Title: To the core 1/?
Warnings: shounen ai, sap, a little dark
Pairing: 2+1, 3+4
Rating: uh…Pg?
Archive: nope
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue
Comments: This is from duo's POV and takes place a few days after the prologue


Duo bit his lip in frustration. His hands trembled slightly as he folded his clothing and jammed it into his suitcase. Quatre's words still rang in his ears as he held back warm tears that threatened to pour down his face.

[Boys don't cry…….]

// "Heero's in the hospital….his wrist is cut open……//

Quatre's voice sounded so urgent……he and trowa had received the call earlier that day and took the first flight they could to L1. Duo couldn't help but wonder what had happened, if Heero had been trying to kill himself…No. He pushed that thought from his mind.

[Heero wouldn't actually do that……]

Duo tried to convince himself of this, but the thought still lingered in his mind.

[If Heero dies I………..]

A tear rolled down the side of his cheek.

[Don't leave me……..]


Duo stepped into the waiting room of the crowded hospital. He immediately saw Quatre, who ran to him and embraced him tightly. Heero had already been in hospital for a day, and by the look of Quatre's face, he had been awake since he had arrived. Dark circles seemed to glow on the beautiful boy's translucent skin. Wufei sat beside trowa in the waiting room seats. Despite trying to hide it, it was obvious Wufei was as worried as the others.

Quatre pulled Duo aside gently, and said in a grave tone, "Heero…he tried to commit suicide….he.." at that point Quatre's eyes began to overflow with tears, and Trowa rushed to comfort him.

Duo nodded to them, a lump forming in his throat, he found himself unable to say anything. He turned to walk to the front desk, and asked about his friend.

"I'm sorry, he cannot accept any visitors at this point in time, but we'll send one of his doctors to speak with you soon.."


The doctor informed them that the wounds had been self-inflicted and that he was showing signs of depression. He was in the critical care unit, and unconscious, but the doctor informed them that they could go into his room if they wanted.

Duo stared at the worn statements on his friends face, "You guys can head back to the hotel, I'll give you a call if anything changes."

Quatre nodded and reluctantly said, "okay….and Duo….I'm sorry, I know he means a lot to you…."

With that the others turned and left.

[More than you'll ever know……..]