Title: Shadow Mist
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Pairing: 1X2
Warning: YAOI--LEMON



Part One:

A lone figure leaned against the building's wall. The tall form had taken up the solitary position just around the corner to seek shelter from the steady evening breeze. It was early Spring and the days had begun to warm to a comfortable temperature but the nights still cooled down quickly with the sun's dusky disappearance.

Dressed in black boots studded with sliver, black leather pants that seemed to be painted onto his firm rear end and a matching black silky shirt the young man blended perfectly with the midnight shadows. He pulled on a black leather jacket also studded with silver ornamentations that enhanced the two silver earrings adorning is left earlobe.

The flame from a lighter momentarily illuminated a high cheekbone face as the man in his mid twenties lit a cigarette then the fire was extinguished returning the black clad man to the concealing darkness.

The red glow on the cigarette's end intensified. A slowly expelled wisp of smoke was caught by the chilled breeze causing it to swirl in a funnel fashion before melting away to nothing.

Peering from under chocolate bangs tousled about his tan face, the man took account of his private surroundings. Weather-faded newspaper, empty beer cans, shattered glass and several used condoms littered the alleyway.

Somewhere just beyond the area lit by the limited light filtering in from the street a small shape moved among the discarded trash. A low mew betrayed the vague outline as the stray street cat wandered along the alley's dim fringes.

"You had better find a warm place to sleep tonight." the man sent a mentally message to the passing feline, "Its going to be cold." he stated aloud taking another deep draw on the cigarette.

Once more the burning tobacco created a bright pinpoint of crimson in the narrow passage's gloom. One last pull and the cigarette was used up. The depleted butt was flicked across the way. It hit the opposite building exploding in a shower of sparks. The tiny propelled embers dissolved leaving no tint that they ever existed.

The cooler temperatures had kept down the volume of pedestrian traffic cutting into the young man's business. Not as many people meant not as many dates. This reduction in "sales" had cut into his profits but there wasn't much he could do about it. He was an equal opportunity server, female or male, it didn't matter as long as they had the money to pay.

Deciding that the late hour would offer no more revenue the lone figure stepped from his seclusion into the bright city lights and the ever-present noise of the streets.

Two females who shared his profession were also calling it a night. He nodded to the passing pair who gave him a good look from head to toe. He probably could have easily persuaded one of them to go home with him but he wasn't really in the mood. Besides the loving would not be real, the sex would hold no meaning except to give them a temporary release.

No tonight he would go home alone. His apartment wasn't fancy but it was clean and warm. His bed was his own and it didn't have to be shared with anyone.

Stuffing his hands in the tight pants pockets he could barely cover his fingers as the taut material that was a help in his business proved to be a hindrance in keeping his hands warm. Walking with his head high, his eyes continually surveyed the street in all directions. He knew that this turf belonged to a particularly tough street gang and they would sometime take exception to whores invading their territory.

Also there were more than a few ruffians who roamed the avenues looking for trouble. They had no aversions to relieving a person of their money or taking their life if they were in a certain mood. Then there were the drug addicts who stole to support their habits.

Drugs were where the young man drew the line. He had enough sense to know that to survive on the streets you needed a clear head and shape instincts. A drug-clouded brain was only asking for trouble.

The man did take some measure of security from the compact pistol tucked inside his jacket pocket. The weapon would be used only as a last resort but he did know how to accurately fired it and would not hesitate to employ its lethal power if necessary.

The youth's alert gaze picked out a slender form sitting on a bench at the bus stop. The person looked harmless enough but he knew that outward appearances could not always be counted on to reveal the truth of someone's intensions.

The slumped silhouette remained motionless. The form was definitely male despite his slim figure and a braid of chestnut hair that was so long the end couldn't be seen. From the distance observation the male appeared to be about the same age although it was hard to be sure as lengthy bangs curtained his face making it difficult to tell.

He sat with his arms braced on his knees. His hands were clearly visible and didn't seem to be hiding any weapons. His head was bent low as he studied his feet or the sidewalk or maybe nothing in particular.

The approaching man didn't really give any thought as to a reason for the person to be sitting alone so late at night. But in keeping with his policy of minding his own business the prostitute decided to pass on by.

Still there was sure evidence that this seemingly friendless male was out of his element. There was a certain degree of unguarded exposure in his body language. There was a vulnerability that could invite attention from the wrong people and in that part of town that could prove deadly.

Reconsidering his decision to move on without any notice, the black clad man stopped at a secure spot just in case he had misread his instincts. After all it had been a long night. He was cold and tied and perhaps his mind was not as fully aware as it should be.

Glancing at his watch the lighted digital numbers read 12:45 a.m., "Are you waiting for the bus?" he inquired raising his voice to be heard above the constant stream of traffic.

At the sound of the unexpected question the male's head snapped up. Even though the tangle tresses falling about his face still defied a sure estimation of his age, the startled male did appear to also be in his mid to early twenties.

But one feature that could not be hidden by the stray cinnamon spun stands were large expressive eyes that seemed to bore into one's mind to reach directly into your soul. Not only were the large orbs passionate in their sight but they were the oddest color. They weren't blue exactly or even a darker shade of related hues but were a brilliant shade of violet.

The surprised man was momentarily held spellbound by the seated male's overall appearance. Beautiful was the only word to describe the slender sitting before him and that word still was not strong enough in its descriptive powers to even come close to an accurate portrayal of his flawless beauty.

"What?" the lone male asked quickly. He visibly tensed as he had not been aware of the stranger until he spoke.

"If you are waiting for the bus you missed the last one about fifteen minutes ago." the young stranger informed.

The male stared a few moments giving the impression that the information was either confusing or he did not understand.

"Were you waiting for the bus?" the dark haired man asked once more.

"The bus?" Another pause. "No I wasn't." Came the answer at last.

The stranger moved a step closer now aware of how thin the young man was. How his odd violet eyes sunk into his head and how pale his skin was against his own black jacket that seemed too flimsy to keep the cold at bay.

