Title: Dancing with Desire
Author: Karen, The Huntress
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Category: PWP
Pairing: 2x1
Warning: Yaoi---Lemon
Part: 1/1
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Notes: Hello everyone. Here is a short story that is definitely PWP. I thought you would like a bit of citrus to spice up your reading. Enjoy.

Dancing with Desire
by Karen Hickman

The music in the club ricocheted off the walls like a hammering heartbeat. Blue neon bathed the dance floor glistening over gyrating bodies bewitched by the unrelenting rhythm. Smoke and sweat and whiskey hung heavily in a saturated humidity.

Duo had long ago surrendered to the steady thump, thump, thump of the drums and the throaty vibrations of the bass guitar. His hip-length braid swung teasingly as his lithe body swayed in a picture of perfect seduction. Crimson pants that looked like they had been painted on Duo's long legs and trim buttocks left nothing to the imagination. A silky gray shirt clung in the right places to show off his slim physique.

Heero, too, was a vision of delight in his low-riding black jeans and black mesh sleeveless shirt. He had decided to let his hair grow longer in the back and, much to his surprise, the extra length had turned out to be wavy. Another addition to his appearance was a silver hoop adorning his left earlobe. Duo had gotten his left lobe pierced at the same time and now he and Heero shared a pair of earrings.

Duo was molded into Heero's arms as they encircled his waist making sure that each rocking motion matched his lover's. The blue neon had intensified the striking cobalt color in Heero's eyes and Duo could not tear his sight away from those stunning orbs. He was lost in the pure sensuality that exuded from every part of his partner as Heero's sexual scent had become a pheromone aphrodisiac.

As the music slowed to a more moderate beat Heero whispered in Duo's ear. "It's hot in here let's go to the parking lot and cool off." he suggested feeling the moisture on his hands that had soaked through Duo's shirt.

Duo nodded, his damp bangs tickling Heero's cheek. "Good idea." he agreed wanting to have his lover to himself.

Traversing the maze of dancers Heero and Duo used their excellent dexterity to quickly reached the exit. A refreshing breeze replaced the stale, smoky smell and cooled their overheated bodies as Heero and Duo stepped into the star-studded night.

Duo titled his head back marveling at the thousand pinpoints of light flickering in the ebony sky. "I don't believe I will ever get tired of looking at the stars." he declared as he gazed locked on one particularly bright light.

Heero placed his hands on Duo's shoulders redirecting his lover's sight in line his face. "I would rather look at the stars in your eyes." he smiled then affirmed his declaration with a soft kiss.

When their lips parted Duo noticed that there was a park across the street. Without a second thought he grabbed Heero's and began to run through the parking lot. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Heero called trying to keep up with his sprinting partner.

Duo didn't answer as they reached the sidewalk and, still at a full run, raced across the side street. A pebble-strewn footpath lined with benches and lit up by dim lamps wound its way into the park.

"Duo slow up." Heero urged, as Duo didn't seem intent on stopping as they ran down the shaded path with unbridled abandoned.

Duo came to an abrupt halt causing Heero to bump into his free-spirited lover. "What's wrong you out of shape?" he teased even though his words were punctuated with winded puffs.

Heero leaned closer, "No but we don't need to be running headlong in this limited light." he announced as the yellowish illumination tinted his eyes until they appeared green.

A grin crept over Duo's lips, that sly smile that he always displayed just before he had a mischievous idea. Heero wasn't certain he liked the gleam in Duo's eyes or the way they centered directly on him. "What are you thinking?" he wondered but wasn't sure he really wanted to know.

Again Duo took Heero's hand but this time his pace was slower and more deliberate. Leaving the path he guided Heero over a grassy expanse toward the park's inner regions. Tall trees, leafy bushes and multi-hued flowers were a pleasant charge from the asphalt streets. The isolated quiet was a welcome relief from the blaring club music and the traffic noise. Away from the lamplight shadows from overhead branches lent a measure of privacy to the pair.

As the city sounds became fainter and the darkness surrounded Duo and Heero like a comforting blanket they moved with confidence threading their way through the trees. Finally nothing but a murmur remained in the night shrouded woods.

"Here." Duo stated coming to a stop beside an oak's broad trunk.

Heero began to speak but Duo's raised hand cut him off. "Shhhh...listen." Duo instructed.

Heero listened letting his ears convey the night tones. Leaves rustled, stirred by the flower-laced breeze. Somewhere in the distance an owl hooted out its haunting call then the powerful beating of wings marked its flight. There were even crickets singing their shrill evening concert.

Heero smiled at the marvelously peaceful sounds. "This is perfect being alone with you."

"No lover this is perfect." Duo proclaimed capturing Heero's mouth in a lip lock so intense that it caused a tiny shiver to course through Heero's entire body.

Heero was so absorbed in the passionate kiss that he didn't realize that Duo was backing him up until his shoulders nudged a tree. Pinned between the trunk and Duo he had no hope of escape, not that he wanted to be anywhere but where he was. Duo broke the breathless kiss but his lips didn't give up their search for new places to taste.

Heero's jaw was next followed by that certain spot behind his ear that drove him crazy. Duo's hands soon joined in the lustful exploration. Fingers crept under the mess shirt, palms flattened over rippling stomach muscles moving upward to find nipples already taut from the friction of their tightly pressed bodies.

Heero closed his eyes drowning in the sensations produced by Duo's talented hands. Pushing up the shirt Duo nuzzled Heero's navel then dipped his tongue into the recess causing Heero's eyes to fly open from a stronger shiver.

Before Heero could recover from the assault of lips and tongue Duo's fingers snagged the jean's waistband expertly undoing the button and lowering the zipper in one fluid motion. Pants and boxers came down together freeing Heero's manhood that was more than willing to cooperate in the foreplay.

"Oh baby you ARE glad to see me." Duo cooed his breath feathering across the tip replacing the shiver with a shudder that made Heero weak in the knees.

Once more Duo attacked without mercy. His tongue flickered across the head moist with pre-cum making Heero gasp and lean harder against the tree just to remain standing.

But the tree wasn't enough to combat the faintness brought on by Duo's lips engulfing Heero's enlarged member and burying it to the base in warm, wet suction. Giving up the fight Heero eased down to sit on the grass bending his knees and parting this legs to allow his lover full access to his throbbing erection.

Duo didn't waste the opportunity. Up and down and back again. Over and over until it was all Heero could do to keep from crying out loud. Panting in ragged breaths Heero tangled his fingers in Duo's braid and encouraged his lover to satisfy his ravenous appetite. Heero held on as a tingle moved up both legs and gathered in his groin. He growled and gritted his teeth hissing with the approaching climax.

Duo leaned back just enough to speak. "Is it perfect baby?" he asked before blowing over the twitching head.

Every time Heero and Duo made love it was like the first time. Heero was so beautiful in the throes of passion. His cheeks had a rosy blush, his lips were luscious and eyelids were heavy with desire. Each time Heero bared his heart and gave himself unconditionally Duo fell deeper in love. They were friends, lovers and soul mates and Duo could not stop loving Heero any more than he could stop breathing.

"Duo please." Heero whispered almost too breathless to speak.

Duo took Heero's hand, placed it on his quivering manhood and laid his hand on top. "I want us to finish this together. We are partners in everything."

Two more thrusts and Heero's manhood jumped coating their hands with his seed. As they bathed in the afterglow Duo raised up for a kiss. "You know our hearts beat to the same tune." he declared using his shirt to gently wipe Heero clean.

Heero smiled, "We will always be in step...forever in a dance with desire."

Dancing with Desire--Karen Hickman--January 2003

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