Title: To the core 2a/?
Warnings: shounen ai, sap
Pairing: 2+1
Rating: uh…Pg?
C&C: please?
Archive: nope
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Comments: Duo POV after he goes to the hospital




Duo pushed open the door to Heero's hospital room carefully, not quite sure what to expect. Near the center of the room a small bed stood, surrounded by masses of equipment. Pulling up a chair, Duo sat softly beside Heero. The room was totally silent, except for the monotonous beeping of Heero's heart monitor. Duo gazed down at his friend. Heero looked different at that moment than any other time Duo had seen him, his face not wearing the cold visage it had so often worn. His eyes were shut softly, his lips slightly parted as he slept, he looked……..


Duo turned his attention to the blood-soaked bandages wrapped around Heero's wrist. He gently peeled it back to look at the wounds. There were long, multiple gashes, so obviously self-inflicted. After carefully laying down the bandage again, he lifted Heero's other limp arm. At his wrist the were lines of scarred tissue, cuts that had been made at different times over the past few months. Duo's gaze dropped from the wrist. He felt the lump in his throat rise again, as he felt a throb of guilt and sorrow for letting this happen.

[Heero…..just come back to me…you have so much to live for……..]

Duo took Heero's hand in his. He felt the warm tears behind his eyes again, tears he should have cried a long time ago. He had been through so much in his life, so much grief and loss…..

[..But I'd live it all again…. just for you to come back, Heero……]

Warm tears ran down his face. Duo felt so weak, he had always been in control of his life, always had control of his emotions. He cursed himself for not ever telling Heero how he felt, now he may never have the chance…….

[I guess this may be my last chance….]

Duo bit back on his lip, looking at his fallen comrade. He took Heero's hand in his, squeezing it gently.

"Heero…..i, ah….i don't know if you can hear me, but……i…..just needed to tell you something………"

Even though he knew Heero couldn't hear him, he had a hard time saying those words that he himself had never heard from another person.

"Heero…You're my best friend….even when you didn't need me, I've always been here, by your side…I'll always be by your side, I just need you to come back to me. We'll work through this together, I promise. Heero, I………."