Title: Morning Sun, Evening Star
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: none really-- sap and perhaps bad writing
Parts: 1/1


Morning Sun, Evening Star




Heero's Morning Sun:


I wake to the feel of your steady breathing caressing my cheek. You are so peaceful in your slumber. No furrowed brow, no anxious glances. This is the way it should be early in the morning.

As the dawning sun paints the skyline pink then brilliant bands of red melt into a new day you stir next to me. Your braid has become frayed in your sleep but you are still so beautiful.

I don't want to wake you, to end your quiet repose. I want the morning to go on and on. I want to stop time and hold the rising sun in place forever.

No more flashes of explosions, of searing beams and fusing heat. No blinding waves of weapon's fire blasting at everything in sight. Nothing but the first pure light as it puts a glow in your pale cheeks and helps to soften the dark circles under your eyes. To lessen the weary lines that someone so young shouldn't have.

If I could only keep you forever in morning's embrace, safe and secure. To erase the past, fade the memories into pictures so transparent they no longer can be seen for the luminous light shining through.

You open your eyes and smile. "Good morning my love." you whisper so softly only the morning and I can hear your fond greeting.

Morning Sun you are the light of my life. I will forever love you and bath in your radiant warmth that pales the sun in comparison.

"Good morning to you my love. Welcome to the new day."


Duo's Evening Star:


You stand at the window as the sun dips low on the horizon. The waning daylight melts into brilliant strips reflecting in rosy hues across your tanned face. Do you know how beautiful you are in the last light's shimmering rays?

Their yielding color help to soften your chiseled contours harden over time by too many pent-up emotions.

Your duty to the mission, always the mission has robbed you of so much of your humanity. And it hurts my heart to know that is so.

How is wish I could ease your pain, the constant conflict in your soul. That I could cover you in soothing darkness like the ebony blanket of night chases away the blinding daylight. I want to illuminate your way like the thousand tiny pinpoints of starlight gracing the midnight sky.

You are my strength, my guiding light. When all else about me goes insane, when the bare, endless days becomes too hard to bare you rescue me wrapping me in your peaceful silence that speaks only between lovers and friends.

"Good evening my love." you say so softly that only the gathering dusk and I can hear your fond greeting.

Evening Star you are my salvation. You have denied your detached training freely letting me inside your heart's most private places. When past memories bore into my soul you give me your starlight chasing away the ragged shadows that plague my restless spirit.

I take your hand and willingly accept the offered kiss as the stars above bath us in their heavenly glow. I am safe in your arms and forever blessed.

"Good evening to you my love. Welcome to the peaceful night."


Morning Sun, Evening Star--Karen Hickman--Aug. 2001