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Title: Pumpin'
Author: Karen, The Huntress hickman@rockbridge.net
Rating: R
Warning: lime, language
Pairing: 1x2
Part: 1/1 complete
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Duo Maxwell had been a Certified Personal Trainer at the Parker Athletic Center for thirty-three days, two hours, eleven minutes and he was bored out of his mind.

Duo's nine o'clock client had been Herbert Henderson, a forty-something tax attorney who was flabby and sweaty and reeked of cheap cigars.

"Hefty Henderson" wheezed on the tread mill then wasted his time on the free weights bragging about his new Mercedes and telling lewd jokes that would make a sailor blush.

If Henderson's hands wandered one more time!

"Damn pervert!" Duo hissed under his breath.

Beatrice "Bitsy" Johnson did the "Rockin' to the Oldies" workout from ten to eleven. Ms. Johnson was the local Home Depot heiress. She was rich, snooty and thought Duo was, "Just the cutest young man."

Once Duo overheard Bitsy tell Kathy Williams that his hip-length braid and the Celtic cross dangling from his left ear were "too feminine for her taste". Still she never missed an opportunity to pry into Duo's love life or try to fix him up with her daughter who was twice his age and recently divorced from her third husband.

One hour until noon. Sixty minutes spent supervising the tanning beds and inspecting equipment. Fortunately extracting a giggling gaggle of Kappa Alpha Beta Sorority Sisters from the men's locker room did provide a welcome distraction from the mundane morning.

Lunch bag in hand, Duo paid a dollar for orange juice from a vending machine then decided to dine by the indoor pool. There were no Aqua Aerobics on Wednesday so, for the exception of two women chatting at an adjacent table and a man doing laps, the lounge area was the perfect place to eat in peace.

Duo chose a table near the waterfall fountain nestled among potted palms, ferns and variegated ivy. He settled into a chair upholstered in green and blue striped fabric, unwrapped his smoked turkey on whole-wheat sandwich--spicy mustard instead of mayonnaise--and set his raisin-chocolate chip granola bar aside for dessert.

The afternoon might be salvable. Duo's next client wasn't scheduled until three. The extra hours could be used to update fitness charts or hide out in the office with Hilde, the bookkeeper, and watch General Hospital on the TV/DVD used for the Slim Smart diet classes.

Sun streaming through the skylight warmed Duo's face. He took a bite of sandwich, chewed and eavesdropped on the women's conversation.

From what Duo could hear above the splashing in the pool and the dehumidifier's hum, Cynthia Jones whose husband, Anthony, owned the largest Ford dealership in the tri-county area, had been "keeping company" with the tennis pro at Mill Side Country Club.

"Well I heard." the lady in the yellow sundress repeated the latest gossip."Tony got drunk at Stanley Wilson's barbecue and called Cindy a whore. Then," she lowered her voice so Duo had to strain to catch the last juicy tidbit, "when Stan told Tony to shut up, Tony punched Stan and someone called the police."

The lone swimmer finished his laps, climbed up the ladder on the opposite side, wrapped a towel around his waist and left a trail of wet footprints behind.

Duo sipped his juice and made a mental list of groceries he needed to buy on his way home. He was reaching for the granola bar when, Wendy, the other full time trainer, made her way around the pool.

Wendy was nineteen but could easily be mistaken for sixteen. Today she was attired in leopard print leotards, black leggings and bright orange Reeboks. She'd added henna hues to spice up her spiky auburn hair and each triple pierced earlobe sported gold and silver hoops in graduated circumferences.

"Hey." Wendy greeted as she flopped down beside Duo.

"Hey babe."

Duo opened his slightly sinful dessert and offered half to his counterpart. Wendy declined with a negative nod.

"What you been up to?" Duo wondered.

"Nothing much. Got another tattoo Saturday. A red dragon with smoke puffin' out its nose."

"Let me see."

Wendy tugged the leotard over her right shoulder so Duo could inspect her newest inked image. The dragon was two inches tall with wings unfurled, tail curled around its scaly body and a wicked gleam in its slanted amber eyes.

