Shinigami's Promise

Please don't cry for me, my love,
Just look far ahead,
I'll be waiting there for you, my love,
To help you cross the bridge.

There is a path of pure white light,
That illuminates my way,
And I'll be able to clearly see,
You when you come that day.

Your heart will not be filled with pain,
There'll be no blood upon the sand,
When you come to me, my love,
And let me take your hand.

For I am no stranger to the pain,
Quite comfortable with death,
And I'll be there waiting patiently,
As you surrender your last breath.

You will meet me with your wings of white,
While mine's as black as night,
I will enfold you in their tranquil cloak,
And guide you to the light.

So when the battle claims you, my love,
As it did me before,
I will be watching for your return,
Along the azure shore.

With me you will have no fear,
With me you'll be at peace,
I will hold you in my arms,
And all your tears will cease.

So don't be afraid, my love,
When you cross death's spiny ridge,
My welcome kiss will greet you there,
I will help you cross the bridge.

Meet Me At The Bridge--Karen Hickman--January 2001