Title Subtle Seduction
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Category: ficlet.
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: Duo being naughty
Part: 1/1
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Authors's Note: Hello. Here is a ficlet that was inspired as I studied the candy section in the checkout line at Wal-Mart. It is short but ever so sweet. Please enjoy your reading. Take care. Hugs, Karen, The Huntress.

Subtle Seduction
by KarenHickman

Heero's POV:

Duo Maxwell is cunning. Whether his enticing behavior just comes naturally or it is a contrived plan, Duo is very talented at the art of seduction. Case in point...Friday evening.

Duo and I were the only ones home. Quatre and Trowa had gone out to dinner and Wufei had second shift duty at Preventer. After an evening meal of reheated leftovers Duo decided to take a shower while I tidied up the kitchen.

Seated in the den I was surfing through the limited choices of cable channels when Duo sauntered into the room. He was dressed in skimpy shorts that showed off every inch of his long, lean legs and amply accentuated his trim rear end.

A snug fitting sleeveless tee shirt with "FEAR ME" printed across the front rippled over his firm chest and flat abdomen. In addition the extra hours that Duo put into his weight training was abundantly evident in his bulging biceps.

Duo flickered a hint of a smile as he sat down cross-legged on the sofa opposite my position in the recliner. He had loosely braided his damp hair. Wisps of the cinnamon tresses feathered around his creeks while silky bangs veiled his violet eyes in a most mysterious manner.

As if Duo's revealing outfit was not enough distraction, he was now employing his favorite cherry flavored lollipop in an obviously well planned stratagem. First he opened his mouth slightly then slowly pushed the candy between his crimson-tinted lips. His fingers twirled the stick as he made sucking noises before the delicious delicacy was extracted with a soft, sensual "pop".

Stealing secret glances at Duo's sexy candy consumption I asked the sweet treat's name. "Super Blow Pop." he replied running his tongue over his sticky lips.

{Damn why I am suddenly having so much trouble ignoring the word "blow"?}

Next his tongue slithered around the ruby ball in a bout of licking accented with deliberately overdone slurping sounds. Then the entire crafty process was repeated as he pretended to watch the seven o'clock news broadcast.

Between the scanty clothing, the luscious licking and the sucking sounds I found myself being drawn further into Duo's provocative game. Now Duo not only dealt each hand but also was trumping me at every turn.

"Want a taste?" he inquired huskily offering the slick sucker.

My mind gave in folding my final hand, *That sucker is not the only thing I want to taste.*

"N...no thanks." I stammered in spite of my best efforts to appear cool and collected.

Duo shrugged, drew up his legs so that a single strip of threadbare cloth was all that covered his crotch and returned to his blatantly alluring behavior. "Mmmmm." he hummed letting it be known that the game was not over.

I couldn't help but wiggle as my pants became tight with uncomfortable pressure. "I think I'll take a shower." I announced as I stood up and turned sideways to hide the prominent bulge that betrayed my body's acute stimulation.

Making no attempt to avert his erotic eyes from my clearly displayed sexual excitement Duo let a sly grin grace his invitingly sweetened lips. "Need help?" he cooed.

All I could do was nod my head "yes" as all my willpower came crashing down in total defeat. Make no mistake Duo Maxwell might be devious but his trickery does manifest itself in a lustfully wonderful way.

Subtle Seduction--Karen Hickman--June 2003