Title: Do You Trust Me?
Author: Karen, The Huntress
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters
Pairing: 2x1
Warning: YAOI--LEMON, maybe a little sap
Parts: 1/1
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Heero and Duo sat at the kitchen table lingering over a second cup of coffee. All through dinner Duo was unusually quiet. Heero could sense something was on his partner's mind but he could think of nothing that would have put his koi in such a sullen mood.

Finally after watching Duo stare into his cup for many minutes, Heero decided that instead of wondering about Duo withdrawal it would be simpler to ask. He reached around the cup laying his hand across Maxwell's fingers. The light touch caused Duo to lift his sight.

"What's wrong?" Heero asked seeing no reason to mince words. Heero Yuy had always been direct in everything he did and this time would be no exception.

Duo sighed ever so slightly, "Nothing."

Heero wasn't buying the single word answer. He and Duo had been through too much, known each other for too long to allow Duo to dismiss the question so easily.

"Duo tell me." he demanded.

There was a hint of worry in Duo's wide violet eyes. For a second he acted as if her wanted to look away but Heero's locked sight kept his eyes focused. "Heero..." Duo began before his voice trailed away.

Heero tightened his hand sliding his fingers between Duo's hand and the coffee cup. "You know you can tell my anything." he stated giving Duo's hand a reassuring squeeze.

Duo's bottom lips quivered making Heero afraid that his koi might break into tears. Another squeeze, another sigh from Duo.

"Heero do you trust me?" Duo whispered so softly that Heero had to strain to hear.

There was a moment's pause not because Heero had trouble answering but because the question seemed to come out of the blue. The silence stretched out as Heero tried to find a reason for the surprising inquiry.

"Of course I trust you." Heero replied truthfully, "Why do you ask? Have I done something to cause you to doubt?"

Duo again lowered his eyes seeming to be shamed by his doubts. He had not wanted to hurt Heero. Hell, he wasn't even sure what had prompted the question in the first place. "I'm sorry." he whispered adding another sigh.

"Don't be sorry." Heero said, "I want you to be happy. What I can do to make you feel better?" he sincerely offered.

"Are you mad at me?" Duo asked his bottom lips beginning to quiver again.

"No. But I will be if you don't let me help." Heero responded firmly hoping to prod Duo into revealing what was truly on his mind.

Duo straightened in his chair leaning over the table, "Will you do something for me?"

"Yes. What?"

Duo stood, stepped around the table and pulled Heero to his feet. Cupping his hand under Heero's chin Duo brushed his lips over his partner's mouth. "Come with me." he urged pulling Heero after him towards the hall.

Without a word or the slightest hesitation Heero followed. Whatever Duo wanted of him, whatever it took, Heero Yuy would gladly accept the mission no questions asked.

Duo led his willing partner into their bedroom stopping at the bed's side. Without any wasted motion Duo caught the hem of Heero's tee shirt and pulled it over his head. Just as effortlessly he quickly divested Heero of his pants and boxers. Still Heero offered no resistance remaining silence throughout the entire disrobing.

"Lay down." Duo ordered encouraging Heero to become prone on the quilted comforter.

Again Heero complied without one moment of uncertainty. Heero stretched out fully, unashamed of his nakedness, completely secure in his nature state. In the familiar presence of his lover Heero was totally at ease.

"Do you trust me?" Duo wondered again needing to be reassured.


"How much?"


Duo moved to the bedside table opening the draw. He gathered several things but Heero could not see what as Duo was standing between him and the table. Laying the retrieved items on the tabletop Duo turned and looked down at his beautiful lover.

First Duo took a black blindfold and secured it across Heero's eyes. Heero didn't move as his sight was cut off. He also didn't resist as Duo wrapped something soft around his right wrist then lifted his arm over his head. There was the sound of something being threaded behind the bedpost then another smooth band was fastened about his Heero's left wrist. Now his hands were snugly held above his head.

Heero still didn't move or question Duo's reasons for the peculiar behavior. Even in their most heated lovemaking Duo had always been more puritan in his passions. In the past Heero had always been the aggressor, the one more eager to push the limits.

Duo retaining some measure of his innocence was one of the things that had captured Heero's heart. Knowing that Duo was still basically shy made his willingness to freely give himself to Heero that much more precious.

Now Duo was asking Heero to give of himself as freely, as absolutely. To surrender the last of his protective nature was the ultimate act of trust and for Duo's love he would not deny his koi wishes.

Now blind and bound Heero could use only his senses of hearing, smell and touch to convey what was happening around him. A rustle sounded by his side. He could sense Duo shifting, almost "seeing" his partner's movements in his mind's eye.

Then his nose picked up a whiff of Duo's Green Tea shampoo that was oddly mixed with a musky aroma. Had that "sex scent" always been part of Duo? Relying solely on his sense of smell was forcing Heero to discover that there was a lot more to Duo than he realized.

