Quatre R. Winner sighed in content as he placed his duffel bag on the bed he and his lover, Trowa Barton, were going to share. The place they were staying in was actually one of his sisters' houses. Said sister, Adra, was on a vacation with her husband and son, and she had invited him to use the house for however long they were gone. He and the pilots, in dire need of a place to stay, decided to her up on her hospitality and use the house.

They didn't have much rules to follow, which made Duo pretty happy. The last time they used one of his sisters' houses, Rahja told them _specifically_, in a blunt manner, "No hanky-panky in the house." It didn't stop them, however, from exploring the gardens... and their bed mates. The rules were simple and reasonable; make sure they cleaned up whatever mess they made, no explosives in the house --Heero had looked a bit downcast, but Duo cheered him up instantly (as much as the boy COULD cheer up) by saying something along the lines of taking Soldier-boy's frustration on Oz -- not to stain anything, and make sure the animals were well fed. Trowa had seemed to liven up when Quatre came to this part.

The sound of the door closing gently caused Quatre to come out of his mental musing and he turned, quickly flashing a sweet, loving smile at his tall green-eyed lover. Trowa's expression nor posture changed, but a light filled the one visible emerald-colored eye. The lanky pilot of Heavyarms gracefully moved forward and put himself before the shorter pilot, a small, almost non-existent smile gracing his handsome features.

Quatre, delighted and encouraged, embraced his European lover. Trowa took his cue and bent his head low, catching the Arabian's lips with his own. There they stood, Quatre basking in the attention given by Trowa as the European's hands explored, prodded, pinched, his lips deepening the kiss that both wished would never end. And for a while, both pilots felt whole...

Until Trowa suddenly broke off, turned his head to the side, and sneezed. Quatre blinked himself out of Cloud Nine, bewildered and surprised. He had never heard or seen his stoic lover sneeze in all the time they had known each other. What had prompted that sort of reaction?

Trowa again sneezed, looking a bit befuddled and shocked himself.

"Trowa-koi, are you okay?" Quatre questioned at last, moving so he was holding the taller boy at arm's length. Puzzled, he reached forward and placed one smooth palm against Trowa's forehead. "It doesn't FEEL like you have a fever, so we can scratch out most sicknesses." The blonde angel tilted his chin, an adorable frown on his face. "This place isn't dusty or anything..."

"Aa. Don't worry about it, little one," Trowa replied quietly. Again the stoic pilot embraced the sweet blonde, but before they could begin where they left off, Trowa again turned his head and sneezed. Quatre frowned more in irritation and concern than anything else. He was getting FAIRLY annoyed with that...

The blonde Arabian's eyes began to sweep the room, looking for anything that would make the Heavyarms pilot sneeze. Apparently, the other boy was allergic to something in the room, but Quatre couldn't see anything that Trowa could be allergic to that they hadn't used or been around before. Oak furniture, silk bed sheets --Quatre longed for those silk bed sheets and SOON-- silk curtains... animal cage...

Quatre's eyes stopped their search and landed on the cage again. Could it be?... But the boy was around all kind of animals! Can a person be allergic to a specific KIND of fur? Maybe Trowa was allergic to the food pelts. Quatre couldn't imagine why. The pelts were most likely used in the same stuff in the circus. Well... what about the funny wood chippings that were on the bottom of the cage? No, couldn't be...

"Trowa," inquired the blonde slowly, his teal eyes moving up into Trowa's one green, "are you allergic to any kind of animals?"

Trowa hesitated before nodding slightly. Well, that turn of events surprised to Quatre to no end. Trowa loved every and any kind of animal, especially felines and the such. The blonde would have never imagined he was allergic to ANY kind of animal. Who would? That was just something that was deemed... unlikely.

"Hamsters?" Another nod. Nodding firmly, Quatre walked toward the cage and picked it up by the sides before looking inside. Two hamsters rested, one totally black and the other white and brown spotted. He assumed they were both of the same sex; from what he heard, rodents breed FAST. It wouldn't do good to have six or seven of them breeding left and right...

"I'll be back," Quatre reassured as he walked out. Trowa's reply was a gentle sneeze.


Duo gave Quatre a funny look when the blonde practically shoved a cage into his hands. Blinking owlishly, he gave Quatre a silent questioning look with his eyes. The pilot of Sandrock sighed in... Irritation? That wasn't like the little blonde at all...

"Long story," he replied tiredly. "Let's just say that as long as those hamsters stay in the same room with us, Quatre Winner will not be getting any." Duo's jaw dropped at the other's unusual bluntness, but Quatre pretended not to notice and went on, "Trowa would be sneezing too much. Keep those things down here, ne?" That said, the blonde quickly climbed the stairs, leaving a (for once) speechless Duo with a cage and poor Wufei, who had begun to bleed out of his nose the second his brain comprehended the 'getting any' comment and its meaning.

Heero, however, simply smirked and reclined further into the plush sofa. "And I thought Duo was horny..." he murmured. Duo grinned in reply, chuckling softly.

"Damn. Now I got competition!" And he began to laugh out right, with Heero simple smiling. Which is, of course, his equivalency of 'laughing'.