Soldiers' Elegy

You may ask me, Father,
Why I'm so full of gloom.
Five boys who stole my heart,
will be joining you soon.

When I think about them now,
I just break down and cry.
I'd say I'll forget them someday,
but that would be a lie.

The first one was a hero,
God bless his martyred soul.
It is for him most loudly
the paen bell does toll.

The second was the bringer
of grim mortality.
His happy thoughts ne'er lingered
in our reality.

The third, he was so quiet,
I never knew him well.
His green eyes glowed with justice
and kindness, I could tell.

The fourth was sweet as sugar,
and bright as desert sun.
His kind and gentle soul
all hate could overcome.

The fifth one , like a tiger,
with honor, strength, and pride,
he could never in his life
allow himself to run and hide.

So you'll know them when you see them,
this motley crew of five,
Though I hope against all hopes,
I know they won't survive.

I miss their stone-faced silence
and sweet, melodic laughter.
How can I accept the fact
that they're gone forever-after?

I try not to think about it,
But I know it must be true.
Ask them to wait, dear Father,
For I am coming too.


Soldiers' Elegy 11\19