Title: Melting Dreams
Author: Karen, The Huntress hickman@rockbridge.net
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Pairing: 1+2
Warning: slight angst and a lot of weirdness
Part: 1/1
Feedback: Always appreciated


Melting Dreams


A white sand beach stretches out for miles. The crystal blue ocean rolls in gentle waves planting frothy kisses along the shoreline. Salt scented breezes rustle the palm trees inviting them to sway in time to the seagulls haunting calls.

Duo watches as Heero wades through the incoming swells. Dressed only in swim trunks Heero's tanned skin glistens golden in the afternoon sun. The breeze feathers his dark brown bangs causing them to play hide and seek over his eyes that are the same shimmering color as the ocean.

Duo sits on the sand content to study his lover's movements. The sun is warm, the air is fresh and the day is perfect. In the distance wind chimes tinkle like a thousand tiny bells. Duo closes his eyes.

Suddenly dark clouds sweep over the horizon. The bright sky turns black, thunder roars, ominous lightning zigzags across the angry heavens. Cold wind whips the trees seizing the palm fronds and ripping them apart. Rent leaves and windblown sand pelt Duo stinging his skin; threatening to clog his throat with the gritty material.

Now the wind chimes crash in a deafening crescendo of metal against metal. The loud clatter ricochets inside Duo's head like a hammer battering his brain. Slapping his hands over his ears he tries to shut out the high-pitched pounding.

As Duo battles against the blinding bombardment a waterspout swirls up from the raging sea making a straightway path for Heero. Duo struggles to stand pushing back against the sucking sand until his muscles burn from the fruitless effort.

"Heero look out!" he shouts out his warning barely heard above the roaring wind.

But Heero never moves, never looks around. "HEERO!" Duo screams as a wall of water washes over his lover then churns back out to sea leaving nothing behind in its wake.

"NO!" Duo wails as his soul is torn in two. With his only reason for living gone Duo surrenders to the vicious elements and lets the sand bury him until no trace of his body or soul remain.

"No." Duo mutters stirring in his fitful sleep. He curls up tighter on a lumpy mattress lying on the damp floor. He pulls a flimsy blanket closer around his shivering body. The phantom wind chime's clanging rings again in his ears as the chains running from his shackled hands to the holding cell's moss-coated wall clank together.

Duo's eyelids part sluggishly. The wind wails outside. The darkness is real and Duo is alone. Like every other night since he had been captured Duo dreams of the last time he and Heero walked along the beach and each time the night terrors have ripped Heero away. Is Heero really gone?


The mission was simple. Sneak into a fuel depot, secure explosives on the tanks, retreat a safe distance and set off the remote-controlled blast. Everything was going according to the plan until a dozen OZ soldiers showed up where they shouldn't be. In the resulting gunfire and confusion Heero and Duo became separated. Duo soon found himself surrounded and the rest as they say is history.


It has been a week or as near as Duo can figure since the days and nights began to blend one into another. Never ending cycles of sun and moon until reality dissolved into the dim dreamscape. The combination of the cell's frigid atmosphere, lack of proper food and the physical assaults have taken their toll.

Duo's body no longer seems willing to cooperate. Even the guard's daily rape fails to register a response anymore. He lies limply, lets them do what they please then curls up in the darkness and allows his muddled mind to drift back to the beach.

Chilled to the core a shudder seizes in Duo's sore muscles aggravating the dull ache that has become a constant companion. It hurts to breathe, to think. Surrendering to the mind-numbing gloom Duo closes his eyes.

A meadow carpeted with wildflowers in hues of pink and purple and white stretches on as far as the eye can see. Blossoming trees scent the breeze with soul-calming perfume. Heero strolls among the delicate flora trailing his fingers through the waving stalks.

Duo sits in the shade of a tall oak. Overhead birds warble songs as old as time. In the distance wind chimes jingle in the zephyr currents. Duo finds contentment in watching Heero's graceful movements. The sun is warm, the air scented with flowers and the day is perfect. Duo closes his eyes.

Suddenly something strong wraps about Duo's body. Fighting against the unyielding force Duo is helpless to break free. He is being lifted up; being carried high above the trees. All he can do is look down at Heero's form growing smaller in the multi-colored expanse of pink and purple and white.

"HEERO!" Duo screams as he is torn away. But Heero does not hear Duo's pleas for rescue. Heero doesn't look up and in an instant he is gone. "NO!" Duo wails as his lover disappears from sight.

"No, Heero, no." Duo murmurs straining against the invisible bonds. Cold air brushes his face. Surrendering to his overwhelming weakness Duo gives up and closes his eyes.


A voice echoes inside Duo's head. It sounds like Heero's voice but the resonance is strange. Is it a far-off calling, a spirit whisper? Now Duo is warm and the maddening clang of chains fades away. Duo wants to open his eyes but the same weakness also bears down on them.

"Duo." The voice calls once more.

*Follow the sound.* Duo's mind urges. *Please,* it begs, *before it is too late.*

Sluggish eyes part then close quickly against a stabbing bright light. A second opening, more slowly, allows the optical nerves to adjust.

*Could this be heaven?* Duo's mind wonders. *Despite all my sins could I have been carried aloft to dwell with the angels?*

"Can you hear me?"

What an odd question from angels or is this another cruel twist of fate? Perhaps Duo's sins are beyond redemption and he will wake up in hell because if his soul is forever severed from Heero then he will truly be in eternal torment.

Duo blinks fighting through a nebulous outline bathed in a luminous hallo. Gradually his improving sight pulls a blurry face into focus. Pools of deep blue gaze back. Ocean blue, sky blue. The warmth of the sun and a sense of perfect peace floods his soul.

"Heero?" Duo's dry lips form his soul mate's name. Did he speak out loud or was the sound yet another phantasm calling?

"It's all right." Can Duo trust the answer? "You are not in that awful place anymore."


"You are home and I will never leave you." Heero's offers his promise of protection.

Now Duo's eyes can see clearly. He knows his lover's touch. Strong arms hold him in a secure embrace. Heero tucks the quilted coverlet tighter around his soul mate's trembling body and gently rocks back and forth.

"Home?" Duo repeats needing to hear the promise once more.

"Home and always in my arms." comes the reassuring pledge of love and protection.

Duo closes his eyes. He is home and safe in Heero's arms. Drifting off Duo knows that Heero will purge the night terrors and will, through the power of love, vanquish the melting dreams.


Melting Dreams--Karen Hickman--January 2003