Title: I Died in Your Arms Tonight {this is NOT a deathfic}
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Category: mystery POV
Pairing: 1x2? 2x1?...you decide!
Warning: mild angst, romantic sap
Part: 1/1 complete
Feedback: Always appreciated

I Died in Your Arms Tonight


Midnight covers the bedroom in a velvet blanket. Each time the breeze whispers through the curtains I see the moon drifting among the stars. There is a comforting silence, a sense of serenity as if we are the only two people in the world.

As I hold you in my arms your quiet breathing feathers on my bare shoulder. In the muted moonlight I watch you sleep putting to memory the delicate curve of your cheekbones, the way your lips form a perfect mouth. The breeze blows again ruffling your bangs and the silky strands framing your angelic face and for the first time I realized just how beautiful you are.

I remember your face flushed in the throes of passion, your lips redden from the sizzling kisses that we shared. I recall your ecstasy-glazed eyes that locked with mine and looked straight into my soul.

You expertly fanned the embers. You skillfully stoked the flames and ignited a firestorm climax that incinerated all my inhibitions. Even in the afterglow I still tingle from the phantom touches that my body can not forget.

But the recollections are bittersweet. One lesson that this cruel conflict has taught me it is that no one is guaranteed anything beyond their next breath. The struggled for simply survival consumes my days and loneliness shrouds my nights. All hope has wasted away to ashes and has been scattered on the winds of war.

I have for too long allowed fear to keep me from committing to you. I want love not dread-driven lust to rule our relationship. I want to care for your, to cradle you and keep you safe.

I never imagined that such happiness could be possible. You are my saving grace when heaven has given up and hell was set my punishment for the death and destruction I have wrought.

Tears burn hot behind my eyes but I do nothing to stop them from falling. As I willingly drop my defenses, as my warrior facade crumbles and exposes my throat to the hellhounds, I trust my heart to your protection.

You sigh in your sleep, snuggle closer and my heart swells with joy. I can not keep quiet any longer...not when death stalks our lives and the morning could be our last moments together.

As soon as I can enlist the sunrise to ease you from your peaceful slumber I will bear my heart. I will confess my needs and proclaim my undying devotion. I died in your arms tonight and was reborn by the purity of your love and nothing will ever sever our souls.


I Died in Your Arms Tonight--Karen Hickman--September 2003