Hey there. I hope you don't think I am being pushy but I posted my fanfic, Ice Cream, some time ago and never heard a word from anyone. Was it that bad or has everyone just been busy? If you will please accept my humble offering once more I promise, if I don't get a reply this time, I won't post this story again. Forgive my boldness. Thanks. Karen, The Huntress.

Title: Ice Cream
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: YAOI--LEMON, fun with food
Parts: 1/1




"Whatcha doing?" Duo asked as he bounced into the kitchen.

It was well past midnight and the other Gundam team members had long ago gone to bed. Duo had waked up and, missing his lover, had gone out on a reconnaissance mission to find his precious partner.

Heero looked over from the table where he sat wearing only a tee shirt and cotton boxes. His face lit up at the sight of this koi. "Nothing, just decided I want a snack." he replied a smile easing itself it his mouth's corners.

Duo paused observing the large bowl sitting before Heero. Leaning over he let his intent gaze fall on the bowl's contents. "Oh ice cream." he almost purred, "I love ice cream especially chocolate." he added taking a seat.

A slight frown infringed on Heero's smile as he saw the twinkle in Duo's eyes as they lingered, in a quite lustful way, at the tempting frozen delicacy.

"I'm sorry but this is the last of the ice cream," Zero's Master confessed, "but I will be more than willing to share." he offered holding out a heaping spoonful.

Duo unashamedly wrapped his mouth around the spoon quickly devouring the sweet treat. Pulling back his let his tongue encircle his lips to make sure he got every last bit.

Heero couldn't help the wide grin as he realized how much the simple pleasure meant to his partner. Seeing how happy Duo was Heero decided he wanted to share not only the ice cream but also the pure gratification of eating it with Duo.

In much the same manner Heero scooped out a plentiful spoonful and copied exactly Duo's enthusiastic style. Again showing great zeal in the mere act of eating Heero pulled out the spoon producing a soft pop from the suction.

Heero's obvious enjoyment plus the strange sound caused Duo's eyes to widen before he let a light giggle float from his throat. Of course this delight was more than enough reward for Heero. He began digging into the bowl again to invite Duo to partake once more.

"Wait a minute," Duo said leaning forward bringing his face closer to Heero's "I think you dribbled." he grinned moving nearer still.

With a quick dart of his tongue Duo licked off the leftover ice cream clinging to Heero's mouth. Then a short pause preceded a much more centered caress of lips on lips.

Heero took the hint parting his lips to allow Duo's insistent tongue entrance. Duo slid his arm over his lover's shoulder drawing him closer as their tongues taunted, teased and tasted the essence of ice cream.

"Mmmmm." Duo moaned the lip lock not permitting any actual words. Finally he leaned back making certain his tongue's tip tickled over Heero's mouth on the way out.

"That was delicious." he announced, "Yes," he nodded his head slowly, "even better with a slight ice creamy aftertaste. More." he begged with a devilish wink.

Heero now displayed a certain smirk of his own as an equally wicked idea vied for his attention. Without warning he shoved his finger into the cold bowl and deposited a generous amount of ice cream on the end of Duo's nose.

"Hey!" Deathscythe's pilot exclaimed caught totally off-guard. "HEERO!" he yelled completely surprised by Heero's spontaneous act that was so much out-of-character for the normally stoic Perfect Soldier.

Heero didn't miss a beat, "Wait a minute I think I must have missed your mouth." he declared with more than a hint of sarcasm. "But how I could have missed such a big target is beyond me. You don't think I'm slipping do you? I mean my aim couldn't be that far off." he teased bringing his hand up to cup under Duo's chin.

Duo put up no protest as Heero flicked out his tongue expertly removing the stray ice cream in one single swipe. "No I believe my aim is still sure." he decided with a wide grin.

Now Duo interpreted Heero's actions the only way he could: A Challenge!

Reading the mischief on his koi's beautiful face and the unmistakable gleam in his intense amethyst eyes, Heero immediately went on the defensive. Grabbing for the bowl he over extended his reach nearly falling out of his chair.

Duo took advantage of his partner's precarious position. With a skillfully fluid countermove the swift Shinigami intercepted Heero's hand using the captured body part to pull Yuy into a strong and quite unyielding embrace.

"Got ya!" he proclaimed before making an earnest attempt to deliver the most passionate kiss possible.

The almost bruising kiss was right on target and, without a doubt, accomplished the desired affect as Heero surrendered without a fight. As the kiss deepened Duo used the distraction to further take charge of the Battle of the Ice Cream.