"It might not be any of my business but you don't need to be sitting here alone at this time of night." the off duty streetwalker declared concerned for the fragile youth's safety.

"I'll be all right." the obviously weak man lied, "I just need to rest."

"This is not going to work." the "street-smart" man told himself. The self-debate continued. "I can't in all good conscience leave him here."

Trusting his instincts the man sat down on the bench. The braided youth straightened sharply scooting over clearly wanting to maintain a comfortable separation from the unfamiliar person.

Now there was an unmistakable trembling in the violet-eyed youth that stemmed more from a gut deep chill and lack of food than just a case of nervous tension. If left on his own the beautiful boy probably would not last the night.

"I know you don't know me." the strange stated the obvious, "but you can't stay out here. You are cold and something tells me it has been awhile since you have eaten. My apartment is a few blocks from here. Would you trust me to take you in for the night? I have plenty of food and I promise I won't touch you in any way."

The male's striking countenance was even more pleasing at such close range. It would have been so very easy to give into the physical stimulations the fetching youth produced but a promise was a promise. Maybe when he was fed and rested, maybe in the morning the prostitute would consider wooing the charming young man.

"Please come home with me." the black clad man pleaded not for his sake but out of genuine concern for the well being of the quivering youth.

A long moment passed between the two strangers. The icy breeze increased whipping around the pair. The braided male shivered again this time the hard shudder causing his entire body to jerk.

The unfriendly elements and the unfriendly streets finally convinced the lonely boy to accept the stranger's offer of sanctuary. "All right." he agreed his hoarse voice barely above a whisper.

Pushing up to stand the youth wobbled. His legs were stiff, numb with cold. Putting his excellent reflexes to good use, the black clad man reached out catching the tottering male around the waist. Once more the beautiful boy stiffened at the uneasy contact.

"I won't hurt you." the prostitute promised as he began to guide his newly found "stray" up the street to his apartment.

"My name is Heero." the stranger introduced himself as the trembling boy leaned against him for much needed support.

Those alluring violet eyes gazed up locking on Heero's face, "My name is Duo." he sighed as his strength all but gave out.

"We are almost there." Heero encouraged his new acquaintance to hold on a little longer.


Part Two:

Heero unlocked the door sliding his hands over the light switch. The apartment was small but surprisingly neat considering it was kept by a male. There was a front sitting area with a compact kitchen to the side. A door to the left lead to a bedroom and bath combination.

He didn't stop half-carrying the too thin boy until they reached the kitchen table. Heero was afraid that if he sat Duo down anywhere else he might not be able to get him up again to eat. Easing Duo's light weight into one of two chairs Heero held on wanting to make sure the braided boy was secure before letting his hand slip free.

Duo took a moment to survey not only the apartment but also the puzzling person who called it home. Heero's overall manner, his patterns of speech plus the well-kept condition of his living quarters were quite contradictory to his chosen profession.

There was clearly more to Heero than his street hardened outer shell. There was an air of education, of culture, that was mismatched with his life style. He was an enigma, a perplexing person, one that Duo found fascinating.

"Do you like soup?" Heero asked taking off his jacket and draping it over the other chair's back.

Duo nodded "yes" as he let his sight wander over the room. "This is nice." he commented the complementary words sounding a bit slurred.

"He is not well at all." Heero told himself pouring canned soup into a bowl and placing it in the microwave.

He went to the refrigerator taking out a half gallon of milk. "I am going to make you some hot chocolate." he declared not giving Duo any choice in the matter. "It will warm you up and you need the extra calories."

"That will be fine. Thank you."

By the time Heero mixed the milk with a goodly amount of chocolate syrup the soup was ready. Heero traded the soup for the mug of flavored milk and reset the microwave.

Adding a spoon he carefully set the steaming bowl before his guest. "Careful it's hot." he warned as the timer buzzed to tell him the milk had heated.

The equally steaming mug joined the soup. Then Heero took the seat on the opposite side.

Duo lifted a spoonful of vegetable soup to his lips, blew a few times to lower the temperature and cautiously sipped. After several more spoonfuls were treated in the same manner, the hot chocolate was tasted.

Duo wiped away a few drops stuck on his lips with a paper towel Heero had provided. No fancy napkins but job was accomplished nevertheless.

"This is good." Duo proclaimed taking another long drink.

Heero smiled, "Its not featured on some high-class restaurant menu but it will do what it is intended to do."

So Duo would not feel he was prying into his personal life Heero kept the conversation light. "I assume you are not from this part of the city." Heero stated not readily recognizing Duo's accent.

Duo finished the soup sitting back in his chair. "Actually I am a long way from my home." he replied but didn't offer any additional information.

Keeping with Heero's "none of his business" policy he didn't press for more details. It really didn't matter where the beautiful boy was from or where he was going. Right now all that mattered was that he was sitting at his table. That was all he needed then.

"I'm not going to insist on talking." Heero stated as he placed the empty bowl and mug in the sink. He would wash up later. For now he wanted to give his undivided attention to Duo.

Duo tried to force a smile but his body and his mind appeared too worn out to follow through. "I don't think I would be much of a conversationalist." he confessed with a slight sigh.

"That's all right." Heero smiled for both of them. "Come on let me take you to the bedroom. You are welcomed to take a shower. It would be another way to warm you up."

<"I can think of one more way to warm him up." Heero's mind declared.>

Quickly Heero pushed the thought out of his head. "Not tonight, I promised." he augured against his body's reaction to the sensual suggestion.

Heero kept a hand pressed lightly on the lower part of Duo's back not completely comfortable with letting Duo move about unaided.

That was still a halting gait in Duo's strides that told Heero he needed to sustain his watchfulness. The trip to the bedroom was short but even the brief bout of walking had a weakening effect.

"Do you think you can manage a shower?" Heero asked helping Duo take off his jacket.

Duo once again looked about figuring he still had enough strength to bathe. "Yes I think so."

