Hey everyone: I hope you don't think this is too far off topic. I just finished reading Recorded Reminders and I was inspired to write a short poem. I wanted to let KM know how much I enjoyed her touching story. I will admit it brought me to tears. I was well written. I appreciate her efforts and wanted to thank her for sharing with the list. Anyway here it is. Thanks, Karen, The Huntress.

Title: Final Request
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Category: poem



I will proudly to all declare,
The special friendship that we share,
I'll give to you my earnest prayer,
For your protection and your care.

Give me flowers while I'm here,
Share a smile, share a tear,
And with thoughts warm and sincere,
See me through another year.

But when my life comes to an end,
Don't worry about what might have been,
My last request from you, my friend,
Is to keep me in your heart until we meet again.

Final Request--Karen Hickman--Jan. 2002