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Title: Flying on the Wings of Love
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Paring: 1+2
Warning: angst, language
Part: 1/1 complete
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Flying on the Wings of Love

Sequel to I Will Never Let You Fall


Heero has stopped trembling and finally fallen asleep. As he rests peacefully in my arms he doesn't look like the Perfect Soldier. If the enemy could see him now perhaps they would be given a sense of false security. Wing's master doesn't look like a fearsome warrior or dreaded terrorist but like young man who was forced to grow up too fast.

Dawn paints the bedroom. Soft flickers of light bring out the highlights in Heero's tousled hair; his skin is golden in the sunrise. I ease my arm from under his head and discover that my tee shirt is damp from his tears. Carefully I pull up the sheet and blanket to ward off the early morning chill.

It is so strange to be lying here with Heero. During the war there had been many times when I resisted the urge to go to his bed. He fought to keep me at arm's length and if I had insisted I knew there would surly be reprisals. No, Heero would have no more allowed me into his bed than he would have allowed me into his heart.

But I should have been bolder, should have fought as hard to batter down Heero's defenses but suddenly Shinigami found that he was not brave at all. I put up a good front and fooled everyone but myself. The fearsome God of Death was as insecure, just as afraid of the pain that Heero's rejection would spawn.

Heero shifts in his sleep then curls back into my chest. With a sigh I slip my arm around his waist and give into slumber's drowsy encouragement.

Heero is like a fledgling that yearns to spread his wings and take flight but the weight of war has for so long broken his wings. I want to bind up his fractured soul, to use my love to set him free so we can glide and soar together.

I AM in Heero's bed.

"I will not let fear keep me from becoming the guardian of your wounded heart." I whisper my pledge before I drift off with new determination set firmly in my mind.


I wake up surrounded by reassuring warmth. I ease back and roll over to find that I am in Duo's arms. If someone could see Duo like this, with the sunrise shimmering in henna hues over his hair, they would never believe that he is called the God of Death.

He seems smaller, more delicate than I remember. I press my eyes shut to cut off the welling tears. Why did I reject him all those times during the war? I could engage the enemy without flinching but I was never brave enough to lower my defenses for the only person who truly cared. Is it too late?

Duo is in my bed. In a moment of weakness I dropped my shield and let him get too close. But I don't want to move, I need the contact even if it might be for just one night. My heart has for so long been shackled with fear. With broken wings I have fluttered but never taken flight. Now I want to fly, to glide and soar with Duo by my side. I want to risk the freedom, to rise above the ruins of war into the peaceful blue sky.

Duo sighs. His bangs tickle under my chin. How can I let him go? How would I survive? "I will not allow fear to rule my mind. I will not push you away again." I whisper then tenderly kiss his cheek.


"I'm dreaming that can be the only explanation." I tell myself as I hear Heero whisper close to my ear.

I blink, slowly open my eyes as Heero's lips brush across my cheek. He leans back and I am suddenly fully awake, suddenly aware that he is cradling me in his arms.


"Shhhh." His breath feathers on my face. Please don't let this be a dream!

"I need you."

My ears hear the declaration but my mind doubts the validity of the statement. "Heero?" I repeat as my heart flutters.

"Please teach me how to love." A lone tear tracks down Heero's cheek. "Please."

I raise my hand; my trembling fingers wipe away the salty moisture. Heero Yuy, the soulless soldier, is ready to fly and he trusts me to guide his flight. "I have been waiting so long for you to ask." Now I am crying. "Yes my love together we will wing our way into the heavens."

I slip my arms around Heero's neck. He leans forward without hesitation. As our lips touch all my doubts disappear. The shroud of fear is ripped apart and our hearts become a single unit beating in perfect time.

For now we will hold each other and take comfort in the closeness. The physical love will come when we are ready. After our souls and spirits have merged then our bodies can celebrate the copulative union. Like a mighty eagle that unfurls its wings and soars above the lofty mountains we will find ourselves flying on the wings of love.


Flying on the Wings of Love--Karen Hickman--August 2003