Title: To the core - Prologue
Warnings: shounen ai, a little sap, maybe a bit dark later on
Pairing: 3+4 implied, but mainly 1x2 later on
Rating: well…General I guess
Archive: nope
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue
Comments: This is just a little lead up to the actual story. It takes place after the war and hero is a little depressive…..


The dark haired boy walked down the crowded sidewalks of an L1 marketplace. People around him were moving very swiftly, caught up in their own chores, their eyes never lingering on the lithe figure that strolled through the crowd. That's how it always was for him, he always felt invisible. Until now he had never minded, he wanted it that way, but now everything was different.

It hadn't been long since the war had ended, not quite six months, but Heero felt the effects with every passing day. He had been a soldier, raised with the sole purpose of fighting, but now that there was peace he was merely a lost soul. The boy passed through the marketplace, then sat at a park bench. He had fought for peace, night and day he has put all his strength into achieving the seemingly unattainable. Never once had he though about what he would do once it was achieved.

He, along with a handful of others, had won the war, yet there wasn't a person around him that could remember his name. There wasn't any room in this world for the perfect soldier, and here wasn't any room in him for the man the world wanted. He sighed reminiscing about the times that had passed. He was only sixteen yet he felt his life had already been lived.

He remembered the person he used to be, any in most ways still was. Cold and uncaring, only concerned about his goal. There were only a few people who put up with him, and only two who really called him a friend.

One of those two people were Relena. During the war he had thought of Relena as a spoilt rich-girl, with way too much time on her hands. He had never really valued the friendship she had offered. Over the last months she had continually e-mailed him, but he had never replied. She was so stubborn, yet in some ways like himself. She loved him as a brother and had worried when he didn't reply, but never gave up contact.

[I wasn't much of a man, and even less of a friend…..]

The other was Duo Maxwell, a fellow pilot during the war. Duo had always confused him. He and Duo had shared similar pasts, neither had known their real parents and had suffered great losses, yet Duo was so unlike him, his polar opposite. Always cheerful with a wry sense of humor, Duo had surprised Heero by offering friendship. Heero had ignored him, seeing him as a nuisance. Heero smirked, remembering the pilot's constant running-mouth, which had gotten him into trouble many times.

After the war, he and the other pilots had gone their separate ways. He had received a few e-mails from Wufei telling him about `That stupid Onna Sally' and how he had joined the preventers. He had also been contacted by Quatre and Trowa, who were living at one of Quatres many Estates. He had always felt a strange pang of jealousy when he thought of the bond the two of them shared.

No matter what he did, his thoughts always drifted back to the violet-eyed pilot…..

//six months ago…….

"First call for passengers to L1, proceed to docking bay C7 now"

Heero stood with his suitcase, about to proceed to the docking bay for his flight to L1. He had said his farewells to Quatre, Trowa and Wufei already. Quatre had cried and made him promise to keep in touch and visit soon, then they had left. Duo hadn't shown up yet. Lifting the suitcase in his hand, he turned to leave when he heard loud footsteps behind him.

[If it's loud it has to be duo…he can't do anything quietly…]

He turned to face his friend, who was panting, his face flushed. Duo's lips parted in a half grin.

"Oi Heero!" he said breathlessly, "wouldn't leave without saying bye to me wouldja?"

Heero nodded to him, and waved with one hand, his way of saying goodbye. Duo shifted on his feet awkwardly, before suddenly giving Heero a tight embrace. Heero stood motionless, as Duo pulled back, blushing furiously.

"Um…uh, do you really have to go? I mean we could have fun here on Earth now that we don't have any missions or anything.. We could, like, go to school or somethin', well, not that that's fun or anything-" Duo continued to ramble in his usual fashion, still blushing and not quite making eye contact with him. Heero shook his head no.

"Well, keep in touch okay Heero?" Duo said solemnly, "really….I'll see you again soon okay?"


Heero turned as Duo waved goodbye to him. As he boarded the shuttle he couldn't help but feel he had just lost something important….//