As both of Heero's hands were occupied as they became entangled in Duo's braid the sly American placed one free hand behind Heero's head making sure the sensually seductive maneuver kept his mind where it belonged and not on Duo's next move.

With stealthy cunning and practiced precision, the street-smart American engaged his Gundam training moving in deliberate degrees towards the unguarded bowl. Then in one smoothly calculated motion his other hand closed around the ultimate battle prize.

With a throaty victory growl, Duo broke the kiss leaving his enamored lover breathless and, for a rare but fleeting moment, entirely helpless.

In the throes of his unbridled carnality Heero realized to late his inattention to duty. His momentary detraction, craftily brought to fruition by his koi's sneaky actions in which he displayed not one bit of remorse, had been carried out with the greatest of ease.

The realization of Heero's loss came seconds before Duo grabbed up the alluring ice cream and made a hasty retreat to the floor. Then with nimble quickness both the bowl and the elusive Shinigami disappeared under the table.

Now Heero was held in a state of awe as he firstly recovered from his koi's thievery and secondly as he wonder why Duo was under the table and not making a beeline for the kitchen door.

Surely Duo knew he was within easy reach, well within the Perfect Soldier's attack range. Why go to all the trouble to set up a distraction and grab the goodies if Duo hadn't plan to make good his escape?

That was strange behavior even for his beautiful baka. Was the mysterious but still oddly enchanting conduct meant to be yet another way to drive Heero crazy while trying to guess Duo's eccentric motives?

Suddenly Heero's mind went from wondering to wild as he felt Duo's body come up between his legs centering himself with uncomfortable but welcomed pressure against his increasingly alert manhood.

Taking in a sharp breath from the unpredicted assault, Heero could do nothing but grab onto the table as his entire body bowed against his seat.

"DUO!" Heero gasped as he felt Duo's undaunted fingers catch hold of his waistband. He involuntarily flinched again as a steady but sensuously slow pull lower his boxers giving Heero's cotton clad erection room to expand.

Heero could only let out a low groan as he used his white-knuckled grip on the table for leverage as he lifted his hips to let Duo slip the freed boxers over his slim hips until they clear his bare feet.

It was all Heero's could do to stifle a much more demanding moan that erupted with enough insistent force that it would surely wake the household if not contained. As the hoarse whimper rose on panting breaths Heero closed his eyes in a fit of pure ecstasy.

Warm hands enfolded about his throbbing member. Then with a firm fondling Duo employed a series of repeated strokes sliding from base to head and back again with torturous timing design to bring Heero to the brink.

"Oh Duo." Heero sighed thrusting his hips forward to meet with zeal each metered caress. "Please koi," he begged as Duo kept to his tormenting pace, "I going to come and I don't want this to end." he declared as his body said one thing and his mind said another.

"You want me to stop?" came the muffled question from under the table.

"Not completely." Heero answered through winded breaths as sweat glistened on his toned chest, "I just want you to slow down." he instructed.

He could hear Duo shuffling beneath the table but the tabletop prevented him from seeing what his sweet koi was doing.

After a moment that was too agonizingly long, as Heero's quivering manhood anxiously pleaded for more attention, Heero could only speculate as to what Duo could be planning. This unknown factor was both intriguing and frightening.

Knowing Duo's unpredictable nature Heero quickly decided he had better make sure he had a good grip on the table. His self-advice soon proved to be accurate.

"DUO! WHAT IN THE HELL!" Heero shouted as something cold, wet and extremely sticky drizzled over his taut erection.

At that chilly moment Heero did not care at all if his fellow pilots heard his loud expletive. Several more curt curses poured forth as the frigid liquid ran down the entire length.

"Duo what are you doing?" Heero inquired growling through clenched teeth as he tried to see between the table's edge and his shaky legs. All that could be seen was tousled chestnut hair and shadowy eyes as Duo stared back up from the gloom.

"What, doesn't it feel good?" Duo responded in a sarcastic tone that was virtually bordering on sadistic amusement.

Heero took in a deep breath and held it for a moment as the cool moistness began to be warmed by Heero's elevated body heat.

"Yes but what did you do?" he asked once more as the unthinkable notion of food abuse slowly crept into his mind.

"Duo, you didn't?" The next question came but Heero already knew the answer.

Duo's bright expressive eyes peered up at his lover with a wanton gleam that spoke volumes about his passionate intentions, "I knew that was some other good use for ice cream." he purred as the tip of his tongue licked its way around Heero's manhood's goo-drenched head.

Heero just held on for dear life and enjoyed the ride.


Ice Cream--Karen Hickman--Aug. 2001