Title: Learning to Dance
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wings or its characters
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: none really, maybe a high sap content.
Parts: 1/1

Learning to Dance


Heero didn't know what was worse being stuck in a small apartment under strict orders to "keep a low profile" or that the only form of entertainment was Duo's CD player and his collection of grating, nerve-racking music. And to make matters even more unbearable, Duo insisted on playing said music at a loud enough volume to crack plaster and rendered anyone within a fifty mile radius permanently deaf.

As the constant pulsing beat throbbed into Heero brain he strongly resisted the urge to grab up the offensive machine along with the shiny disks and shove them into one or more of Duo's orifices. And as if the blaring music bouncing off the walls and rattling the windows was not enough punishment, Duo further insisted on dancing to each and every tune.

Heero had to admit that Duo was graceful in a primitive sort of way. His partner's slim frame and long legs lent themselves well to the dance's gyrating movements as Duo seemed to lose himself in the music. Swaying in a most feral fashion Duo closed his eyes becoming one with the hypnotic rhythms. A sheen of sweat glistened on Duo's face causing his bangs to stick to his forehead. Stray stands of chestnut tresses were also held fast against Duo's flushed cheeks. His braid had taken up the same pattern swinging back and forth.

As annoyed as Heero was with the pounding melody and the headache it was producing, he could not take his eyes off Duo. Maxwell had always been more risque in both his actions and language than Heero. In fact Duo was often a source of embarrassment, not to mention the numerous times Duo's mouth had gotten him in trouble. Ninety percent of Maxwell's interrogational beatings had been the direct result of his smart-assed mouth.

But his body, now that was a different subject. Heero had always admired Duo's natural grace, his fluid movements. More than once the "liquid flow" of Duo's agility had proved instrumental in saving not only Heero's butt but his fellow pilot's rear ends as well.

Now that agility was being put to a much more provocative use. The tight pants fabric stretched over Duo's trim buttocks strained with each abandoned oscillation. Likewise the same taut straining along Duo's frontal region left little to the imagination. Thrusting his hips forward the braided dancer took the term sexy to new extremes.

Heero found himself totally captivated by each clearly aimed series rocking and rutting movements. Duo slid closer never deviating from his sensual assault. His deep violet eyes, half closed in the dance's pure ecstasy, still managed to find Heero's cobalt centers of sight locking them into the same mesmerizing trance that had overcome Duo.

Leaning nearer Duo lifted his hands in an inviting manner. "Dance with me." he cooed adding a subtle tilt to his sweat-dampened torso. His silky shirt, too, now stuck in all the right places showing off a lean but muscular chest.

As tempted as Heero was to join the erotic boy the fact he had never been comfortable with dancing overruled Duo's flirtatious request. "I would rather not." Heero stated lowing his eyes to lessen the spellbinding affects of Duo's rhythmic rotations.

Duo pushed out his bottom lips adding a pout to his seductive arsenal, "Please Heero." he begged letting his hands settled lightly on Heero's shoulders.

An involuntary shiver ran through Heero's body beginning at Duo's finger's contact point and not stopping until they gathered with a teasing tingle in his groin. "Please." Duo repeated adding a slight squeeze for good measure.

"I can't." Heero insisted keeping his eyes in their lowered position, "I don't know how." he finally admitted a bit embarrassed by the confession.

Heero didn't want Duo to think he didn't appreciate the invitation to dance it was just that he had never allowed himself the freedom to do such things. Dancing, while he believed gave some people enjoyment, was something that Heero Yuy had never had time for. Like so many other things in his life Heero could not permit such frivolous behavior to interfere with his sensibilities and certainly that impede his "Perfect Soldier" training.

Duo straightened up studying his Gundam partner for a few seconds. "You have never danced?" he asked softly not wanting to increase Heero's self-consciousness. Although he had to admit that seeing Heero Yuy a little out of control was refreshing. Who knows Wing Zero's master might just be human after all.

Heero shook his head "no" offering no verbal reply.

Duo let a smile flow over his moist facial features, "Well I believe it is about time we changed that situation." he announced making his way to the CD player. "Maybe the music just too fast." he declared removing the disk and replacing it with another.

Heero sighed wondering what Duo was up to this time. Whenever Duo Maxwell got that certain gleam in his eyes it usually meant that he had hatched an idea and that no one was going to dissuade him from his mission.

"Duo is as stubborn as you are Yuy." Heero's inner voice proclaimed as a nagging sense of oneness pulled at Heero's mind. Maybe he and Duo were more alike than Heero wanted to acknowledge. Maybe that was one reason Heero found the person who called himself Shinigami so intriguing.

