Title: Heart's Desire
Author: Karen, The Huntress
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Category: Deathfic but a good ending
Pairing: 1x2 Warning: angst
Part: 1/1
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Notes: Hello everyone. I hope you had a happy holiday season and will have a safe and happy new year. Here is a ficlet that could be considered a deathfic but despite its nature it does have a good ending. Please enjoy the story. Take care, Karen, The Huntress.

Heart's Desire
by Karen Hickman

Duo Maxwell was dead, his young life tragically cut short when a drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into the driver's side of his car. Death had been instantaneous but that fact was of little consolation to Heero, Quatre, Trowa, Wufei and the friends and co-workers gathered for the simple graveside service.

Heero stood bravely between Quatre and Trowa wearing his stoic "Perfect Soldier" mask. His friends understood knowing that Heero would never put his emotions on display for the world to see. No, Heero would grieve in private, alone with his memories and his pain.

Later that night when only Heero and his brothers-in-arms remained in the utterly quiet house Heero again refused to eat then, stating that he needed to be by himself, retired to the bedroom that he and Duo shared. The door closed with a hollow thud cutting off the light from the hall. Slender shafts of muted moonlight were the only illumination in the lonely room.

Curling up on the bed that would forever be cold without the warmth of Duo's love; Heero lay on his side gazing at Duo's picture on the bedside table. He silently studied the heart-shaped face; the way Duo's smile pulled up the corners of his mouth. The sparkled in his lavender eyes that had been so abruptly extinguished.

Heero remembered that fateful afternoon when Wufei had answered the telephone call from the morgue. Heero recalled the shock on Wufei's face, the shiver in his voice as he did the hardest thing he had ever had to do, tell Heero that his only reason for living was gone.

Despite his fellow ex-pilot's objections Heero had insisted on identifying the body. Duo was so pale, so still. It didn't seem possible that just that morning they all had shared breakfast and made plans to go out together that evening. They had finished a particularly tough case at Perventers and had earned a few days off. Dinner and dancing that night was to be their reward.

Now Duo would never dance again. There would be no more pranks or teasing. No more days of laugher or nights of passion so intense that Heero couldn't breath for the sheer ecstasy. Duo was his best friend, his protector and his lover and now all that had been unmercifully taken from him.

Suddenly all the buried emotions boiled to the surface. Anger raged in Heero's gut, churning into hatred for the drunken bastard that had pickled his brain with whiskey and tuned his car into a death machine. Beating his fists on the rumpled bedcovers Heero cried out curses, sucking in labored breaths as unbearable pain pierced his heart.

Tears held at bay since Heero's last sight of Duo's bruised body laying on that cold clinical table and his always immaculate hair loose and tangled and stained with blood replayed over and over again in full color and clarity. Closing his eyes to shut out the horrid visions salty droplets cascaded down his cheeks, gathering on his chin and dampening the pillow. Giving into his despondency the floodgate opened wide spilling forth in an overwhelming desire to join his lover because living without Duo was something Heero did not believe he could endure.

Then a strange serenity flooded his torn heart. A sense of warmth touched his tear-stained face. It was as though strong arms enfolded about his trembling body engulfing him in a wavering glow. There was a faint hint of Duo's scent but was it a new infusion or just the lingering of what once was? Surrendering to the wonderful warmth Heero let his pain dissolve away into the radiant halo's embrace.

A voice sounded in Heero's ear, a whispered invitation for an eternal connection with his soul mate. Relaxing with a soft sigh he allowed his body and soul to drift toward the comforting words and the fluttering of wings. Giving up the last of his will Heero entrusted the caring caress to bear his tortured soul to his waiting lover.

An hour later Quatre knocked on Heero's door. Receiving no answer he assumed that Heero was finally able to sleep and decided to check to make sure he was properly covered up. Before Quatre even walked near enough to see he knew that something was not right. As he stood beside his quiet fetal-curled friend Quatre's heart told him that Heero had left to be with Duo.

There was an indescribable peaceful expression on Heero's pale features washed over in tears and moonlight. Cradled securely in his arms Duo's picture was pressed against Heero's equally peaceful heart. Quatre was surprisingly calm as he told Trowa and Wufei that Heero had made the voluntary journey into the next realm.


By law an autopsy had to be done. The coroner's report stated that no injury or preexisting medical condition was responsible, that Heero Yuy died of natural causes. But Quatre and Trowa and Wufei knew without a doubt that their comrade had died from a broken heart.

But they, too, found peaceful acceptance. They knew that Heero and Duo were together never to be apart again. That laugher and love and breathless passion would be shared between the soul mates that were meant to share eternity.

Only three days of separation had passed before Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy were reunited. Twin marble headstones guarded their new graves. Etched vines and flowers adorned the matching markers. Names and dates identified the earth's occupants resting side by side. The same remembrance was inscribed on each stone, a testimony to an everlasting love: "Together They Fulfilled Their Heart's Desire".

Heart's Desire--Karen Hickman--December 2002

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