Here is a poem I wrote in a hurry. I hope it is all right and not too long. Hope you enjoy. Karen, The Huntress


They were insane,
Words scribbled on the faded page,
As they described the war he waged,
Bitterness of a heart, shackled and caged,
The madness of revenge and rage,
How successfully he masked his fear,
How carefully he denied each tear,
And no one knew of his pain,
Only hope, an empty soul sustained,
That one day soon the war would end,
And he would never have to kill again,
That he wouldn't have to watch his friends,
Heal from their wounds just to fight again,
That no one else would have to cry,
To view what he saw with saddened eyes,
The destruction, the senseless death,
The rancid scents that hung in clouds,
Choking out his voice and breath,
But unfortunately peace came too late,
To save his heart and soul from hate,
That ate inside till all that did remain,
Were shards of hope and bloody stains,
Slowly all that was once humane,
In his world turned quite insane,
And drifting through the flood,
Of uncontrolled tears and screams,
He sank away among the tide,
Of shattered sleep and nightmare dreams,
Until his very essence died,
And left behind an empty shell,
Suspended in the blackened void,
Somewhere between heaven and hell,
Withdrawing deep inside himself,
He silently widened the breech.
To shelter his aching heart,
Where no one else could reach,
His friends tried so hard to draw him out,
To break his glassy stare,
But he was safe in his black hole,
No one could touch him there,
He wished he could have told his friends,
Before the tears replaced the laugher,
That there is no such thing as fairy tales,
And no happily-ever-after.

NO HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER--Karen, The Huntress--January 2001