Just as his ears began to pick up subtle noises and vibrations everything suddenly became still. An eerie quiet fell over the bedroom. Heero drew in a shaky breath in anticipation of what would happen next.

The bed creaked; the mattress gave under Duo's slim frame as he sat down beside Heero. Duo, now also naked, sat quietly drinking in his nude lover's tanned skin, the ripple of toned muscles, every part of Yuy's lean and very inviting body. Heero tied up, so vulnerable, so helpless made Duo love him even more. That Heero was able to contradict his training, to overcome his need to be in control was a testament to their bond as friends, lovers, and soul mates.

"Do you trust me?"


Duo took the end of his braid in his right hand then used his left hand and arm to brace his weight. Lightly he let the braid's tip slid down the center of Heero's chest. At the unexpected sensation Heero couldn't help but flinch. But he didn't pull away or utter any protest.

Duo continued to slip the feathery tip down across Heero's stomach not stopping until it brush over Heero's partly erect manhood. Despite Duo advantage, Heero found that the thought of total submission was quickly turning him on.

Duo circled the trailing braid around Heero's groin, over dark pubic curls and down between his muscular thighs. Involuntarily Heero's legs parted allowing the wispy touches to tingle over his body's lower half. Duo lifted the teasing tip, centered it over Heero's breastbone and began the pleasurable process again. Duo kept up the sliding and circling until he knew he had set Heero's entire body on fire. Duo's efforts were rewarded as low moans formed deep in Heero's throat quickly finding their way to the surface.

Duo's next assault weapon was his tongue. Deciding that the same path to ecstasy should be followed he went to work. The only variation came in the form of wet swirls and sucks on Heero's nipples. Now each nub was as erect and hard as Heero's enlarged manhood. Light licks down his lover's inner thighs and breathy blowing over the penis' tip brought on yet another bout of shivers and moans. A gleaning sheen of sweat cover Heero's body and the taste was quickly bringing Duo to his own full erection.

Heero now found himself in an uncharacteristically emotional state. For the first time since he and Duo had become lovers he felt his body flow with Duo. The feeling was both frightening and fascinating.

Heero always had to be in charge. His training and war experiences were no doubt part of this need for total control. However, most of his domineering tendencies stemmed from Heero's fear of being hurt. He had never been able to fully trust anyone, his need for self-preservation far outweighing his ability to trust.

Even though he had trusted Duo with his life many times during the war, Heero still could not commit his heart. For that lack of commitment Heero had always had a sense of guilt that had kept him from being the lover Duo deserved.

Suddenly Heero knew now was the time and place to overcome that hesitation and give himself to the only person who had ever given him a reason for living. If it had not been for Duo Maxwell's devotion, his steadfastness, Heero knew he would have given up long ago. Yes he owed Duo his life for without his precious partner Heero would have surely self-destructed both mentally and emotionally.

Heero squeezed his eyes shut under the blindfold allowing hidden tears to spill over his eyelids. One more hurdle crossed, crying, something Heero never did.

Satisfied that he had bought Heero to the edge, Duo stopped his taunting. Heero groaned at the absence of the wonderful sensations. He struggled at his bonds not out of panic or fear but from wanting to hold his koi.

Carefully Duo straddled his quivering lover. Slowly he removed the blindfold pausing to give Heero's eyes time to adjust to the light's return. When Heero's eyes focused they met Duo's violet gaze with a quite different look. There was a clear, unmistakable glow that Duo had never seen before. Heero's cobalt sight was soft; expressive in way that caused Duo's heart to skip a beat.

For the first time there was love in Heero Yuy's eyes, perfectly reflecting the peace in his heart. Heero had let go of his fear, released his stubborn refusal to give himself totally to anyone.

Duo leaned down pressing a loving kiss on Heero's mouth. Heero's parted his lips desperate to taste his lover; sincerely wanting to give Duo Maxwell his whole heart and a life of security and love. When the kiss ended Duo reached up undoing the velvet cuffs, freeing his lover's hands.

Gently Duo brought one arm forward. Heero winced. The pain of muscles knotted from their distended position caught in his shoulders. Duo rubbed the hard fibers until they relaxed and a pink glow returned to the skin. The kneading was done on the other shoulder until those muscles relaxed as well.

Heero lifted his hands tucking stray stands of chestnut hair behind Duo's ears. He wanted an unobstructed view of his koi's face, his large eyes that were now misted over with a watery glaze.

Duo locked his sight with Heero's eyes fully aware that tears were pooling over their dark pupils. Duo lightly brushed his fingers over Heero's cheek dampened by the salty moisture.

"Do you trust me?"



"Because I love you."

Duo started to slide off of Heero, to take his usual submissive position under his lover but Heero quickly put his hands on either side of Duo's waist holding him in place. "You are in charge." Heero announced without a hint of doubt in his voice.