Heero gathered fresh towels from the under the sink. "You are welcomed to use the shampoo and conditioner." he offered. "Take your time and don't worry about the hot water there is plenty."

Again Duo expressed his thanks to the stranger who, so far, had been a perfect gentleman.

Duo adjusted the water undoing his braid as the bathroom began to warm up from the steam. Carefully he stepped into the stinging spray relishing the way the water cascaded over his shoulders and down his chest.

He didn't know how long he stood there letting the pulsing droplets ease his chill and soothe his cold-cramped muscles. Soaping up a washcloth he began scrubbing the street grim from his arms.

Pausing in the cleansing Duo let the cloth linger on the tattoo of a cross permanently etched on the underside of his forearm. It was rather ornate in its composition. A flowering vine wound its way up the shaft splitting at the crosspiece to intertwine in either direction. But what made the decorative design unusual was that instead of the usual inky blue color the cross was done in bright scarlet.

Duo took a moment to ponder the holy symbol as the soapy film made it glisten in the overhead light. With a deep sigh he rubbed over the indelible pattern but he knew no amount of soap and water would wash it away.

He shampooed his hair following up with a generous amount of Green Tea conditioner as he knew from previous experience that it was the only way he would every get a comb through its hip length locks.

It took one towel to dry off and two more to mop the excess water from his hair. Catching his reflection in the mirror he hoped Heero had a comb he could borrow.

Duo couldn't help but wonder why Heero hadn't questioned the fact that he had no suitcase or other personal belonging. "I guess he figures I have a room or that they are in a locker somewhere." he reasoned then hoped he wouldn't have to explain why all he had was the clothes on his back and limited monetary resources.

<"You don't need anything more." Duo's inner voice declared. "You have all you desire.">

A soft knock at the bathroom door stirred Duo from his thoughts. He wrapped a towel around his waist. "Come in."

The door eased back, Heero's face peered through. "I thought you would like something to sleep in." he offered holding up a pair of lounging pants and a light blue tee shirt. "You look to be about my size, I'm sure they will fit."

"I'm sure they will. Again thank you for your kindness." It seemed that all Duo had done since arriving was thank his host but he was indeed grateful.

Heero opened the door wider and stood aside, "I turned down the bed. There is a comb and brush on the dresser. I would say they will be put to good use." he smiled noticing for the first time how long the boy's hair really was. "You hair didn't look that long in the braid." he added suddenly aware that he was staring.

Duo lowered his eyes somewhat embarrassed by the other man's interest even though it did seem innocent enough.

"You must have let your hair grow for some time."

"Yes a very long time." Duo agreed starting to comb out his bangs.

It didn't take long, however, before Duo's strength gave out. He would have to tackle the tangles in the morning because right then standing up was a challenge.

His first step toward the bed was shaky making Heero think Duo might need his help. The second came with a sturdier stride. Soon he was sitting on the side of the bed.

Total exhaustion threatened to overtake him as Duo slipped under the bed cover's inviting warmth. Easing his head on the pillow Duo allowed himself to relax.

"I will be on the sofa if you need me." Heero announced turning off the bedside lamp. The soft light shining through the bedroom door created a backwash aura silhouetting Heero's handsome profile.

"Good night." Heero wished turning to leave.

Duo raised up catching Heero's arm just before he stepped out of reach. Heero froze in place at the unexpected touch. He pivoted in place not sure what to do or how to answer the enticing look in Duo's exotic violet centers of sight.

But despite his surprise at the unanticipated contact Heero was not surprised that he did not want to leave. "Duo?" his husky voice asked for further explanation.

"Stay with me." Duo replied. The words were not spoken in desperation, Duo was not afraid to be alone. It was more of a request than a plea.

Heero hesitated reminding himself of his prior promise.

"Please." Duo whispered tightening his grip to emphasis his wish.

Suddenly Heero realized that what Duo wanted was making him uneasy. Normally that might not be unusual. After all Duo was basically a stranger and one doesn't usually crawl into bed with someone you don't know.

But that is what Heero did all the time. Any night would find him in the company of strangers except for a few regular customers he entertained from time to time. Why should this be different?

He knew the boy couldn't pay but he had brought Duo home without any form of proposition. In fact he had promised he would not touch the tempting youth.

Something nagged in the back of Heero's mind. His instincts were telling him that as appealing as making love to the beautiful boy might be he shouldn't cross that line. This time could better judgment overrule his bodily appetite? Could Heero say no?

Heero prepared to decline the offer. The boy was not well, that was as good an excuse as any. It was the truth. "Duo, I don't think......."

"Please." Came the impassioned plea once more as Duo's alluring eyes continued to bore straight into Heero's sensibilities until they were too dull and confused to speak to his mind anymore.

Now, it seemed, Heero moved not by his will but by some other commanding power. Duo pulled back the covers sliding over to make room for his invited lover to join him.

"Duo." Heero breathed out the name as those bewitching eyes captured him thoroughly. "I don't........."

"Shhh." Duo purred lightly touching Heero's cheek, "Everything will be all right."


Part Three:

"Everything will be all right."

The words seeped into Heero's mind in a muddled mingling of sense and sound. He not only heard the syllables but felt each reverberation echo inside his head.

It was as if a shadow had veiled over his perspicacity. Suddenly he couldn't think, couldn't move as he was held spellbound from the boy's touch.

And those eyes. Those odd violet orbs that seemed to darken to almost black in the limited light. Heero opened his mouth to speak but his voice had also lost its will to utter any objections.

The tactile sensations ran hot and cold at the same time. Fingertips burned on his skin only to then freeze the aroused nerve endings to debilitate him further.

Heero should have been able to be reciprocal by his very nature. His responses should have been automatic. He had always been able to detach his emotions from his carnal passions.

After all he was a professional, one expert at the art of illusion. He could make anyone believe they were the center of his universe at least for as long as it took to get the job done. He could tell them what they wanted to hear. Bring them to the edge and pushed them over without thinking or feeling.

If all they wanted was a fast release with no emotional strings attached he could do that, too. That was he job and he was good at it.

