Title: Simple Devotion
Author: Karen, The Huntress
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Category: Romantic AU
Parting: 1x2
Warning: Yaoi--Lemon
Part: 1/1
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Author's Notes: Hello. Here is a story for Valentine's Day. Please enjoy your reading. Take care. Karen, The Huntress.

Simple Devotion
by Karen Hickman

It had been a hard year for Duo and Heero since the war ended. Difficulties in adjusting from conflict to peace had left them without a sure direction in their lives. Learning how to modify the warrior's mentality had proven to be the greatest challenge.

Ironically it had been the war that had brought Heero and Duo together. First colonial allegiance had forged an unexpected friendship then the craving for human contact, the seeking of someone else who understood their duty-bound isolation, caused them to become lovers. Now Heero and Duo shared more than just hormonal desire. Their lust had evolved into mutual respect and the proof of that love was the total commitment of their minds, bodies and spirits.

Both former Gundam pilots struggled to find their purpose in a world that no longer required their services. There were not many lucrative employment opportunities for soldiers who only knew how to fight.

Finally Duo found a job in a salvage yard and Heero used his computer skills to process claim forms for an insurance company. Neither job paid a decent salary but their combined incomes did allow them to rent a modest one-bedroom apartment and put food on the table. Their limited funds, however, did not leave much leftover for anything but the bare necessaries.

Someone once said that you can't live on love but Duo and Heero were determined to prove that negative adage wrong. With some inventive cash management it was possible for quality time not to be too expensive. They could cuddle on the sofa sharing popcorn while watching a romantic movie on basic cable television. Walks in the park were free and a single dip of chocolate ice cream was only a dollar. Add a quarter to the price and Duo could get sprinkles.

Heero did worry about his partner. Each weekday Duo had a long bus ride to and from work. His job was physically demanding and most evenings he would come home exhausted. Still he insisted on cooking dinner and helping with the housework. And although Heero made sure that Duo ate properly and was adamant that he got extra sleep on the weekends, Duo was too thin and dark circles dulled his stunning violet eyes.

But despite Duo's drained condition he never complained. He always offered Heero a bright smile in the morning and a warm hug when his lover came home at night. Duo could be tender, soothing Heero's soul with a simple caress or enkindle passion so hot that Heero begged for merciful release.

In spite of the toll that Duo's tragic childhood and the war had taken on his heart he still maintained an optimistic view of life. He freely laughed and cried baring his soul for the entire world to see. "Each day is a gift" Duo would say cheerfully then give Heero a kiss that would take his breath away.

Duo's positive attitude was remarkable, his selfless dedication was amazing and each day Heero fell more in love with his soul mate.


On Friday evening as Heero walked home after work he paused in front of the Four Seasons Flower and Gift Shop. It was February fourteenth and the store's window, decorated with shiny red hearts, displayed an intriguing variety of gifts for Valentine's Day.

A large banner attached to the window read: "Show your sweetheart how much you care. Long stem red roses $60.00 a dozen."

"Damn." Heero shook his head, "$60.00 is over half of our weekly budget." he declared realizing that such a pricey gift was totally out of his price range.


Heero knew that Valentine's Day was one of Duo's favorite holidays. He sighed as he remembered how during the war Duo had managed to find several sheets of red paper and had made a heart shaped Valentine for each of his fellow pilots. Heero smiled recalling how thrilled Quatre had been to receive Duo's simple card. Trowa actually grinned and Wufei had graciously accepted his present with a murmured arigato.

Duo didn't know it but Heero still had his special Valentine. Heero counted that faded heart with the frayed edges among his most cherished treasures. It was a symbol of Duo's purity of heart that even the war could not spoil.

Heero suddenly knew that he could not let the day end without buying something for his precious partner because Duo had never given up on their relationship even when it seemed that the whole world was against them.


"May I help you?" the sales women asked as Heero stepped up to the glass-topped display case.

"I would like to purchase a gift for Valentine's Day but I don't have much money to spend." Heero stated feeling frustrated that he could not afford the kind of gift that Duo deserved.

"What about a necklace?" she suggested pointing through the case's clear top at the jewelry.

Heero knew just by looking that his limited financial resources could not meet the price of even the lowest cost item. He shook his head "no". "How much for one red rose?" he inquired noticing the long stemmed scarlet flowers bunched in bundles of twelve.

Five dollars." the woman answered following Heero's gaze to the roses.

Heero dug into his pocket. He had fourteen dollars and some change. *I'll get my paycheck on Monday.* he thought to himself, *If I pack my lunch at home I can get by.* he continued his mental figuring.

