Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Pairing: 2x1
Parts: 1/1




Heero stood in the door leading from the second floor bedroom he and Duo shared to the balcony. His attention was kept firmly in place by the site of his koibito lying on his back on a blanket bathed in the crimson hue of the setting sun.

The great solar orb hung above the horizon bright and fiery like a blood red Dragon's eye. Scarlet bands of color blazed across the evening sky casting their tint over Duo's fair face. His chestnut hair was even more bronze, more the shade of spun cinnamon.

Duo had undone his braid allowing the wispy tresses to flow over his shoulders spreading over the blanket like silky waves of rosy satin. His eyes were closed and a serene smile curled, ever so slightly, at his mouth's corners.

Heero had slipped on only a pair of soft cotton lounging pants after his shower. His skin's golden tan also took on a burnished gleam as the sunset's tint shone on his still moist muscular chest.

Quietly he stepped out onto the balcony. He did not want to disturb Duo, do nothing to break the peaceful spell of approaching twilight. Kneeling beside his soul mate, Heero paused, once more, drinking in the beautiful Boy stretched out in perfect pose of contentment.

A saucy smile poised on Heero's lips as he envisioned his koi devoid of his clothing, his creamy skin blushed by the waning sun's ruddy kiss. The smile widened in delight as Heero's quite lusty visualization of Duo's natural condition traveled his full length taking in each fair feature in turn.

"Something needs to be done about those clothes interfering with my imagination." Heero told himself as he eased down on the floor.

He leaned over blowing gentle on Duo's face to get his attention. The hiss of air feathered Duo's bang's stray stands tickling over his closed eyelids. Slowly they opened revealing the deepest liquid violet eyes Heero had ever seen.

A pleased smile flowed over Duo's lips at the sight of his lover looking down at him. A gentle breeze stirred feathering wisps of Heero's lengthy bangs across his narrowed cobalt centers of sight.

"Hey there." Duo sighed breathing in Heero's shower fresh scent wafting on the light wind.

Heero tiled back on his elbows observing the breathtaking panorama of reds and pinks and purples painting the skyline. The sunset blazed. Concentrated in the center, its bars of color spread out on either side until thin stripes of tinted clouds fluffed at both ends.

"Beautiful." Duo whispered as the horizon began to waver with a magical mirage of shimmering heat distorting the junction between earth and sky.

"Yes, beautiful." Heero agreed looking directly into the reflective hues captured in Duo's widened pupils.

Realizing Heero was no longer referring to the sunset's light show, Duo's own blush at Yuy's attention brightened the waning ray's influence on his high cheekbones.

Then, as the last of the corona's fiery aura flared out in dazzling spikes piercing the heavens, the uppermost curve of the solar giant slipped from sight.

Duo sighed reaching up to stroke Heero's cheek, "Another day over."

"Yes, but now we have the night." Zero's Master proclaimed lowering his head until his opened mouth met Duo's inviting lips.

The beautiful American boy encircled his arms about Heero's neck pulling him down into an anxious embrace. His lips parted allowing Heero's tongue free range. Soon Duo's tongue joined in the swirling and tasting. Muffled moans rose in pitch as Heero's straining erection rubbed against Maxwell's equally firm groin.

Tingling waves flowed ebbing and spiking like electrical currents with each movement as Heero's hips grounded harder. Duo's hands wandered over Yuy's muscular back as it rippled teasingly under his flat palms.

Duo broke the demanding kiss long enough to issue short, to the point, orders. "Clothes. Off." he panted fumbling with the button on Heero's pants.

In turn the Japanese Pilot tugged Duo's shirttail loose quickly pulling the freed garment over Duo's head. Another flawless motion quickly divested Duo of his pants as well.

Now the delightful feel of skin on skin turned the electrified currents into a hot fusion that threatened a total meltdown.

With practiced ease Heero soon had himself and Duo in the completely natural state he had earlier longed for. Now nothing came between their throbbing erections.

Again Heero captured his koi's willing mouth then trailed licks and kisses down Duo's collarbone continuing the downward assault to his shoulder before reaching one taut nipple. More alternating sucks and nibbles brought an entirely new range of noises from Duo.

Duo tangled his fingers in Heero's hair making him spend a more time on first one side then the other until both nubs were so hard they ached. Satisfied he had fulfilled Phase One of "Operation: Conquer Duo" the Perfect Soldier moved on to Phase Two.

Running his tongue in a straight line not wanted any wasted movement, Heero stopped briefly at Duo's navel. He licked around the indention in ever widening circles then blew softly to cool the dampened skin sending a wonderful shiver through his lover's body.

Duo's reaction produced an almost wicked smile. An equally lustful gleam flickered in Yuy's eyes. One hand kept to its manipulation of Duo's chest and stomach. One knee slipped between Duo's legs applying firm yet gentle pressure at the junction of his thighs.

Duo drew in a catching breath arching his back as Heero's other hand closed around his quivering arousal. "OH HEERO!" he cried out as wave as tantalizing wave coursed through his quaking limbs.

Then when Duo thought Heero's grasp would send his over the edge, his precious partner's mouth engulfed his erection's entire length. With smooth strokes Heero's lips worked their way from base to tip then repeated the process with patient precision. About every third round trip, Heero would rub his tongue over the penis' tip already wet with excitement relishing the delicious taste.

