Title: Strangers In The Night.
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters.
Pairng: 1x2
Warning: None as such, no Lemon, some petting.





Strangers in the night, exchanging glances.

Wondering in the night what were the chances,

They'd be sharing love before the night was through.


The Gundam Pilots sat around a large table for the post-mission debriefing. But Heero Yuy was only hearing about half of what was being discussed. His sight and his mind was occupied with watching the Deathscythe Pilot seated to his left.

Heero studied the beautiful Boys' profile. The way the overhead lights danced on his chestnut hair's long braid as it brushed along his back when Duo moved his head. Every line from high cheekbones curving under the widest eyes he had ever seen to the way his nose turned up at the end.

The Gundam Pilots hadn't been together long. This had been their third mission as a team. But something about that slightly insane American who called himself Shinigami, had captured Heero's interest the first time they were introduced.

Duo must have felt Heero's eyes as they surveyed every inch of his fine features from head to as far as his seated position would allow. Too bad the tabletop cut off Heero's viewing of Maxwell's lower half that could only be described as excellent.

Slowly Duo turned his head letting his liquid violet eyes rest on Yuy's face then offered an shy grin so subtile no one but Heero took notice. Heero couldn't help the small smile that automatically turned up his mouth's corners. "Yes." Yuy thought to himself, "I have to get to know this Duo Maxwell better."


Strangers in the night, two lonely people,

They were strangers in the night.

Little did they know, when they said their first "hello",

Love would be one chance away, a warm inviting glance away.


After the meeting Heero lagged behind waiting until 02 was alone. Again Duo let the warm smile grace his face seeming pleased by Yuy's attention.

"Want to go get some coffee or something?" Heero asked with unusual nervousness.

"Sure, why not." Duo answered.

Heero, this time, didn't try to hide his happy smile as they walked to the car.

Heero didn't say much as they drove into the city. The streetlights again gleamed over Duo's hair and face making it hard for the Zero Pilot to concentrate on his driving.

They entered a small cafe and took a booth against the far wall facing each other. After coffee and strawberry Danish, Duo's favorite, was served they settled into light conversation.

Duo told an abbreviated version of how he had become Deathscythe's Pilot. Heero didn't offer much information, he never was comfortable talking about himself.

In fact Heero was having a rough time thinking at all much less talking. At one point Duo changed positions. As he leaned forward his knee touched, ever-so-lightly against Heero's leg. A thousand electrical pinpoints raced upward ending in a warm tingling in Yuy's crotch.

An hour passed, more coffee, more conversation. Two hours.

"Sorry but it is almost closing time." the waitress announced.

Duo leaned on the car door pausing before taking a seat, "I don't want to go back yet." he declared, "Could we ride around for awhile?"

Heero was more than happy to comply with the beautiful Boy's request.

They drove from the city leaving behind the harsh lights and noise. Now it was moonlight shimmering on Duo's hair as he leaned his head back closing his eyes with a soft sigh.

Sliver rays, filtering through the trees, gave Duo's face a glow. Unable to resist, Heero reached over letting he hand rest lightly on Duo's. Deathscythe's Master flinched at the unexpected contact but did not remove his hand from Heero's entwining his fingers instead.

Duo straightened locking his gaze on Heero, "Pull over."

Before the car rolled to a complete stop Duo leaned forward his mouth stopping inches short of Heero's lips. "You seemed quite interested in something during the debriefing," he whispered, "Want to tell me what it was?" he leaned nearer letting his lips brush Heero's slightly quivering chin.

Once more Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier, trained to handle any situation, could not have put two coherent words together if his life had depended upon the answer.

Duo lifted his fingertips tracing firm patterns along Heero's jaw line, following the curve until they left behind hot paths all the way done his neck. Sliding his thumb under Heero's chin he opened his mouth consuming Heero's lips entirely.

Heero's hand slipped over Duo's shoulder catching his braid as the gave in totally to the kiss. Then without thinking of what should or shouldn't be, he parted his lips inviting Duo's tongue inside wanting to taste the sweetness.


Something in your touch was so exciting,

Something in your kiss was so enticing,

Something in my heart told me I must have you.


Duo moved over until he straddled Heero's leg. Tightening his grip, Duo began to rub back and forth transferring the heat building between his legs to Heero's thigh. Pushing his knee against Heero's quickly hardening erection, Duo was rewarded with a soft moan as Heero pulled him closer.

The kiss broke as both anticipative lovers came up for air. "Duo." Heero panted barely able to whisper out loud, "Everything is happening so quickly. Are you sure this is what you want?"

Duo leaned back taking in Heero's flushed features, "It has not happened fast enough." Duo declared increasing the pressure between Heero's legs, "I have wanted this since the first time we met. I think you did, too." he stated.

"That is why you have been so protective in battle. Why you insisted you be assigned as my partner. You felt it, too." he finished brushing his lips on Yuy's once more.

Heero knew, from the beginning, something had been different. Duo was the first person who made him think about someone other than himself.

Made him ignore the cold detachment of his training. To put another person's welfare before his.

It was the first time he dared to believe it was possible to trust someone with his life and, most of all, with his heart and know that trust would not be forsaken.

Now he could identify the source, put a name to his strange, but wonderful, feelings. That name was Duo Maxwell. Heero had never considered this kind of relationship until that moment. Now anything else

would seem so out-of-place. Nothing else would be so perfect, so pure.

"I don't know if I can give you what you need." Heero admitted quickly becoming lost in the warmth and security of Duo's love.

"We don't have to rush." Duo promised, "We both need to take it slowly. Take our time so we can discover all the wondrous mysteries of our love.

We can wait until we are comfortable, ready to take the next step." he proclaimed snuggling into Heero's embrace, "And when that consummative time comes we will be able to fully share every moment, every heartbeat, in a true union of our bodies, minds and souls."


Ever since that night, we've been together,

Lovers at first sight, in love forever.


"I now confirm this blessed union" the Minister announced as the lovers took each other's hands and exchanged rings, "I hereby declare Duo and Heero partners for life. Eternally together. Forever."


It turned out so right for strangers in the night.


Strangers In The Night--Karen Hickman--January 2001