Now it seemed the tide had turned. Heero was not in control, not this time. He writhed under the focused assault of silky sound and feathery touch. Heero was lost and he could nothing to save himself from the fierce onslaught ravished on his body and soul.

Heero's arms automatically raised as Duo pull his shirt over his head. Those hands, the heated fingertips, caressed his bare chest leaving fiery tracks in their wake. Over and over again Duo's hands stroked threatening to ignite the smoldering trials into a full blown blaze.

Heero's breaths were ragged, his lungs seized as they fought to keep up with the frenzied pace. He couldn't catch his breathe, the lack of oxygen causing a dimness to slid over this sight.

Duo's mouth joined the sultry attack. Moist lips suckled over a taut nipple, a darting tongue lapped at sweat-dampened flesh tasting the secreted salt and the sensual essence of his enslaved lover. Then both skillfully employed agents mounted a joint strike completely fraying what small measure of control that remained.

A single question managed to forced its way through the shrouding curtain struggling weakly to the surface. Where had all this sudden strength come from? Minutes before the boy could hardly walk now he commanded every part of Heero's being.

It didn't make sense but then nothing had since his eyes first beheld the curiously perplexing young man. Heero was now becoming frightened. He no longer had a mastery over his own body.

Stranger still the boy was holding his sway without a single kiss. There had not been one kiss, not one meeting of lips or tongues. It seemed as though Duo was deliberately avoiding the kiss as if Heero might used it to suck away his strength. To rob him of his breath or whatever kept him alive.

Heero's mind was so occupied with that singular puzzlement that he gave no notice to being divested of his pants. It was not until his growing erection was freed did he realize that the next phase of the rape had begun. That is what this was. There was no mutual consent, no agreement. Duo was taking Heero and the claiming was totally without his permission.

Heero did not know when Duo had removed his own clothing. He now straddled Heero's waist as his equally aroused manhood prodded impatiently against his stomach.

Duo's face was mere inches from Heero's. His hot breath settled across his cheeks, his lips but still no kiss.

"You are mine. You were meant to be mine." Duo whispered huskily as his voice changed in pitch and tone.

Was Heero witnessing some eerie transformation or had his senses slipped beyond rational understanding? Through arousal-laden eyes Heero thought he saw, for one brief instant, a golden glow surround Duo.

Then an equally brief glimpse of shapes resembling wings unfolded from behind his back. Just as quickly the image changed. Black clouds boiled up, thick with anger, churning in a most terrifying display. Sparks flickered in the dense depths. The fair wings pure in their appearance were replaced by an ebony spreading more nearly resembling webbed flesh than feathers.

Heero's widened eyes met Duo's as they seared into his mind. Without any more control than he had over any other part of his being Heero was helpless to resist Duo's captivating gaze.

Now Duo's eyes were indeed as black as the raging storm clouds building in an encompassing bank. No optical illusion caused by the filtered light played a part in this frightening transformation. The changes were coming from within, defused from somewhere inside the deepest recesses of Duo's core.

"Oh....God........no" Heero cried out in choked gaps between stabbing breaths as hyperventilation began to take over.

A crocked smile formed on Duo's wet lips down dripping with a mixture of saliva flavored with Heero's salty perspiration and his own drooling anticipation. "God has nothing to do with this my love." he declared licking his lips with a quick swipe of his tongue.

"What are you doing to me?" The question was barely audible above the hissing of Heero's winded breathing.

"Only what you want." Came the unexpected reply as Duo closed his hand around Heero's rigid manhood.

Despite all the confusion, the soul-clenching terror, Heero's physical reactions were still spurred by the boy's unquestionable magnetism. An involuntary shudder followed the firm grasp. Heero clawed up fistfuls of the damp sheet holding on for his sanity and perhaps his life as well.

Heero's voice struggled to the surface once more. "What I want." he repeated certain his hearing had become as compromised as the rest of him.

Duo began a steady stroking his hand sliding from base to tip then back again. With every trip he paused to rub his thumb over the penis head's dewy slit.

Heero's hands released their white knuckled entanglement groping for a hold about Duo's slim waist. In spite of his fear he was now seeking out his attacker. How could a boy seemingly so fragile command such devote compliance. There was something unnatural in his authority, something that manifested itself in total domination as Duo spoke again.

"You were destined to be with me from the beginning." he proclaimed increasing the strokes to a fever pitch.

Heero was quickly losing the last of his conscience fortitude. If he didn't get the answers he so desperately needed to keep his threadbare sanity from fraying away to nothing he would surely go mad. He had to act then or he would be forever lost with no hope of redemption.

"I don't understand. From the beginning. I don't......"

The rambling sentence broke off abruptly as Duo's hand clamped down causing a friction that was rapidly bringing Heero to the climactic brink. Trembling from need but fighting to keep what little control he had, Heero resisted the strong and painful urge to come.

As long as he still had that small measure of restraint Duo had not completely claimed his body or his soul. Gritting his teeth Heero used all his mental powers to block the coursing flood tingling its way up from his groin. Closing his eyes he sought a brief moment of freedom from Duo's all encompassing influence.

The friction continued. An engulfing orgasmic quivering overrode Heero's thrashing form as even the absence of Duo's optical rule did nothing to stem the building tide.

A weight sprawling on top of Heero caused his tightly pressed eyelids to spring open. Duo laid atop his body fully covering every sweat-moist inch. The sensation of skin on skin prodded him closer to release. Duo slid his free hand under Heero's wiggling hips elevating them until the upward lifting pressed their sweltering flesh together into a single mass.

"You are mine." Duo hissed never lessening the persistence strokes on Heero's throbbing manhood, "Surrender to me now and I will free your soul from its misery."

On more rough stroke and it was all over. A mournful whimper rose through Heero's throat. His last pitiful plea before the spillway unleash its fury. With a gut-wrenching quake Heero came hard. His milky seed surged forth spraying Duo's hand and both of their stomachs as well. The forceful gush continued to pump spewing more fluid and sending Heero into a downward spiral that culminated in a mixture of ecstasy and madness.