Why had the loud-mouthed, annoying bake started to occupy more than just a passing interest in Heero's thoughts? Why had he noticed that his mood immediately improved whenever Duo was around? How the war, the battles and their resulting horror, now seemed less traumatic. Could it be that Duo Maxwell had become a source of salvation for Heero's mental and emotional health?

Music swelling once more quickly brought Heero back from his supposing thoughts, putting an abrupt end to his uneasy questioning of how important Duo had become in his life.

This time the song was low and slow. The melody had a yielding quality. Instead of boisterous volume that caused the brain to vibrate in one's skull the tone was soft, more like a glassy pond than a raging river.

Duo returned to his place in front of Heero extending his hands. "Dance with me." he requested once more.

Without hesitation Heero placed his hands in Duo's hands as he had placed his life in Duo's abilities in battle. He had trusted Duo to keep him safe then; he could do no less now.

Heero stood rigidly in front of his instructor. Duo grinned again amused at Heero's uncertainty. "It's all right I won't bite." he promised letting the grin break into a full smile.

Heero stood still, back stiff and shouldered tensed. "What to I do?" he asked lowly staring at his feet which seemed glued to the floor.

"Put your hands on my shoulders." Duo stated anxious to start the dance lessons. "Relax. Think of this as a battle plan. Approach it the same way." he directed hoping to put his reluctant partner at ease.

Heero's body did give a little but the stiffness remained in his arms. Duo could sense the tightened muscles bulging under Heero's tee shirt. Duo did not mind the feel of flexed muscles, in fact the sensation was quite nice but they did hinder his efforts.

"Heero look at me." Duo ordered. Heero raised his sight locking his eyes with Duo's expressive eyes. "Listen to the music; let it take over you senses." he continued as he slipped his hands about Heero's waist.

At the initial touch Heero acted as though he would return to his previous posture. "Listen to the music." Duo gently prodded Heero's thoughts. "That's good. Now you are going to have to do something totally against your nature." Duo declared.


"Let me lead." Duo grinned snugging up his hold.

Slowly, ever so patiently, Duo began to sway in place. Soon Heero was copying the rocking motion. Then carefully Duo moved his feet guiding Yuy in small steps. "Baby steps." Duo thought to himself.

"Good." he praised. "Now loosen up a little more."

Heero put all his concentration into letting his hearing, his sense of touch and balance take over. Gradually his body began to respond in much the same way as he and Wing Zero became a single-minded unit in battle. If he could control the Gundam's mighty, raw power he certainly could master the skill of dancing.

Duo sensing his partner's more lax posture encouraged Heero closer by wrapping his arms further around his waist. Answering Duo physical coaxing Heero slid his arms around Duo's neck until he was able to rest his head on the juncture of Duo's shoulder and neck. Suddenly the music surrounded the Gundam pilots. The steady beat, lush and soothing, took over. Smoothly the instructor and his pupil moved in small circles.

Heero could feel Duo's breath lacing through the shorter hairs at the nape of his neck. He could feel Duo's heartbeat as their closeness was narrowed until not even air could flow between them. Radiating warmth mingled with the melodious resonance. There was a sultry scent of dampness mixed with the essence of Duo's Green Tea shampoo.

"You're doing great." Duo whispered. "Isn't this wonderful?" he asked letting out a releasing sigh of total contentment.

"Is this what heaven is like?" Heero asked in the same hushed tone as if he was afraid his voice would destroy the music that had so overwhelmed him. He did not want to lose that feeling. Didn't want to be separated from his partner who had suddenly become an anchor, a lifeline saving him from the swamping tide duty and loneliness.

Duo pulled his head back far enough to clearly see Heero's face. "I don't know what heaven is like I have only experienced hell," he confessed, "but if one could find heaven it would be in your arms." he stated unashamedly.

Together the two friends found comfort in each other's arms. What this connection would lead to they did not know. For now, anyway, they were fulfilled just to hold each other and allow the music to shield them from the harsh reality of war. Their future was uncertain. At that moment the joining of a single measure of time and the metered harmony was all that was promised them.

Heero closed his eyes bathing in the combination of Duo's sensuality and his consoling support. Perhaps dancing was not such a waste of time after all. Perhaps by freeing his body, trusting it to the music, Heero Yuy could also free his soul entrusting it to his friend, Gundam partner and, maybe one day, his lover. If Heero could allow his heart to beat in time to the music, then his soul could learn to dance in the security of Duo's loving embrace. Yes, dancing was wonderful.

Heero brought his mouth to Duo's ear. "Thank you." he whispered.

"For what?" Duo questioned.

"For teaching me and my heart to dance." Heero answered settling back into the security of Duo's arms and the music.


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Learning to Dance--Karen Hickman--Feb. 2002