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Allergies: Duo Maxwell
Part 2/5


"Sorry, Little Q," Duo apologized the second one of his blonde friend's servants brought out the dessert; a gooey chocolate cake, smothered in chocolate icing and little chocolate chips and sprinkles covering the top of the three layer cake. It was every chocolate- lover's dream come true to have such a treat. Even the three usually closed off pilots were staring in some amount of desire.

So they were floored when Duo Maxwell, owner of the biggest sweet tooth of the group, refused a huge slice offered to him on a saucer. Quatre and Wufei's jaws dropped open in shock, and even Trowa turned toward the braided boy in mild interest (which was a lot, if you know Trowa). Heero stared at his lover like he had put his hair in Relena- style mini-braids, dressed in a ridiculous pink dress, and pranced around the estate while screaming 'Heero' in a loud, drawn out way that only Relena Peacecrack -->(nope, not a typo) could handle. Which is, if you think about it, much worse than growing two extra heads and claiming to be the Devil himself bent on world domination through the war. At least, that's what the author thought... for about five seconds...

"Did Maxwell just refuse... sweets?" Wufei inquired bluntly, as if the concept was foreign to him. Actually, it was; Wufei didn't think Duo would EVER refuse something sugar-filled. Quatre nodded numbly, but knowing that Wufei couldn't see his physical answer, he simply muttered the affirmative and hoped the Chinese boy had heard.

Wufei stood and glided toward the window sill without much hesitation and pulled the curtain aside, peering into the rapidly darkening evening. "That's funny," the Chinese boy mused loud enough for the others to hear, "I don't SEE any of the Four Horsemen--"

"Har, har," Duo grumbled. "Wu-man made a funny. At least SOMEthing up his ass finally died."


Ignoring the irritated Shenlong pilot, Duo continued, "Looks great, but I... um, I can't have chocolate. And that there cake," he pointed at said cake, "is pure, untainted chocolate. Tempting, but a definite no-no."

Quatre tilted his blonde head curiously. "Are you on a specific diet?"

Wufei snorted. "Maxwell's just worrying about his weight like a weak woman for once."

"Am NOT!" Duo retorted childishly, crossing his arms and pouting. This act, of course, made him so kawaii, it should be illegal... Thank God it's not, eh? /And what the hell do you mean by 'for once?!'/ the braided boy griped mentally.

"If you don't," Wufei said smugly, "then you would have no problem eating this." He picked up a fork and cut off a nice bite-sized piece, holding it up for an almost-drooling Duo to see clearly. "Come on, Maxwell. You KNOW you want it."

((NFA: *sigh* Mind... meet the gutter.))

Duo licked his fabulously soft lips and sighed in resign. "I'll eat HALF." /I'm going to regret this later, I just know it.../

Wufei wasn't satisfied with Duo's answer and snorted to show it. "Woman." He wasn't against using barbed comments to get what he wanted, and by Nataku, he wanted Duo to break his diet! No matter HOW childish it was...

Duo's gaze hardened in resolve. "Fine. I'll eat ONE whole piece." /No one but NO ONE calls Duo Maxwell a woman.../


Utter silence.

That wouldn't have been so bad. Wufei, Heero, Trowa, and even Quatre enjoyed total solitude and complete silence every once in a while. To them, silence was relaxing, something of a blessing with one hyper-active pilot almost always around. But none of them, no matter how hard they tried, could become comfortable. Because all five of them were in the same room. Duo had not moved since he had sat down. At all. The braided boy hadn't so much as raised an eyebrow. He just stared at the wall.

And stared.

"I don't get it," Wufei quietly ranted after thirty minutes passed. "Chocolate has sugar. Sugar makes people a little if not a lot more hyper than usual. So how is it that Maxwell has been sitting STILL for the last hour and a half?!?"

Heero had apparently been wondering the same thing. Quietly he stood and slowly began to walk closer to his beloved. He kneeled beside the recliner that Duo would normally recline in. Instead, the braided pilot sat rim-rod straight. "Duo, are you okay?" he asked quietly, lowering his tone. Duo nodded somewhat stiffly, but the slight movement caused the color to drain from his face.

"Yeah... Never been better," Duo replied meekly. Heero narrowed his eyes as an idea entered his sharp brain. He analysized it and it processed, so he opened his mouth and began...

"You are--"

"Maxwell," Wufei interrupted, appearing beside the psychotic Japanese pilot, "what is the matter with you? You've been acting strangely since dinner ended!"

"Yes," Quatre nodded with much concern reflecting in his expressive teal-blue eyes. "Is there something wrong, Duo?" Trowa stayed quiet, but his eyes DID repeat Quatre's question quite clearly.

"Well," Duo drawled with a weak grin, "I'm very. VERY... allergic to chocolate." He winced at his fellow pilots unbelieving looks. "Right now all of my hyper-energy is going into making sure dinner doesn't come up and say hello. Sudden movements not only make me extremely dizzy, but very... nauseous..." As if making a point, Duo suddenly held his stomach and turned a bit green, his animated eyes glazing slightly. "Ohhhh... that was bad..."

Quatre gave him a look of mixed curiosity and worry. "That's an odd allergic reaction. I always thought one broke out with rashes or pimples if they were allergic to chocolate."

Duo shook his head slightly, grimacing as the motion made his stomach twist and dizziness obscured his normally excellent vision. "Nah, that's just the most common allergic reaction. I used to know this guy that could eat any chocolate but Cocoa Puffs." Quatre blinked, but the others managed to keep a straight face. "He'd have the same reaction as me."

"If you're allergic," Wufei grounded out thinly, "then why the hell didn't you tell us?!" Duo gave the Chinese pilot an irritated look.

"Would you have believed me, Mr. Women-Are-Weak-You're-Acting-Like-A-Weak-Woman-You-Know-You-Want-It Chang Wu-bear? Even if I'm allergic, chocolate is my weak spot. That and strawberries. Tempt me long enough and I'm chowing down on the one food that makes me sick!" Nothing else said, the braided Deathscythe pilot oh-so-slowly pushed himself from his seat, his expression tightening with the internal strain of keeping his lunch from coming by for an early visit. For a second he just stood there, looking slightly dazed, before it happened.

Now, let us --author to reader/s-- make one thing perfectly clear. The author loves Wu-bear to death; he's just soooo adorable to annoy! So the author likes to torture Wu-kitty and put him in uncomfortable and embarrassing positions. It's not only fun, but she does it to show her appreciation of the Chinese pilot (which is a pretty screwed way of showing someone they care ^.^). So you can imagine the great delight the author had when Duo last his lunch all over China-boy.


"Eheheheh.... Aa, gomen nasai, Wu." Lower, sounding oddly pleased and relieved, Duo added, "I'm feeling much better, though..." /Hah! Kis-a- ma ass, Wu-man!/

Oops. The author made a bad. Saa, there went a nice pair of starch white shirt and pants... Pity. But, oh, the power of controlling such an event feels so totally wicked...