Here is a story with Heero and Duo. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading it. The Huntress Of Zechs, Karen




Heero paced the Medical Center’s dim corridor. He had made the trip to the window at the end and back again to Room 12 at least a dozen times. Each return trip only added to his frustration and anxiousness. Each time the door was still closed, still blocking his way to his precious Duo.

Heero stared at the door as if his narrowed, brooding sight might somehow magically cause the barrier to suddenly burst open. His head hurt but not as much as his heart. “Damn it, Duo! Why?” he hissed.

Feeling his knees becoming wobbly, Heero leaned on the wall, laying his pounding head on his forearm. Shutting his eyes against the dizziness, he took in a shaky breath. Right then his thoughts wouldn’t come together. Right then nothing made any sense at all.

“Heero.” He thought he heard his name, but the sound seemed to float passed him.

“Heero.” The call came again. “Heero, are you all right?”

Raising his head, Yuy turned his sight in the phantom caller’s direction. His misty sight met Quatre’s large indigo eyes, wide with worry. “Quatre.” he managed to choke out the Sandrock Pilot’s name.

Quatre stepped forward grabbing Heero’s arm as his knees finally gave out entirely. Guiding his back down the wall, Quatre lowered the Wing Zero Pilot’s trembling body until he sat on the tile floor.

“Hey, take it easy.” Quatre declared, kneeling beside Heero, “Easy now.” he repeated placing his cool hand on Heero’s forehead. He closed his eyes, this time voicing no objection to being touched as Quatre brushed damp bangs aside.

Winner eased down by this fellow Pilot resting on the wall. He didn’t like the pale cast of Heero’s skin, the clammy moisture on his cheeks. And he thought Yuy’s breathing was a bit too tight and raspy.

Quatre sighed, his own body feeling heavy and worn. For a few seconds he allowed his mind to go blank, just long enough to regroup his senses. Slowly his eyes focused to find Heero’s face buried in his hands. Once more a shudder coursed over his brother-in-arm’s slender frame.

It hurt to see his friend so out of control that way. It was so much unlike the stoic Heero that he had talked with just that morning. The conversation had centered on a scouting mission Heero and Duo had been assigned.

“Shouldn’t be much to it.” Heero answered when Quatre asked about the risk factor. “Be back in time for dinner.” Heero replied as he packed an extra clip for his pistol.

Now they sat in the clinically cold Medical Center’s hall as darkness swallowed the purple twilight. “How is he?” Quatre asked softly touching Heero’s hand. Again, unexpectedly, Heero did not pull away.

“I don’t know.” he whispered, “They won’t tell me anything.”

Heero took in another shaky breath wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “Oh Quatre, it’s not good. I can feel it, I.......” The words trailed off as a second shudder, stronger than the one before, shook Heero’s body causing him to bump against the wall. “It’s all my fault.”

Quatre increased the pressure on Yuy’s hand, “What in the hell happened?” he asked with uncharacteristic swearing.

Heero locked his watery blue eyes on Qautre and took in a deeper, steadying breath, “This morning, after we returned from the briefing, I was in the bedroom gathering what I needed for the mission. Duo came bouncing in just like he always does. “About ready?” I asked gathering up my jacket.

Duo leaned on the doorframe as I turned to leave. “We have a few minutes.” he announced stretching his arm across the opening, blocking my way. “Not much but enough for a little playtime.” he grinned putting his other hand on the opposite side, leaning forward, pressing his knee between my legs.

“Duo, not now.” I said impatiently trying to duck under his arm.

“Ah come on, you don’t really want to leave, do you?” he insisted pinning me with his body as his knee moved firmly up and down on my groin. “Tell you what.” Duo cooed, “Come back in and lock the door and I’ll make you feel good. Won’t be much time for proper foreplay but you know I can get the job done without disappointing you.”

Duo leaned in harder planting a moist, tongue-laced kiss in Heero’s pouting mouth.

“No, not now, we have to go. You know we can’t be late.” the ever vigilant soldier declared.

Duo lifted his hand letting his arm drop with a clearly disappointed puff, “Hell, you can be so single-minded sometimes. What would it hurt to be a little late? After all, if we do this right, no one will know we are there anyway. Can’t you just spare a few minutes? he asked softening his tone leaning over for one more longing kiss.