With a satisfied sigh Duo released his lover's pulsing member savoring the afterglow as he contently observed the heavy-lidded glassy glaze in Heero's eyes. Duo's fully spent lover lay sated beneath him. Residual aftershocks still pulsed through Heero's limp body but he could not longer feel their affects.

Heero's breaths came in swallow puffs. Not an inch of his flushed skin was dry. Strangely Duo did not seem winded at all. His breathing was steady and his creamy skin did not show the least bit of moisture or a ruddy hue produced by the pervious strenuous activity.

Slowly Duo leaned forward stopping a fraction of an inch from Heero's slightly parted lips. Then deliberately, with the skill of a predator feasting on his prey, his opened his mouth and delivered a searing kiss.

Heero moaned at the sensual contact but still laid faintly his feeble body too weak to reciprocate the wanton kiss. Raising up only enough to again gaze into Heero's half-closed eyes, Duo cupped his hand under Heeo's chin straightening his neck. He ran his tongue across Heero's lips, then down his throat taking his time to linger the tip on the distended skin.

Duo traced a path back to Heero's ear once more flickering his tongue's tip over the twin silver stud earrings, "I have waited so long." he stated the breathy murmur speaking softly in stark contrast to his aggressive behavior.

Without further verbalization Duo's lips closed over Heero's neck's tender skin using a strong suction to raise a swollen welt. He was rewarded with another low groan from his totally compliant quarry.

Spreading his lips wider he centered his teeth with practiced precision Without a second thought he bore into the sweet flesh.

Heero jerked, his entire body bowing off the bed. Two extended canine incisors pressed down producing a soft pop as they broke the skin. Heero's eyes were now wide opened fixed in a panicked look of horror and utter disbelief.

Duo tightened the bite as the punctured holes discharged their bloody gift.

He drank slowly for there was no hurry. Heero laid in perfect submission under his spell and Duo was going to enjoy every moment of his feeding. Duo's intension was to kill for only then could the hauntingly beautiful boy be forever joined to him.


Duo had hoped as his nightly prowl took him about the city's avenues and alleys, that he would find an extraordinary individual that could become his fledgling. Someone with the intelligence and breeding to be able to hold his own with his Dark Master.

A companion, a lover to rest with him by day and hunt with him by night. Another like him with the grace and talent to become his equal. Duo needed someone to help ease the loneliness. To share his cursed life that forever more would shun the sunlight.

Duo had not had to destroy one innocent person since his arrival. There had been a surplus of victims among the gang members, thugs and dope dealers that hung around the city street. They had satisfied Duo's taste for blood, provided the necessary nourishment but not one could fill the vacancy in his heart.

He had attended the fancy parities, rubbed elbows with the rich and elite among the city's high society. But some things never change no matter how many countless ages pass by. Duo could find no one worthy of his time or attention. They all were proof that the inherently haughty nature of man had not changed a bit over the decades.


Lord Duo Maxwell was of noble birth, an aristocrat of high standing. Not just anyone would come up to his standards. Perhaps he was, in his own way, just as haughty and shallow as those he deemed unfit. Perhaps it was that same arrogant conceit that lead to his downfall.

He had thought himself better than that bar maid who offered herself for sale. But was he better? By buying her services he had lowered his station and for that he paid the ultimate price.

Little did he know as he allowed the wanton wench to lead him to a back room with the promise of a good time that she was actually a agent of pure evil, the whoring bride of the undead doing her Master's bidding.

What a black night that was. Waking with an aching throat that soon had his entire body on fire. The sickening pain that racked his body and his lost soul as Duo was slowly turned. Each night her Master returned. For a week the devil's bastard fed until the Dark Lord had leached out the last of Duo's life leaving Lord Maxwell alone in a frightening world with no clue as how to survive.

But he did survive and grew stronger. Using cunning and the magic metamorphosis imparted to him by the Dark Kiss he rose to become Master of a mighty coven.

However after the first half a century Duo grew tired of the coven's leadership demands longing to give into his wanderlust once more. Now centuries later, after many lovers but none who captured his heart, Duo finally found the one person who he knew was identical in both spirit and soul.

Duo had chosen the cobalt eyed man several nights ago. Silently he had stalked each of the beautiful male's movements studying the way he gave his customers a reason to, at least for awhile, forget their troubles as Heero made them believe that someone truly loved them.

Duo was amazed at how easily the dark haired male altered his body language, his entire countenance to fit his date's idea of a perfect lover. Duo had hidden in the shadows that second night. The spying on Heero's sexual prowess was effortlessly accomplished as Duo had used his powers of deception to cloud the senses as he slipped into his observation spot in a corner's dim recesses.

One can only imagine Duo's surprise when on that fateful night as the midnight hour was born he found his perfect soul mate engaging in the same activity as the whoring bar maid that Duo had hired hundreds of years ago. How ironic, how fitting, that another prostitute would be his salvation. How fitting indeed.


Duo continued to suckle feeling the body beneath him slowly dissolve into a shell of flesh as the bones sheltered within the fleshy confines were becoming loose.

"It won't be long now my love." Duo promised that soon the icy pain would be replaced with an eternal passionate heat.

A vampire is not a cold, lifeless being. No, there is a fire inside that burns with such intensity that countless years can not quench its heat. It is the fact that there are only a few other souls that can share that fire without being consumed that creates the lonely nights.

If one is lucky enough to find that person who can withstand being branded by the clarifying heat then nothing or no one stands the way of his claiming.

Not the angels in heaven with their pitiful pleas for the sparing of a soul. Not the demons of the darkest Neither Regions who roam hell in search of the same souls that have gone astray. Nothing earth bound can stand between two people meant to be together forever.

Duo sensing the turning was almost complete withdrew his blood-drenched fangs. Using the sharp point of a fingernail Duo cut across his breast. Crimson droplets dotted the split line gathering in a straight row.