Duo smiled letting his tears flow freely. Heero's thumb intercepted a shimmer droplet as it slid over Duo's pale cheek. Slowly he brought the tear-moistened finger to his lips savoring the taste of his soul mate.

"Duo....please..." Heero began before the emotional lump in his throat choked off his words.

"What Heero? Tell me what you want." Duo whispered aching to hear the words, to know his partner was finally ready to commit fully to their relationship.

"Please love me." Heero begged unashamedly as he parted his legs to remove the last barrier, to prove his pledge of complete trust.

Duo slipped his arms under Heero's bent knees parting them further and elevating Heero's hips at the same time. Then, in another unexpected move, Heero rested his ankles on Duo's shoulders offering himself in the most exposed way, sure Duo would never hurt him.

Duo got a tube of slick gel from the bedside table. Coating his fingers he began to carefully stretch Heero's anal opening. Duo took his time, moving slowly, pressing in one finger. When he knew Heero was comfortable a second finger was added. Heero closed his eyes giving into the sensual sensations.

Duo removed his fingers then aligned his own hardened member allowing the dewy tip to pressed against Heero's prepared opening. Heero opened his eyes locking them on his koi's sweet face. "Please now."

Duo gradually introduced his hard length into his willing lover. As the head entered, Heero drew in a short breath tensing at the unfamiliar feeling. Duo stopped wanting Heero's first time as uke to be a pleasant experience. "Relax." he instructed.

Heero took in a breath then let it out in a steadying flow. He relaxed confident in his newly discovered trust. Duo would not hurt him, he knew that deep in his heart. Now he had to put that trust into practice.

Duo, sensing Heero was ready, pushed in steadily keeping up a smooth insertion. When Duo was fully seated he again waited until Heero's body adjusted. Raising up Duo pulled halfway out, then slid back. This time Heero met him, moving his hips in a positive path.

Then, as if they had always made love this way, Duo and Heero engaged in a rhythm, dancing in tune to their heartbeats. Fluidly they settled into a bonding directed by natural instincts and brought to a fever pitch by pure carnal lust. Feeding their bodily appetite took over as the Gundam lovers moved as one.

Higher and higher they rose together. Closer and closer to a climatic release that would renew their bonds, reestablish a commitment made surer by Heero's surrender. Heero grabbed Duo's shoulders wanting all the leverage he could get. Now ragged breathing, husky moans and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh all combined to bring both lovers to the brink.

Duo reached between their straining bodies wrapping his hand around Heero's throbbing manhood. Matching firm strokes to his demanding thrusts Duo put all his efforts into giving his lover the full measure of pleasure he deserved. One more stroke. Heero gripped Duo's shoulders tightly as a tingle began in his groin. The surging continued building until Heero gladly gave up the last of his control.

Crying out Duo's name Heero came hard spewing forth his seed. Duo, too, gave into the mounting sexual pressure. His own exploding milky release produced a full-blown shudder that threatened to render him unconscious. Duo had had many climaxes by the guidance of his lover but none had ever hit him with such intensity. Knowing Heero was on the receiving end of the culmination took him to a grander place and Duo admitted he enjoyed the feeling.

Shaking, trembling from muscle tension, quivering in awesome release Heero and Duo clung to each other not wanting to uncouple just yet. Duo put his mouth next to Heero's ear. "Thank you." he whispered then planted a soft kiss on Heero's earlobe.

Heero turned his head bringing his mouth inches from Duo's, "For what?" he wondered as his panting breath tickled over Duo's face.

This time Duo didn't attempt to stop the free flowing tears as he openly wept with joy. "For trusting me." he declared before giving Heero another kiss.

Heero smiled, completely content for the first time. He loved Duo Maxwell that was a sure and certain fact. And better yet he could now give that love, give of himself without reservation.

Duo reluctantly slipped out of his koi's hot channel trading the withdrawal for the warmth of Heero's strong embrace. As the lovers shared their total contentment Heero wonder why he had waited so long to offer his unconditional love. Internally he chided himself for depriving Duo of all that he had to give.

"Thank you my love." Heero whispered pulling Duo closer. "Thank you for loving me enough to not give up on me."

Duo smiled then rested his head on Heero's damp chest. "We were meant to be together. I knew that the first time we met." Duo declared, "Tonight was another learning experience, one more journey we both needed to take. Together we can do anything, overcome any obstacle."

Duo lifted his head until his eyes met Heero's, "Together we are unbeatable."

In the stillness of the dark bedroom, enfolded in Duo's loving arms Heero Yuy knew he had indeed found his soul mate. That together he and Duo Maxwell could face life secure in their love, a bond stronger than destiny or fate. Yes, together they could face the future unafraid.


Do You Trust Me?--Karen Hickman--Jan. 2002