“I should have sensed something was different in Duo’s kiss. There was a certain urgency in it, not sexual or lustful, but more like he wanted to delay us leaving as long as he could. Like he knew something wasn’t right.”

As usual, in my impassive, rigidly trained manner, all I had on my mind was the mission. All my thoughts were centered on completing the assignment and, of course, doing it with the utmost efficiency. As much as Duo’s invitation was tempting, I forced the warm emotions away and concentrated on the damned mission.”

Quatre looked over at Yuy’s troubled statement now feeling as hurt and helpless. “That is just your nature.” he declared trying to ease Heero’s obvious guilt over something he couldn’t have possibly foreseen.

“Well it shouldn’t be.” Heero snapped back clenching his fists in anger, “After all this time with Duo and his happy, sweet ways. After he kept trying to get me to loosen up even when I was downright rude and cruel.

Quatre, he never gave up on me, never.”

“I know.”

“Two nights ago Duo took a shower while I finished some reports. When he came out he hadn’t bother to dress. I felt warm hands caress my neck from behind and turned to find his bright smile beaming down at me. His undone beautiful hair hung loosely about his shoulders, water still the still dripping from the ends. His chest was damp, shining the bedroom light. He entire nakedness was displayed before me with the natural, unashamed comfort of one lover to another.

He took my hand, lead me to the bed and threw back the covers. Then ever-so-slowly he began to undress me. He pulled my shirt over my head then placed moist hot kisses over my neck and chest.”

Heero,” Quatre interrupted, “you don’t have to open up your private moments.”

“I know, but please let me finish. I need you to know. Need you to understand what Duo was trying to tell me.”

Quatre silently complied keeping his indigo gaze locked on Heero’s sad sight.

“He pulled down my pants and underwear. I was already barefooted so, as my clothes cleared my ankles, I was as equally naked and equally excited.

Laying me on my back he licked and sucked my chest and nipples. It was not the first time Duo had initiated our loving, but that night he seemed so much more insistence. Every move, ever kiss and touch, was focused as if he wanted everything to be just right. As if my pleasure and gratification was his the most important task.

His tongue slipped over my stomach while his hands continued to massage and roll my taut nipples until I thought I would cry out loud. Again there was no hurry. Nothing but Duo and I and his compelling touch.

His hands left my chest. One took a firm hold on my penis, the other stroked the inside of one thigh running the full length from my crotch to my knee over and over again.

A quiver completely seized my body as his mouth closed over my aching manhood. Again he tongue snaked and curled about. I grabbed his feathery hair tangling my fingers in the silky mane. I probably pulled to hard, but if I did, Duo didn’t seem to notice. Again he took his time, drawing his lips and tongue up and down as I held his hair and moved against his face.

“Duo! Stop!” I cried out, “ I’m going to come.”

Duo backed off holding my swollen manhood tightly at the base to keep me from coming. “Oh no, my kawairshii koibito not yet. Not until you beg me to stop.” he purred with an almost wicked gleam in is liquid blue eyes.

“Roll over.” he ordered giving my bare bottom a gentle, but firm slap.

On my stomach, as Duo’s full weight pinned me to the bed, all I could do was clutch up fistfuls of the tangled sheets and hope I would not pass out from sheer ecstasy. Without using his fingers as he usually did to loosen my anal hole, to make it more pliable, and without his usual throaty declarations of what quite sensually delightful things he was going to ravage on me, Duo gritted his teeth, centered his body and pushed in as strongly as he could.

I flinched at the sudden invasion, but the pain soon melted into hot, wet pleasure as Duo fell into metered, steady strokes. He would pull out halfway then lunge down never changing the pace or cadence.

Then he leaned near my ear and let his next whispered command tickle over my neck, “I want you on your knees.” he ordered wrapping his hands around my hips and pulling up sharply. The rearranging put me at a more acute angle. Duo’s next thrust found a new, virgin spot I didn’t know I had.

An involuntary, totally uncontrollable, groan escaped from my lips. “Oh yes.” Duo cooed, “I knew I could make you feel good. Now listen,” he sighed again, “I want you to touch yourself. I want you to pleasure yourself in the way only you know how to do it. Yes, that would please me greatly.”