This extra attention provoked another shuddering wave. Now Duo panted and moaned unable to voice any words much less form any coherent thoughts. End Phase Two.

The hand teasing Duo's nipples slid around his waist moving downward until it found Duo's wiggling buttocks as he thrust and rocked encouraging Heero to take in every inch his painfully enlarged length.

Now Heero had Duo pinned using his bottom hold and his body to keep his lover in the desire placement for Phase Three.

Two bodies glistened with sweat as ebony twilight crept over like a comforting blanket. One by one tiny pinpoints of starry brilliance burst from the astral canopy.

"Heero please love me now." Duo breathed out the plea as his entire body caught fire.

Passion flow in his veins. Blood rushed from his head further adding to Duo's lightheadedness. The racing blood gathered in his aching member causing it to throb in Heero's mouth.

"Oh Heero, I'm going to come!" Duo exclaimed feeling the gathering rush.

Heero slowly let Duo's quivering length slip from his mouth using his tongue in one last teasing motion as he flickered it over the tip.

"Not yet my sweet lover." Heero cooed eliciting another low moan.

"Please." Duo begged unashamedly.

Heero leaned over crushing Duo's lips with one final bruising kiss. His hot breath beat in short pants against Duo's face. "What do you want?" he hissed.

"You." Duo answered with barely enough strength to whisper the single word.

"When?" Zero's Master inquired not quite ready to stop the teasing.

Duo closed his eyes to stop the spinning as the stars swirled overhead mingling and merging with the white light exploding in his brain.

"Now." Duo pleaded spreading his legs wide completely surrendering himself and his heart to his kiobito.

As Heero stoked the inside of Duo's legs with one hand, the other fished out a silver tube from his pant's pocket.

"You planned this all along." Duo stated between labored intakes of air.

"I never began a mission without being prepared for every possible contingency." Heero replied squeezing a generous amount of lube in his hand.

Duo didn't think he could become anymore stimulated or, if he did, he would surly faint away from the sheer ecstasy.

But watching as Heero coating his twitching member in measured strokes, hearing the loud moans the actions were generating, drove Duo's overwhelmed senses to new height threatening to cause him to pass out then and there.

Heero could see the lascivious longing in Duo's eyes. He sensed every ounce of raw carnal appetite as Duo's cravings were quite apparent.

With only lover's sounds passing between them, Heero pressed one slick finger pass Duo's tight anal ring. Duo pushed back against the delightful sensation. Heero added a second, and then a third guiding the last of the probing digits to the one spot he knew would drive Duo into pure pleasure.

Duo stiffing as the fingers hit that certain mark. He bucked lifting his hips higher to prolong the mind-blowing feeling. "Yes, there." he panted bucking once more.

Heero display that same mischievous grin, "You know I never miss my target."

Without further preparation Heero withdrew his fingers centering his hardened shaft against the stretched opening. Applying steady pressure he slid inside so gradually Duo swore Heero's member was twice as long as he remembered.

Finally he was fully sheathed in Duo's tight heat. With metered stokes Duo's lover thrust in and out. Duo wrapped his slender legs around Heero's waist meeting each thrust as if he couldn't get enough of his koi.

Knowing he didn't have much control left, Heero increased the powerful strokes kindling a torrid current deep inside his soul mate. Duo draped his arms over Heero's shoulders sitting up driving Heero further into him than he believed possible.

"NOW! HEERO!" Duo screamed pushing down as hard as he could.

The friction on Duo's election trapped between their moist bodies brought him to the brink.

Hot seed spilled from the tip, the creamy ejected fluid bathing his and Heero's stomach.

Duo's coming caused him to rear back tighten every muscle at once.

The contraction was all that was needed to also push Heero over the edge plunging him into sparkling starburst. Heero gritted his teeth, straightened sharply and let go of his failing control.

He screamed out his lover's name the passion-shout being carried on the chilled night breezes until the stars heard the cry. His seed filled Duo claiming him once more.

Holding Duo as close as physically possible, Heero gently kissed Duo's forehead as his sated koi rested limply in his embrace. Reluctantly Heero lifted Duo enough to allow him to pull out. A low moan from Duo expressed the emptiness as Heero withdrew.

Still holding Duo, the Japanese boy laid down cuddling his sweet lover. He reached over pulling the blanket over their trembling bodies. Duo shifted curling into the Heero curved frame.

Duo turned his head, his chestnut bangs tickling over Heero's chin. He gazed up at the twinkling stars as a faint tint of moonlight touched the skyline.

"Beautiful." Duo repeated his earlier assessment of the heavenly display. "First the sunset now the moonrise." he whispered snuggling closer.

Heero tightened his embrace, "As beautiful as all the natural elements can be nothing is more perfect than our love." He stated with certainty.

Duo's only answer with a soft sigh as he gave into a most wonderful exhaustion. "I love you." he whispered taking Heero's hand.

"I love you, Duo Maxwell." Heero sincerely replied.

Under the moon's watchful "eye of heaven" two lovers drifted into a contented sleep knowing nothing on earth or in the heavens above would ever keep them apart.

SUNSET--Karen Hickman--April 2001