"I'll take one red rose." Heero replied counting out the proper amount.

"This is for someone special." the woman commented as Heero's glowing expression left no doubt in her mind.

"Yes very special." Heero announced not bothering to hide his feelings.

In the last year Duo had worked a miracle. Heero had been transformed from a detached soldier who was certain that his life had no value outside of the mission to an independent person unencumbered by the demands of duty. Duo's steadfast fidelity had rescued Heero from his rigid training then with persistent patience Duo had taught Heero how to live with his newly found freedom

Duo's unwavering devotion was the sole reason for the miraculous metamorphosis. Duo Maxwell was Heero's lifeline, his friend and his lover and Heero was extremely grateful for every moment he shared with his soul mate.

The clerk carefully wrapped the rose's long stem in white tissue paper printed with red hearts and secured it with red satin ribbon. "Thank you." Heero said taking the rose.

"Have a good evening." the woman wished.

"I will." he declared knowing how happy Duo would be with his gift.


"Hey baby." Duo called. Heero paused to take off his shoes and set them next to Duo's scuffed work boots. The apartment was neat and wonderful aromas wafted from the kitchen.

Duo met Heero at the kitchen door, "I was beginning to wonder where you were."

"I needed to do something on my way home." Heero answered accepting Duo's welcome home kiss.

"Get washed up dinner is almost ready."

Heero took Duo's hand halting his return to the kitchen. "I have something for you." He held up the single red rose.

Duo eyed the rose with inquisitive interest, "What's this?"

"Happy Valentine's Day."

Duo shifted his surprised sight from the flower to Heero then back to his Valentine's gift. Opposite of the happy gleam Heero expected to see in his lover's widened eyes, tears pooled behind Duo's long eyelashes. Heero leaned closer as a teardrop spilled over the lashes and ran down Duo's pale cheek.

"What's wrong?" Heero said reaching to wipe away the salty moisture. The last thing he wanted to do was make Duo cry.

Duo locked his watery eyes on Heero and sniffled, "I don't have anything for you."

Wrapping his arms around Duo and pulling him near Heero rubbed his partner's back. "I didn't do this to upset you." Heero placed his thumb under Duo's chin lifting his head until he could gaze into Duo's glistening violet eyes. "You being here with me is all I need. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you do for me. Please don't cry."

Duo shook his head, "I'm sorry, I....."

"Shhhh." Heero whispered tenderly kissing Duo's damp cheek, "I will make you a deal. You accept my Valentine's gift now and you can to something for me in our bed tonight." Heero issued the invitation for a passion session.

A smiled poised on Duo's lips and the gleam Heero longed to see shone through. "It's a deal." Duo agreed taking the rose. He breathed in its fresh scent. "Thank you my love." he whispered proving his pleasure with a deep kiss.


The red rose kept safe in a wine bottle used as a makeshift vase sat on the bedside table. Pale shafts of moonbeams bathed the lover's in a light as pure as their love. Duo, his loose hair cascading over his pillow, rocked beneath his lover. His legs curled around Heero's waist and his arms draped over Heero's strong shoulders. Duo arched his back meeting each centered thrust as Heero put all his energy into taking him and his soul mate as high as they could go. Whimpered moans fueled by pure sexual joy filled the bedroom.

"Oh...Heero...yes...yes." Duo panted, his approaching climax encouraged by Heero's stroking of his rigid manhood. "Now lover." he pleaded as a shiver tingled through his groin.

Heero threw back his head, gritted his teeth and delivered a single thrust that hit Duo's prostate right on target. A hard breath caught in Duo's throat as Heero's masterful manipulations triggered his forceful ejaculation. Heero, shuddering from his own explosive orgasm, followed his lover into the afterglow.

Heero's softening member, still sheathed in Duo's wet anal heat, continued to pump as he struggled to catch his breath. Duo pushed back damp bangs from Heero's eyes gazing tenderly into their haunting cobalt depths. "I love you."

Heero smiled down at the only person he would ever love. "I love you more than anything else in my life." he affirmed his total commitment.

Easing out Heero laid down beside his breathtakingly beautiful lover, "Someday I am going to buy you a thousand roses." he promised wanting Duo to know how much he did indeed love him.

Duo smiled snuggling against Heero chest. "Even a thousand roses would not be as precious as this one rose is to me." he replied nodding to the crimson flower...the simple symbol of Heero's devotion.

Simple Devotion--Karen Hickman--February 2003

Thank you for reading!!