Carefully Duo lifted Heero's loping head centering his mouth over the scarlet offering. "Drink my love." he ordered holding Heero's head in place, "Drink and we will be forever joined."

Heero's mouth latched onto the congealing liquid. He could feel himself slipping away, knew he had but seconds to save his soul from the everlasting darkness that was so rapidly overtaking him. With instincts borne of survival and Duo's commanding will, prodded by the enticing flavor, Heero drank with abandon.

Just before Heero's heart slowed to a thready beat Duo kissed his blood- stained lips sharing his first taste with his lover. A steady hiss escaped over Heero's reddened lips as his lungs expelled the last of his air. Then one last throb sounded in Heero's chest and he was gone.

Duo smiled at his newly claimed soul mate knowing the sun would not rise that morning before Heero would wake up from his dreamless voyage. Sure that the new day's dawning would find Heero safely within his new world of eternal existence. It would not be long before his blood would warm once more and breath would swell in his chest.

A new life, a new beginning. Duo gathered Heero in his arms holding him as tightly as he could. "Wake my love." he urged with surprising tenderness. "Wake now." he commanded transferring his strength, his power to help Heero find his way back.

Covering Heero's lax lips with his Duo blew a breath hard enough to surge down Heero's throat. His chest swelled from the force and a renewed flow of air filled his lungs. With a catch Heero began to breathe quickly settling into a rhythmic pattern.

Suddenly Heero began to thrash about, arms waving wildly as he fought off imaginary demons. Memories not quite buried crashed in upon him.

Duo shored up his embrace, "Peace my love." he whispered stroking Heero's damp, clammy cheek. "You will not have to learn of this new life on your own. You will not have to struggled with fear and uncertainty as I had to. I will be your teacher, your lover. I will always be with you."

Gradually Heero relaxed. His eyelids parted. Now the cobalt color had a strong tint of black. Flecks of fire also flared over their darkened centers. Sparks of energy, raw and primal, announced Duo's claimed lover's rebirth.

Once more Heero reached out to vanquish the last of the straggling beasts that tried to tether him to his old life. This time, though, his hands were graceful like an artist or sculptor as they exorcised the remaining devils that plagued his soul.

"Welcome my love." Duo whispered placing a gentle kiss on Heero's blood-stained mouth.

Heero locked his fiery eyes on his claimer and protector. "Duo. Master." he acknowledged the bond and deferring to Lord Maxwell's authority. "I am yours." he proclaimed without doubt or fear.

It seemed so right to be in Duo's arms Heero never thought to question his position. His status as a fledging was as natural as breathing. What he was before no longer mattered. All that was important was his Master, doing what pleased him and accepting Duo's reward of love for his loyalty. Now Heero's past, present and future was assured.

Strangely Heero seemed to know that this time and place was not his first. That many lives had been lived before. He had brief recollections of high mountains, green meadows and in the distance the spires of a grand castle rising against a crystal blue sky.

There were familiar faces around a great table before a fireplace. Heero could feel the texture of rough fur as he pulled his fingers through the shaggy coat of an elkhound. Another scene. The warmth of a woman laying in his embrace beneath a large bed's satin canopy. He could not recall her name but her presence was still keenly felt.

Then scenes of war flashed before his mind's eye. Men in uniform, dirty and bloody, scrambling for cover as cannons fired explosive shells gouging out the earth and renting fragile flesh into bit and pieces.

All those frightened men, so many screaming in anguish. The smell of gunpowder, the air hanging thick with clouds of dust and the scent of death. Death, so much death and destruction.

He felt himself laying down on the blood soaked earth. Closing his eyes as pain torn through his ragged body. Drifting away, so silent, into a soundless, sightless void. Then nothing.

Next the present flickered passed. The streets, cold and dirty. Heero was a thin figure wandering through the city's unforgiving callousness. He was young, alone and frightened. He was hungry so when an older male propositioned him offering to trade money for sex he had accepted knowing at least for that night he would be able to eat.

So the visions continued. Fluttering memories played across Heero's mind as if he was watching an age-faded theater reel complete with jerking film and scratchy sound.

Life after life was presented for his viewing. But the pictures were somehow detached, removed from reality. They were a part of him but still so separated as if they were not truly his. As if he was merely a bystander watching a parade pass before him. Sights and sounds but nothing to claim as his.

"Heero." The calling of his name brought him back to the only moment in time that really mattered.

Heero's lifted his arms encircling them around his precious partner's neck. Duo lowered his mouth to drink in the sweet taste of his lover who was, for the first time, offering himself willingly.

The kiss blistered with unbridled passion. Duo laid over Heero's toned body losing himself in the sensuous feel of skin on skin. Heero panted in anticipatory excitement each labored breath beating hotly against Duo's face.

Heero spread his legs removing the last barrier to the consummation of their bond. "Claim me Master. Please love me now and forever." Heero begged unashamedly.

Duo lowered his body coming to rest heavily in the opened space. He leaned down for another searing kiss tasting the combination of Heero's essence and Duo's own still tacky blood on Heero's mouth.

This time that would be no lengthy foreplay, they an eternity for that. Now the need to copulation was the driving force. Pure genital pleasure was the guiding agent.

"Now." Heero urged lifting his hips from the bed to grind against Duo's totally aroused manhood.

Duo gazed lovingly at his fledging lover. That was an unusual tenderness in his eyes, a promise that he would always be fair as a Master and devoted as a friend and lover.

Without further preamble or the preparation that was once necessary when Heero was human Duo centered his enlarged member and began to push the head into Heero's tight anal muscles.

An intake of breath was Heero's only reply as the stiff shaft slid inside in gradual degrees designed to give his lover every moment of pleasure he could. Heero pushed back anxiously accepting Duo's fleshy offering.

Heero's hands closed over Duo's firm bottom to help center the union. Fully seated Duo pulled back halfway. "Mine." he growled confirming his total possession of Heero's body and soul.

Heero wrapped his legs around Duo's waist wanted all his Master could give him. "Yours." he hissed as Duo's thrust in hard.

