Title: Heero Take Me Higher
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: yaoi, sap and extreme niceness
Part: 1/1

Heero Take Me Higher
by Karen, The Huntress

"Come on, please, just one more time." Duo begged sticking out his bottom lip in a pronounced pout.

Heero rolled his eyes and sighed, "Duo I'm exhausted," he readily admitted, "I swear I think you could go on forever." he declared mopping back sweat-damp bangs that were plastered to his forehead.

Duo was not going to be dissuaded or denied, "Please once more then I promise I won't ask again today."

Heero had spent enough time with the braided bundle of energy to know that only Duo decided when he had reached his limits. Duo Maxwell was energetic about everything he did, always giving one hundred percent and he expected everyone else to do the same. While this trait often bordered on hyperactivity Heero had to confess that Duo's exuberance was what had initially attracted him to the determined Deathscythe pilot.

But after spending most of the afternoon satisfying Duo's wishes Heero was tired and hungry. *That's the solution.* Heero's inner voice declared as he searched for something to take Duo's mind off their current pursuit. *Turn his attention to food, eating is just as tempting.*

Heero nodded as he acknowledged his wise council. "Let's get something to eat. How about pizza? My treat." he offered also knowing that eating was another of Duo's passions.

Duo tiled his head at a considering angle. His chestnut bangs slipped over one violet eye making it difficult for Heero to read his expression. Heero held his breath hoping that Duo's need for nourishment would put his desires on a different path.

But Duo was not ready to stop such an enjoyable activity. "One more time, please." he asked going all doe-eyed on Heero.

Heero Yuy knew which battles to choose, when to keep fighting and when to surrender. "All right one more time but then we have to stop. Duo you are wearing me out."

Duo held on tightly as he leaned back against Heero's chest. Heero let another long sigh escape over his lips, wrapped his hands around the chain holding the swing and pulled his lover back as far as his arms would allow. Then with what power he could muster Heero pushed Duo forward.

Duo straightened his arms and legs using the added leverage to make the swing pick up speed. He threw back his head, his braid brushing the ground as he soared skywards. At the apex of his flight Duo hung weightless for a few seconds revelling in the pleasure of defying gravity then the reverse trip sent him backwards at a thrilling pace.

Heero intercepted his partner catching him around his slender waist and pushed forward again. With each trip up and back Duo's smiled widened, his beautiful eyes sparkled with delight and his breath was quickened by the pure exhilaration that the simple act of swinging produced.

Finally the swing began to slow down. Duo dragged his boots to help the braking process raising small dust clouds under his feet. Then one more scrape along the sandy soil and Duo and the swing stopped. Bouncing out of the seat Duo spun around almost tackling Heero as he pulled him into an excited embrace. Before Heero had a chance to recover from the loving assault Duo put his partner into a lip-lock that took Heero's breath away.

With the searing contact Heero forgot about his sore muscles and aching back. A sudden rush of energy replaced the weariness. At that perfect moment the only thing that mattered were two warm bodies pressed together and a pair of lips engaged in the most amazing sensations.

With reluctance Duo broke the kiss leaning back enough to look deeply into Heero's eyes. "Thank you for a wonderful afternoon." he said as a happy smile graced his kiss-reddened mouth. "I love you." he continued his appreciative praise.

Heero returned Duo's smile. All the effort was worth Duo's happiness and he didn't regret being tire at all. "I love you, too." he replied giving Duo's luscious lips a brushing kiss. "Can we go eat now?"

"Yeah." Duo answered intertwining his fingers with Heero's and squeezing his hand. "And when we are finished eating we'll go home for some desert." he winked putting Heero on notice that all the fun wasn't over.

Heero shook his head in agreement to the after dinner treat. "I will have to take you to the playground more often."

As Heero and Duo walked hand in hand down the street the orange sunset silhouetted the playground and a gentle breeze stirred the swing in a seductive invitation to return.

Heero Take Me Higher--Karen Hickman--October 2002