"Awesome dude." Duo declared in his best pseudo surfer-boy accent.

With a mischievous grin Wendy whispered. "I showed you mine now you show me yours."

Duo looked around to make sure Mr. Bowyers, the dayshift manager, wasn't skulking about or lurking behind a palm tree then rolled up shorts to reveal the orange and black tiger tattoo on his upper right thigh.

Wendy tiled her head and took a long moment to appreciate how the crouching tiger twitched when Duo's flexed his muscle. "You should show off your kitty more often." she teased.

"You should stop drooling." Duo advised as he covered up his kitty.

Wendy glanced at the clock above the side door. "Back to the sweatshop." She stretched her willowy frame and stood up. "If you want to see my other tattoos all you have to do is ask."

Duo finished the granola bar, chewed a couple of breath mints, deposited his lunch litter in the trashcan and used the restroom.

The gossipmonger and her partner in the rumor mill stopped talking long enough to ogle Duo's ass as he departed the lounge then returned to minding everyone's business.

Duo was halfway to the office when Wendy grabbed his arm and tugged him behind the water cooler.

"What the hell?" he responded to the startling abduction.

"Take a peek in the fourth private exercise room."


"Just do it."

Duo eased up to the partially opened door marked with the brass numeral 4. He peered around the frame then stared in stunned silence at the most erotic sight he'd ever seen.

Dressed in nothing but tight jogging shorts, a male with an athletic physique straddled a bench. Coffee colored hair curtained the man's profile but Duo guessed he was about his age.

Washboard abs, toned legs and firm buttocks were proof the mystery man took excellent care of himself and, judging by the size of the barbell in each hand, he was lifting a considerable amount of weight.

Shoulders tightened. Biceps bulged. Pectoral muscles rippled.

Arms coiled in unison. A hiss of air as the curl began then the completed lift was held without so much as a quiver. The barbells were lowered ever so slowly then the sensual performance was repeated with practiced precision.

The mesmerized trainer let his eyes wander down the man's tanned chest. Skin glazed golden by a sheen of sweat shimmered in the overhead lights.

Further optical inspection paused on a flat stomach then centered on the groin area where the short's silky material was particularly taut. Duo sucked in a shivering breath, as it became clear the man's muscles weren't the only bulging part of his exquisite anatomy.

The clink of metal on the floor's terra cotta tiles jolted Duo's imagination from what could best be described as a waking wet dream. He suffered additional disenchantment when the Adonis swung one leg over the bench, which concealed his crotch and terminated the trainer's frontal assessment.

A bottle of Dasani and a white towel, with the Parker Athletic Center logo embossed in hunter green, were retrieved from the bench. Sips of refreshing liquid alternated between mopping a moist forehead and exertion-flushed cheeks.

But when condensation dripped off the bottle and tracked over the man's right nipple, Duo was painfully aware he was developing a bulge of his own.

Now Duo wrestled with a dilemma. He could continue to spy and take the chance he wouldn't get caught or he could resist temptation and leave. What a bittersweet choice!

Since Duo could lose his job if his unauthorized surveillance was discovered and if he lingered a trip to the restroom for discreet manual release would be required, he had no option but to sneak away.

"Enjoying the view?"

The husky inquiry froze the trainer in his tracks.

"Shit! Maybe if I back up he won't...."

"Come in."

*You couldn't mind your own damn business.* Duo chided himself for his lack of good judgment. He swallowed hard, put on a fake calm facade and stepped into the room. "I was wondering if you needed anything." he lied.

"Close the door."

From the man's voice inflection Duo couldn't determine the degree of his displeasure. Likewise his body language gave to clue as to the severity of his reprimand.

The latch engaged with a snap. Duo cringed.

Prussian blue eyes locked on the braided employee, fixed his sight... for a moment Duo forgot to breathe. Also any credible explanation for him prowling outside the door abandoned his brain faster than rats deserting a sinking ship.

Another side effect of the beguiling stare was Duo didn't realize the man had moved until he was standing in front of him.

