Title: Shower Scene
Author: Karen, The Huntress hickman@rockbridge.net
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Category: ficlet
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: Yaoi---Lemon
Part: 1/1
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Shower Scene

Sequel to Subtle Seduction


Duo's POV:

Alone in the house with Heero I decided to take advantage of the rare opportunity. At first I was not certain if my subtle seduction was working. Sure my outfit or lack of it had been carefully selected for the "shock value" but would it backfire?

Would Heero be annoyed by my shameless display or would showing off my assets be worth the risk? And the lollipop...well...I will admit that was an afterthought. I have always liked sweets and cherry is my favorite flavor. I supposed the fates smiled on me tonight as I found the last Blow Pop in the stash I keep in the kitchen cabinet.

But judging by the way Heero keeps stealing glances each time I slurp and run my red-tinted tongue around the candy I must be doing something right.

"Damn but I'm good." I think to myself as Heero tries in vain to hide the tattletale bulge in his pants. And will wonders never cease Heero Yuy is stammering, too.

(Got him in my sights.)

"I think I'll take a shower." Heero declares with more than a hint of pent-up tension.

(What a delicious opportunity.)

"Need help?"

*What's wrong Heero, tongue-tied?* my mind asks but Heero's body is already signaling surrender as he nods "yes".

Bull's-eye...GAME OVER!

Before Heero has time to recover his voice or consider a hasty retreat I seal the bargain with a cherry flavored kiss. I slide my arms over Heero's strong shoulders and centered my body to produce just enough friction to shore up the tightness in his frontal region.

"Mmmmm." he moans as my equally tangy tongue slips inside his mouth to share the fruity taste.

Breaking the lip lock I leaned back to gaze into the bluest eyes that I have ever seen then I grab Heero's hand and guide him to the bathroom. Door locked, I move on to phase 2: The Shower Scene.

While Heero's adjusts the faucet's flow and checks the water temperature I assist him in removing his shirt. Steamy mist rises from behind the shower curtain but that is not the only thing that is rising as I free Heero's manhood from his pant's constricting confines. My turn and surprise I'm not wearing any underwear beneath my skimpy shorts. One step I figured I'd skip tonight.

I love the way the warm water beads on Heero's golden skin. It tracks down his muscular chest, over his flat stomach before it cascades across his very attractive lower anatomy. I swear I never get tired of looking at a physique that would rival Michelangelo's well-endowed statue of David.

I've bathed once tonight but I would gladly risk becoming waterlogged for the pleasure of sharing musky scented shower gel with Heero. Slick soapy hands explore every inch of two bodies engaged in frothy foreplay.

Heero braces his hands on the sweaty tiles presenting himself for the taking. I nudge my erection against his anal opening; he pushes back to meet my insistence prodding.

"Please. Now." he urges arching his back for better leverage.

My knees are weak and my manhood throbs in anticipation. Gently I push in, pause to let Heero adjust then continue until I am completely sheathed in his tight heat. There is no preamble, no breathy words whispered or pledges made. I pulled partly out then shove in hard and fast.

Heero grunts deep in his throat and stiffens as each centered thrust hits that certain spot that causes fireworks to explode behind your eyes. Now an almost frantic rhythm is set, an anxious hammering that is rapidly bringing both of us to a thunderous climax.

But I don't want this ecstasy to end. I want to become forever lost in the mutual pleasure shared unashamedly by people in love. I slow the pace holding back as best as I can. Heero wiggles his hips pleading for more and I can't deny his urgent request.

"Hold on lover." I growl close to his ear then without further warning I give him all that he wants.

I reach passed Heero's trembling body wrapping my hand around his quivering member. There is no time for gentle persuasion as I feel a tingle gather in my groin. One stroke from base to tip, one stroke down again. Heero hisses, shudders and releases his seed in a forceful ejaculation.

I come close behind as my manhood pumps out its creamy fluid. I can barely stand up but I try not to lean too heavily on Heero who is having as much trouble remaining upright. My breaths are ragged against his neck and my saturated braid sticks to my back adding additional weight to my already overloaded posture.

Reluctantly I pull out and straighten up enough to allow Heero to turn around. Resting his head on the wall his desire-glazed eyes show but a hint of cobalt blue. "Thank you Duo Maxwell, thank you for loving me."

I smile at the thankful declaration, "Thank you for letting me love you." I respond humbly then capture his lips for one lingering aftertaste of cherry.


Shower Scene---Karen Hickman---June 2003