There was no gradual build up of sexual excitement, no easing into the loving. Duo pounded down hard and fast not wanting to grant the erotic boy a moment's respite from the carnal lust consuming Duo.

Heero proved to indeed be Duo's equal as he met every forceful thrust with his own fire, a lascivious heat that could only be quenched by Duo's claiming seed.

Duo closed his hand over Heero's swollen manhood milking the erection wanting to be certain that his lover was pleasured as much as he was. As before the friction was too much. Heero cried out. The gut-deep wail of pure ecstasy preceded his coming. Heero released his seed giving up the last bit of himself as he surrender completely to his Master.

Duo came in unison with Heero's forceful release. He leaned over his lover planting himself as deeply as he could as an aftershock tingled through his groin.

Heero's trapped member vibrated twitching the narrow confine between their stomachs. He closed his eye drinking in the pure gratifying culmination of his lustful desires.

When the quivering subsided and the union was fulfilled Duo eased out. Sliding down beside his sated lover he felt a great burden lift from his heart. In Heero's act of unconditional love Duo was freed from ages of forlorn misery. With that single freeing act Duo had regained his humanity.

Although Duo could never be human again at that marvelous moment the one spark of his mortal life that had not been destroyed was resurrected from the depths of despair. Heero loved him. Even knowing what Duo was, Heero still loved him.

Duo embraced his lover's exhausted body to his. Wrapping a comforting enfoldment of arms and legs around Heero's quivering form Duo sought to quiet the trembling.

Heero nuzzled Duo's neck stray strands of his chocolate hair tickling under his chin. Heero's hand found his Master's slender fingers interlacing his fingers.

The turning of Duo's arm revealed the crimson tattoo on his forearm. Heero took particular notice of the curious markings. Duo, in turn, took notice of where Heero's eyes were directed.

"That is strange." Heero declared honestly. "The color. So strange." he added to emphasis his surprise and confusion.

"And why a cross?" he wondered.

There was no need to soften his statement or question as nothing would ever be a secret between them again.

Duo, with a almost self-conscience look, glanced down at the tattoo then averted his eyes away from Heero's wondering statement.

"Master?" Heero questioned emphatically feeling the distress his comment caused.

Duo lay his head on Heero's shoulder burying his face in the juncture of shoulder and neck. "He gave that to me." he stated his voice barely above a whisper.

"The one that turned you?" Heero whispered the question even though he already knew the answer.

Duo nodded, "He wanted to leave one final remembrance in case I was ever tempted to try to forget him."

"But why a cross?" Heero puzzled over the odd choice, knowing that the lost of Duo's mortality was already a constant reminder of the vampire's dark gift.

"That was his cruel idea. He knew that I was religious but he also knew that I had compromised my beliefs. With his horrible act he made sure my falling from grace would be forever beyond redemption.

"You noticed the color." Duo reaffirmed Heero's observation.

Heero nodded, "The scarlet is unusual but somehow it is also beautiful."

Duo raised his arm studying the cross almost as if it was the first time he had seen it. But it was the first time he had seen the holy symbol through Heero's eyes.

"The crimson color was not made by red ink," he sighed suddenly feeling cold, "is was etched with my blood."

Without hesitation Heero kissed the crimson cross knowing that it had been made special by Duo's own life fluid. "I believe you should cherish this symbol." he announced kissing it again.

Duo eyes widened at the unexpected pronouncement. "Cherish it?"

"It was made with a part of you." Heero explained, "The Dark Master did not take from you but added to you. By this shape borne of you own blood it has sealed your life from him forever. The Dark Lord can never have you or your soul for you are protect with a divine sign; one that was consecrated with your blood."

Heero locked his fire-flecked sight with his lover's soft violet eyes. "You will not be alone. From this moment forward you will know no more darkness for I will be your light."

Together the lovers rested in the comforting shadows of the night. With the sun rise they would sleep protected by their strength and untied by their love. With the dusk they would hunt together. With the welcomed moon rise they would lay in each other's arms as Duo instructed his sweet fledging in the ways of the vampires.

Their past and present were now one. Their future was assured. Lord Maxwell and Lord Heero together for all eternity.


Part Four:

The midnight hour drew near. A lone figure leaned against the building's wall. Long lean legs, crossed at the ankles, supported an equally lean torso. Seductively encased in tight black leather the youthful man was as mysterious as he was alluring.

His head was held high. His steely blue eyes constantly surveyed the passing traffic. Occasionally Heero would straighten to his full height displaying his trim physique in a "come hither" style. After all it pays to advertise especially when what you are selling is top grade.

Heero Yuy didn't need to use his Master's ploy of the "little lost boy" method to entice the company of paying customers. All he had to do was be himself and let his unique sexual attraction do his fetching for him.

Heero had always found it quite easy to lure his clients as he naturally exuded sensuality from every part of his being. But now with the enhanced powers of his five senses Heero was irresistible.

Lord Maxwell's fledging was now the perfect example of pure genital perfection. Once more he leaned back with an easy posture and bided his time.

It was not long before a middle-aged male approached the tall beautiful boy with the captivatingly brooding sight. Heero cast a casual glance in the clearly interested man's direction. A second flirtatious look and the man was hooked.

"Looking for some action?" Heero inquired huskily walking closer to his intended prey.

The enamored male stood fixed in utter fascination at the lithe youth's movements. Moving with predatory grace Heero continued his stalking until he stopped a few feet from his thoroughly enthralled victim.

It took a moment for the client to find his voice and a few seconds longer to put his answer into understandable words. "How much.....for an hour?" he finally asked stammering over the inquiry.

Heero lifted one eyebrow letting a sly smile caress his lips. "Two hundred and fifty dollars." he replied confidently knowing he was worth every cent of the asking price.

The man hesitated mentally figuring if his bankroll was sufficient to purchase the tempting boy's services. Even though the customer was certain the charming young man could give him his money's worth sadly he realized his funds fell a bit short of the expected fee.