"What's your name?"

The query echoed inside Duo's head, which made it difficult to form coherent thoughts. It took several seconds before his mind and his mouth was able to coordinate the correct answer. Finally he managed to mutter.

"Ah...Duo...Duo Maxwell."

"Hello Duo Maxwell. I'm Heero Yuy."

Without lessening his blue gaze, Heero leaned forward and confessed to his own spying. "I saw you leaving the pool area and asked the young lady in the leopard leotards to fetch you."

Again Duo's ability to articulate a rational response was short-circuited by the perplexing confession. "Me? Why?" he stammered in tongue-tied confusion.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?"

The unexpected question further confounded Duo, so much so, he was powerless to react when Heero's thumb feathered over his cheek, down his jaw and hooked under his chin.

"Beautiful." Heero repeated before raising Duo's chin and brushing a kiss across his parted lips.

The kiss was the single spark needed to ignite embers that had been smoldering since Duo first peered through the door. Perhaps passion fueled the fire or lust fanned the flames but he was suddenly engulfed in a firestorm of desire.

Duo had always been sensible in his dating. He was not a prude and certainly not a virgin but he never engaged in casual sex with a man or a woman. But now, in the throes of this consuming blaze, he was hot and horny and besieged by an insatiable hunger for a man he knew nothing about.

Blame Duo's loss of sanity on raging hormones or an overactive libido or.... there was no point in searching for explanations or analyzing his psyche. There was no right or wrong or shades of gray.

"Damn you Heero Yuy." Duo growled as his tenuous control was devoured by the ravenous inferno.

In one fluid motion, Duo wrapped his left arm around Heero's waist. His left hand slithered down Heero's spine, snaked under the short's elastic waistband, flattened over one rock-hard cheek and pushed until their swollen erections bumped together.

Not to be denied a role in the fiery foreplay, Duo's right hand cupped behind Heero's head. Fingers knotted in a fistful of hair then made use of the secure hold to guide Heero's mouth to a scorching kiss.

Now it was Mr. Yuy's turn to lose control.

He grabbed Duo's tee shirt, yanked the hem free and, with Duo's help, tugged it over his head. Anxious fingers caught duel waistbands and applied sufficient pressure to tug both shorts and boxers down over Duo's wriggling hips.

Duo toed off his shoes, stepped out of his shed garments and wasted no time divesting Heero of his jogging shorts and bikini briefs.

Nude bodies locked in a torrid embrace. Duo and Heero eased down on the floor. Heero straddled Duo's knees and set about trailing kisses across his collarbone then lavished equal attention on each nipple until Duo moaned.

After nipping around Duo's navel, Heero set a straightway course for the engorged length that was standing tall and proud but made a detour when he noticed the tiger tattoo.

"I knew you were wild." Heero hissed before licking along the tiger's spine from head to tail.

Duo threw down the gauntlet."Think you can tame me?"

"I don't want you tamed." Heero's lips curled into a predatory grin. "I want you to howl."

Heero's penis pulsated against the tiger but he ignored its persistent throbbing. Instead he concentrated on flicking his tongue over Duo's manhood which caused the "wild thing" to make a noise that sounded like purring.

Heero tunneled his lips around Duo's member and bobbed his head. Duo bucked his hips and whimpered. Fondling his testicles pushed Duo closer to the edge but the stubborn trainer refused to take the plunge.

But when Heero hummed and the vibrations tingled from tip to base, Duo lost all resolve. He gritted his teeth then surrendered to a shudder that made him howl Heero's name.

Heero's hand replaced his mouth and he continued pumpin' until the milky spurts stopped and the length softened.

When Duo had regained some measure of composure, Heero slid off his legs and settled beside the sated trainer. "Are you all right?"

Duo sucked in a quivering breath. "Yeah. That was amazing."

Without warning Duo grabbed Heero, rolled him onto his back, wedged his body between Heero's legs and pinned Heero's hands over his head.

"Now I gonna find out what makes you howl."

~The End~

Pumpin'--Karen Hickman--May 2006