“Duo.” I began, “I...”

“Be quiet and do it. That is an order soldier.” he barked close to my ear.

“Yes, Mshi.”

Soon Duo and I moved in a perfect measure of time. I fondled and stroked as Duo rutted and grinded his hips hitting the same, exact spot over and over again. Breathless and becoming weaker by the minute, I knew neither of us would last much longer.

“Are you ready to bet me to stop?” Duo asked huskily panting hard from his slow, focused thrusting.

“Almost.” was all I could say between my own labored panting.

“Well I will have mercy on you, but this one time only.” Duo declared straightening quickly, bowing his spine and throwing back his head for one last, penetrating drive.

I pushed back tightening my anal opening as tightly as I could. Suddenly all motion stopped, frozen in one tense, climactic moment. “Oh Duo, don’t move.” I begged as wave after hot wave trembled through my body and down both legs.

“I have too.” he declared as his own pulsating quivers causing him to lose control.

Burning fire and icy shivers struck at the same time. Both my precious lover and I came at once.

Duo collapsed on my back. He braced his exhaustion weakened arms on the bed trying to hold up his full weight. With his pumping manhood still sheathed in me, his breathy voice again whispered near my ear, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I raggedly answered his heart and soul’s sincere declaration.

“Arigato, my Heero-chan.” Duo said as he pulled to so slowly I cried out from the overpowering sensation.

Duo settled in beside pulling me snuggly into the curve of his slim frame. Our sweat damp bodies slid against each other as he reached for the sheet to cover us before we caught a chill.

“Duo,” I said turning his chestnut tresses in my fingers, breathing in the exotic essence of his damp skin. “Tonight, it was different.”

“In what way?”

“You are an excellent lover.” I praised him, “You have always put my pleasure before yours, taking your time until you knew I was ready. But something in your touch tonight was more anxious. It was as if you didn’t want us to ever part again. I don’t know, I’m I making any sense at all?”

“Yes.” Duo replied taking my hand, “I have had this feeling for the last couple of days. It has been a nagging in my soul that wouldn’t go away, wouldn’t leave me alone. Even in my sleep it was there in the deepest recesses of my dreams.”

“I noticed you had been restless the last two nights. I’m sorry, I should have said something, asked what was wrong.”

Duo smiled that sweet smile, “Even if you had asked, I don’t know if I would have be able to explain the feelings. It has all been quite strange. But let’s forget about that now, we are together and that is all that matters.” he proclaimed holding me tighter still.

Heero looked down at the floor hiding his face from his Gundam comrade’s concerned eyes. But Quatre could tell by the slump of Heero’s shoulders and the heaving in his chest that the hardened facade the “Perfect Soldier” maintained to keep the world at bay was crumbling quickly.

“I should have paid more attention to Duo’s intuitions. He has a way of feeling the future.

And this morning, Quatre, he knew something was going to happen. Something was going to go terribly wrong. That’s why he wanted to love me, because he knew it could be our last time together.”

Sobs shook Heero’s body as he stopped fighting, “Oh Quatre, why didn’t I listen to my heart? Why didn’t I listen?” Heero turned to face his heart-sick friend. “Now Duo is lying in there wounded from a bullet meant for me.” he whispered letting the tears flow freely. “If he doesn’t make it.”

“ Damn it, why do I always have to be so obedient, so obligated to duty?” Wing Zero’s Master swore hitting his fists on the floor. “Why can’t I be free and spontaneous like Duo? Do you realize the only time I ever let my guard down is when Duo loves me? Now what does that tell you?”

Quatre put a supporting arm around Heero’s shoulders, “Nothing has to stay the same. You can change. With Duo’s help I know you can.”


“Listen to me.” Qautre ordered making Heero look at him, “ Duo will recover from this. He is strong and he loves you too much to leave you. You have to be strong, too, for both his sake and yours.

When Duo is better, ask him to help you be more the person you want to be instead of the cold, detracted man you are now. That’s is what Duo has wanted for you since the first time you two met. All he has ever wanted was for you to be happy with yourself and content in your soul.

Promise me, you will ask him.” Quatre pleaded earnestly. “Promise.”

“I promise.” Heero swore on his heart. For the first time in his life Heero Yuy was going to say the hell with duty and live for himself and for his sweet lover who never gave up on him.