"I'm afraid I don't have that much." the man sighed as disappointment showed on his face.

Heero leaned nearer still, "Do you have fifty dollars?"

The man nodded mutely as, once again, his concentration was comprised by his close proximity to Heero's mystic magnetism.

Heero let a full smile break through. "I think for that much I can do something to make you happy" he almost purred starting towards a side door. "Follow me."

The man obediently tagged after never giving a second thought to what trouble he might be getting into. All he could think about was the touch of Heero's hands or whatever part of the boy's anatomy Heero might employ to pleasure him.

The side entrance led into a narrow hall lined with several doors. Heero moved ahead stopping at the third door on the right. He stepped aside to let his client go in first then locked the door against any intrusion.

After payment had been exchanged, Heero guided his client to a single bed positioned against the wall. The man stood beside the bed nervously looking around the small windowless room. Despite his case of the jitters the customer still did not back up or resist as Heero slid his arm around the man's neck before delivering a brushing kiss.

"Relax." Heero smiled using his hand's pressure on the man's shoulders to ease him into a seated position on the bed. "Yes that's it, just relax and let me do all the work." he ordered moving his hands to the man's pants.

Without pause Heero knelt unsnapping the waistband then lowered the zipper. With one smooth motion he caught both pants and underwear as the customer raised up enough to let his loosened garments clear his hips.

The man was already fully erect from his anticipation of what Heero was about to do. "I see you are ready for me." Heero whispered as he wedged his body between the man's trembling legs.

No more words were spoken. Only the sounds of low moans and heavy breathing disturbed the otherwise total silence in the dim room. Heero expertly closed his lips about his prey's quivering manhood, paused long enough to glance up at his totally mesmerized quarry, then went to work doing what he did so well.

Unseen by the withering male as Heero held both his body and mind spellbound in ecstasy, a dark vapor floated into the opposite corner. Slowly the vaporous cloud began to take on a human outline before the wavy shape became a solid form.

With pride Lord Maxwell kept his stealthy observation watching with delight as his fledging lover completely dominated his prey. It had been but three sunsets since Duo's claiming of the bewitching boy. Three days of resting together, three nights of instructions and guidance. Tonight Duo had consented to let Heero hunt alone then followed in a veiled form as his lover went on the prowl.

Duo smiled, his heart pounding with excitement. His blood warmed from watching Yuy in action. Heero was cunning, of that there was no doubt, but his natural abilities were amazing.

Duo was now certain he had made the right choice. At that decisive moment his correctness concerning Heero Yuy was reaffirmed in his mind and soul. Duo now knew that Heero's instincts had been honed over more than one lifetime and, whether he was aware of the past lives or not, Heero's life experiences could not be denied.

Heero continued his oral manipulations reducing his customer to a whimpering mortal who was begging for more as he rapidly sank lower beneath his controller's sway. The culmination came quickly. One last pitiful groan and the man lost himself to his master.

Heero looked up into eyes glazed over by such a strong release that the male's fixed orbs no longer focused or recognized anything beyond Yuy's hypnotic gaze.

"You were such a good boy." Heero cooed straightening up until his face was inches from the entranced man, "I think I will give you a reward." he declared leaning in for a bruising kiss.

The man's limp body lay back on the bed as Heero broke the kiss. Like a shadowy hunter Lord Yuy climbed up until he straddled his helpless victim. The mesmerized male offered no resistance as Heero gathered his sweat-damp wrists in one hand effortlessly securing them over the man's head. With equal ease Heero cupped his free hand under the man's chin tilting his head to the side.

The attacked was swift and merciless. Only a jerk and a strangled moan betrayed Heero's fang's contact. Only the momentary sound of ripping flesh reported the bite.

Heero fed with a lustful appetite spurred on by the coppery taste of blood filling his mouth. The salty tang washed over his canine teeth pooling in the back of his throat. Swallowing as fast as the flow, Heero drank without regret or remorse.

Seconds before his prey's heart gave up its last beat, Heero withdrew remembering Duo's warning about the last dregs of cold blood that the draining brought up.

Sitting back on the lifeless corpse, as its death-glazed eyes stared back, Heero savored the aftertaste of the life fluids hotly caressing his lips. With a sigh not borne of effort but of satisfaction, Heero closed his eyes aware for the first time of his Master's eyes blazing at his back.

Stepping from his gloomy concealment Heero's dark lover was soon at his side. Heero stood facing Duo now warmed not only by the recently acquired blood but also by his Master's approving smile.

"You did well my love." Duo proclaimed sliding his arms about Heero's waist and pulling him near. "Yes you have pleased me greatly." he praised.

"Thank you Master." Heero replied accepting a full kiss from his teacher.

Duo licked over Heero's stained lips sharing in the excellent taste. "Are you sated my love," he whispered, "or do you want to hunt again tonight?" he asked as Heero wrapped his arm around Duo's neck.

"Again Master, I want to hunt again." he begged never wanting the fulfilling feeling to end.

Duo stood back enough to fully see Heero's face. A smile of pleasure at finding his fledging so eager to hunt once more graced his pale lips.

"Then we will hunt together." he declared taking Heero's hand. "Come my apt student." he invited as they walked into the hall.

Neither of them looked back at the half naked drained body lying in death's icy shroud. Nor did they regard the sightless eyes, the whitened lips parted in a fruitless attempt to glean one last breath only to be denied for ever more that single intake of air.

As they reached the outside door, Duo tightened his hold on his beautiful boy's hand. Looking deeply into his Master's widened eyes now more black than violet Heero once again gave himself totally to Lord Maxwell's claiming.

Gradually both the experienced Master and his fledging lover began to become transparent. By measured degrees their bodies became thinner and thinner until they both were enveloped by a swirling ebony cloak. Then their veiled outlines merged into one translucent form.

Answering the night's calling, united forever by the Dark Gift and an eternal love, the Shadow Mist lovers floated away together into the comforting darkness.


Shadow Mist--Karen Hickman--Nov. 2001

Thank you for reading