Hello everyone. Here is a short songfic based on another Weiss Kreuz song, "White Flame". I hope you enjoy your reading and that it will be entertaining. Take care. Karen, The Huntress

Title: Avenging Angel
Author: Karen, The Huntress hickman@rockbridge.net
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters or the rights to White Flame
Category: songfic
Pairing: 1+2
Warning: angst
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This story is based on the song "White Flames" from the Weiss Kreuz series.

Avenging Angel


As evening settles, say your prayers,

let me kiss you so tenderly.

As the moon begins to rise above,

I am forced to change drastically.


I lay with my arms entwined around my sleeping lover. Moonlight filters through the window casting a soft glow on his pale skin. His steady breaths tickles over my face as I wonder when the night terrors will begin.

Tenderly I kiss his back just below the ragged scar that is a cruel reminder of the final battle he waged. In this moonlit moment his love soothes my soul but soon I will change, alter my tranquil disposition to once again become his avenging angel.


Don't forget the person I am in the day.

Don't forget the good in my life.

Don't forget this ache that I feel in my heart.

Don't forget my pain and my strife.


By day I keep my vigil by his side. I strive to be good for his sake. Secretly I weep concealing the sharp ache that cuts my heart and severs my soul. The pain is both foe and friend. It haunts me never granting a single night of peaceful slumber but it is also the driving force that keeps me focused on my deadly duty.


Go to sleep and dream of happiness,

I will keep you safe in the night.

Surrounded by flames of endless white,

sinners chased away by the light.


He stirs restlessly in his sleep. Pain flickers across his damp face as the dark dreams stab at his mind. "Duo." My name trembles over his lips as he clutches up fistfuls of the tangle sheets.

"I'm here." I whisper stroking his forehead to quiet the sinister demons that disturb his sleep. "I will keep you safe." I promise like I have every night since that bullet shattered his spine and his life crumbled around him.

The torment of guilt is my constant companion. I should have sensed the sentry but I let my instincts slip for a single second. In that brief instant of time I saw the gun spit fire, heard the deafening explosion then everything became a blur of motion as he jumped in front and took the shot meant for me. It should have been me lying in that crimson pool. I should have been in ICU for days and the hospital for weeks. It should me...the soldier with useless legs.

As I hold him tight I recall days of laugher and evenings of endless love. I would sell my soul if I could give him dreams of happiness, of hope that tomorrow will be better. Revenge like white-hot flames boil up in my gut. My fingers curl into anger clenched fists as I watch his feverish nightmares take their toll. An agonizing grimace twists into an anxious frown. Again I push back sweat-soaked strands of chocolate bangs and whisper reassuring words but I wonder if he hears me.

Carefully I ease out of bed and smooth the rumpled bedcovers. Tonight like every other night since those OZ bastards struck him down I will seek out the sinners and use the white light to blind their sight and seal their retribution. I will meter out my bloody revenge until the God of Death has claimed every spirit and sentenced them to hell.


See the soulless eyes of the target tonight,

See the shadow's fate hovering.

See the angel's sword lifted over his head,

Justice in the night, sparkling.


From the shadows as black as my heart I stalk my prey. Alone against the enemy I hunt with phantom footfalls and predatory grace. The steely blade of my katana sparkles with white light as I lift it over my head to deliver its slicing vengeance.

Now it is OZ soldiers who lay in a scarlet pool. It is their sightless eyes that search the heavens for forgiveness and find nothing but detestation. I am justice in the darkness, the last thing they see before they give up their lives to appease Shinigami. Countless souls will be reaped and perish in the white flames.


Burnin' Burnin' in the night.

Runnin' Runnin' to the light.

Hurtin' Hurtin' in the night.

White flames. Night games. Lonely fight.


I will never to able to heal Heero. Not even in death will I escape my eternal guilt. But I will live for my soul mate's sake and be his avenging angel until I take my last breath. White flames. Night games. Lonely fight.


Avenging Angel--Karen Hickman--November 2002