The door opened and a man in a white coat stepped into the hall. With Quatre’s help, Heero scrambled to his feet. “How is he?” Heero asked tensely almost too afraid to hear the Doctor’s answer.

“We removed the bullet and the bleeding has stopped. His condition is stable.” the Doctor stated, “Your young friend is quite a fighter. With rest and proper care he will make a full recovery. Which one of you is Heero?”

“I am.”

“You can go in, he has been calling your name ever since he came out of the anesthesia. He is sedated, but he should know you are there.”

Heero cast a sideways glance at Quatre, silently asking his pardon to leave him alone in the hall. “Go on, I’ll wait out here. Duo needs to see only you now.”

Heero touched Quatre’s arm, took a deep breath to hold back the tears that threatened to make another assault-run and walked inside.

Once again he paused in the door shoring up his wretched nerves, determined Duo would not see him break down.

His soul-mate laid pale and quiet covered with a heavy blanket. A line fed by a needle in Duo’s hand ran from a bag of reddish fluid hanging on a hook above the bed. Wires patched onto Duo’s body connected to a monitor which flashed and beeped with a steady tone.

A nurse checked the fluid flow and wrote something on a chart. She offered a comforting smile to Heero as she smoothed out the blanket. “I’ll leave you two alone.” she said touching Heero’s shoulder, “I will be outside if you need me. Just keep him calm.”

“Thank you.” Heero replied as the door closed.

He moved to the bedside taking Duo’s other hand that was free from any needles or wires. His lover’s chestnut braid, mussed and frayed, trailed over his shoulder. Yuy ran his fingers along the length remembering how beautiful it was when the silky mane was undone and combed out smooth. How it would sway with each graceful movement. How it felt on his naked body the last time they made love.

The warmth of Heero’s hand must have been sensed even through Maxwell’s drug-induced stupor. Something transmitted Heero’s special touch to Duo’s numbed mind.

With a low groan, Duo shifted. His fingers tightened on Heero’s. “No.” he cried weakly an statement of extreme struggle mirrored on his pale face, “Heero. No.”

“Duo.” his lover called pushing damp hair from Duo’s forehead. “Duo, I’m here. Follow the sound of my voice back to me. Please.”

Sluggish eyelids strained against the heaviness of sedation and pain. “Duo

please.” Heero repeated leaning over to gently kiss Maxwell’s dry lips.

“Heero?” Eyelids fluttered, parted and closed again, The second attempt

was more successful. This time they conceded to stay open, but the eyes beneath the heavy lids had trouble focusing on the wavy outline hovering overhead.

Heero again touched his lips to Duo’s but, this time Yuy swore he felt a positive response. “Heero.” Duo whispered once more. “What happened?”

“Shhhh. Don’t try to talk now. When you have more strength I promise I will tell you everything. Right now, my koibito, please rest.”

“It was so dark.” Duo moaned trying to better see his Heero’s dear face, “I looked but I couldn’t find you. I called but you didn’t hear.”

“I know. Please forgive me.” Heero begged running a single finger over Duo’s clammy cheek, “I would not let my eyes see pass duty, let my ears listen to my heart’s advice. But fate spared you to save me. You, alone, are my soul’s savor.” he declared once again kissing his last hope of redemption. “You are my saving grace.”

“You rest and get stronger. When you have recovered, I want you to help me find the one small spark of humanity all my training has not completely destroyed. Help me recognize myself more clearly in this dirty mirror that reflects only part of my soul. Please, Duo, will you help me?”

Duo’s fingers tightened on Heero’s hand and now his wide eyes centered on his partner’s tear streaked face, “That is all I have ever wanted to do.” he whispered his own tears of joy welling up and spilling over his cheeks, “All I ever wanted was for you to be free of the emotional void those bastards from your childhood force upon you. Yes, my dear lover, I promise you will learn to love yourself as much as I love you.”

In the hush of the encroaching night, as pinpoints of stars blinked out over the Medical Center, Heero carefully cradled Duo in his protective embrace. Never again would duty or denying his emotions separate him from the care and security of the one person who never gave up. Never again would he and Duo be apart. Never again.

INTUITION--By: Karen Hickman--October 2000