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Title: For Better or For Worse
Author: Karen, The Huntress hickman@rockbridge.net
Rating: PG
Warning: Shifting POVs
Pairing: 1x2
Part: 1/1 complete
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Summary: Heero and Duo learn that living together is all about compromise.

For Better or For Worse


Heero's POV:

Now don't get me wrong I love Duo Maxwell but sometimes he can be a difficult life partner.

In spite of repeatedly asking Duo to wear socks around the house he refuses stating that he likes to go barefoot. That's all right until he gets in bed and his cold feet brushed against my legs, not to mention he's a "cover-hog".

Then there are the empty ice trays left on the sink. How much time does it take to refill them and put them in the freezer? Breadcrumbs in the butter is another annoying habit that could use some work.

Manga magazines and Duo's overflowing collection of Anime DVDs litter the family room floor and his taste in that pulsating noise he calls music, that's played at a volume high enough to rattled the windows, leaves a lot to be desired.

I cringe every time I have to search under the sofa or through his dresser drawers or pick up the hair ties lying everywhere. I gave up getting him to stop eating at the computer. I suppose a sticky keyboard is something I'll just have to endure.

However there are several habits that make up for Duo's sloppy living conditions and lack of socks. He'll go out of his way to stop at the Muffin Man Bakery to buy my favorite blueberry muffins then another detour to the Daily Grind for a custom-ground blend of cinnamon coffee.

Even though both of us may have had a hectic week at work Duo always eases out of bed early on Saturday morning, fixes a full breakfast including freshly squeezed orange juice then insists on doing the dishes afterwards. I can put up with a lot of crumbs in the butter for that kind of attention.

As for Duo's raucous music, he'll tune in an easy listening radio station, invite me to dance and he doesn't care if I want to lead. The way he senses when I'm troubled just by looking in my eyes and not letting me get by with "it's nothing" in reply to his encouragement to talk is truly unique.

Duo's habits...there are a few more I've learned to live with. His inventive use of Kama Sutra techniques and the fact he always hits the "sweet spot" are definitely in his favor.

The peaceful smile on his face as he sleeps is worth the minor inconvenience of a sticky keyboard. Duo's cheerful laugher and giving nature makes every day together extraordinary.

During our Commitment Ceremony Duo and I pledged "For Better or For Worse." Loving Duo Maxwell, habits and all, is something I'll gladly do for the rest of my life and never regret a minute spent refilling an ice tray.


Duo's POV:

Now don't get me wrong I love Heero Yuy but sometimes he can be a difficult life partner.

The best way to describe Heero is a "neat freak". He makes me crazy coming along behind me picking up my manga magazines and shelving my Anime DVDs in alphabetical order. He even precisely lines up our shoes by the door.

Heero's always saying he's amazed that I know where to find anything but it's my organization confusion and I like it that way. Then I have to spend extra time finding a hair tie, the reason I leave them lying around is so I don't have to go searching for them.

Another thing, Heero complains about empty ice trays, yeah, ice trays and breadcrumbs in the butter. I've given up trying to understand his compulsion for neatness. And don't get me started on the checkbook. It has to balance to the penny or I'll hear the calculator clicking half the night.

But "Mr. Perfect" does have his good points. He always shows me how much he appreciates breakfast on Saturday morning and he never forgets to thank me for his favorite blueberry muffins and cinnamon blend coffee.

Heero often makes a bubble bath, joins me in the tub and washes my hair. He takes his time shampooing, rinsing...plenty of conditioner and rinsing again. He patiently and painlessly brushes out every tangle and ends the grooming session with an expert braid.

Also Heero has mastered one hell of a proper massage...both of us naked with lots of hand-warmed oil, the strawberry scented one really turns up the heat. A little Kama Sutra on my part and we can steam up the windows and bang the headboard all night long.

Heero can always sense when I'm down and with a touch and a kiss make everything right again. The way he sighs in his sleep is so comforting. His strength of mind tempered with the gentleness of his heart makes me treasure every day we have together.

During our Commitment Ceremony Heero and I pledged "For Better or For Worse". Yes, Heero loves me, bad habits and all. An unconditional love that brightens my life and gives me hope for the future.

I can learn to live with alphabetized DVDs, refilling ice trays and it doesn't take that much extra time to find a hair tie. Crumbs in the butter...I'll work on that, too, because in spite of Heero's quirks and his obsession for order I've found my soul mate and will gladly grow old with "Mr. Perfect".




For Better or For Worse--Karen Hickman--June 2004

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