Notes: This is actually a story I wrote a while back, but I finally started on the sequel and I'd like to post it, but it wouldn't make sense to post it and not the original, now would it?
Warning: Yaoi, lemon&lime, langauge, cross dressing, slight angst, humor, death, very scary fussion with Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon...I think that covers it.
Pairing: 2x1,3x4
Author: Kalirose
Email: kalirose@juno.com




It was a boring day at the preventers’ headquarters by Duo Maxwell’s standards. They had Preventers meetings. Early morning Preventers meetings. Une was lecturing about upcoming peace conferences. Wufei was screaming she was a stupid onna who didn’t know what she was talking about. Une continued completely undaunted. Trowa and Quatre were holding hands underneath the table under the belief that no one noticed. Everyone did. Noin was trying to hold Zechs’ hand and Zechs was scooting away so she couldn’t, almost ending up in Sally Po’s lap in the process. Duo was considering holding Heero’s hand, but thought better of it considering that Heero had no idea he felt that way about him and Duo was in no mood for death threats that morning.

But as with all boring, completely normal days, the day quickly took a turn at moderately interesting and headed straight for weird when two fur balls bounced into the room. One was white with a yellow cresant moon on its forehead. The other was black with the same symbol upon its forehead.

“Aw! Cute! Cats!” Quatre exclaimed hopping out of his chair forgetting about letting go of Trowa’s hand and pulling along with him. Meanwhile the two fur balls, er, cats, had hopped up into the two nearest laps- Duo and Heero’s.

All eyes turned to Heero waiting to see the white fur ball go flying through the air. This of course didn’t happen. Heero was a soldier, not a kitty killer.

The two cats hopped from Heero and Duo’s laps onto the table and were looking at the former Gundam pilots with almost human comprehension. “Artemis, it’s them,” the black one stated creating a bit of a panic.

“That cat can talk!” Duo shrieked. “Talk cat! The God of Death commands you!”

“Baka,” Heero muttered.

“How can a cat talk?” Quatre asked, having retreated back to his original seat, Trowa in tow. “Well, we’re not normal cats,” the white one explained. “You see we are the guardians of the sailor scouts and you are the chosen ones.”



“Okay, so you’re from an alternate universe that’s been destroyed and now you’re here?” Duo asked.

“Yes,” the black cat, Luna, answered. “You are the new Sailor Scouts. With a few changes,” she said cryptically. She shoved a pink compact at Duo. “You are Sailor Moon. Say ‘Moon Cosmic Power Make-Up’ to transform.”

Duo did and in a flurry of lights and water transformed into the Sailor Scout of ...the sea? “What the hell? I’m wearing a frikin'’ skirt!” The others cracked up. Even Heero and Trowa laughed...a little. “They better be dressed like this also!” Duo said oddly turned on by the thought of the former Zero pilot wearing a short skirt.

“That’s the least of our problems! Where is the moon compact and moon crystal you used to transform?” Luna practically shrieked. The compact had turned into Neptune’s transformation wand when Duo had transformed, taking the moon crystal with it.

“Leave it to Maxwell to screw up without trying,” Wufei said with an arrogant grin. Luna was looking at the wand. “Well, I guess you’re Sailor Neptune, then. You’ll have to say ‘Neptune Planet Power Make-Up’ to transform from now on.”

Artemis and Luna went on to instruct the others as to what they were to do. Luna to Wufei, “ Alright, what you say is ‘Mars Crystal Power Make-Up’ and then-”

“I understand women,” Wufei said contemptuously. He didn’t like the thought of wearing a skirt either.

Meanwhile Artemis was instructing Quatre and Trowa. “ Quatre, you have the powers of Mercury. You say ‘Mercury Crystal Power Make-Up’. Trowa you’re Jupiter, so you say the same thing only with Jupiter in front of it.”

“I kind of like these skirts after all,” Duo who had been, well, dancing around in his Sailor Neptune outfit, exclaimed.

“Duo, why are you dancing?” Quatre asked fearfully.

“It’s fun. It’s almost like being naked. Not that I dance around naked...often.” The other four pilots looked at him incredulously. He just flashed his trademark grin and went on dancing. “Hey, what about Hee-chan?” He asked. The cats looked startled.

“Oh, right. Heero, you say ‘Uranus Planet Power Make-Up’ to transform,” Luna said, handing him a wand similar to Duo’s. “ I guess you and Duo are the Outer scouts,” she said.

“What are the Outer scouts?” Trowa asked softly.

“They represent the outer planets. They’re the strongest of the scouts.” Artemis answered.

“Cool! Heero, we’re the strongest!” Duo exclaimed, jumping up causing his skirt to rise. Good thing those Sailor suits come with their own undies, or Duo would have been showing everyone everything he had jammed into it.

“You also have the talismans. The Sea mirror belongs to Neptune. It can reflect an enemies weakness and attack them with ‘Neptune Submarine Reflection’. Uranus has the Space Sword, which attacks with ‘Space Sword Slash’. Got it?” They all nodded.

“They should transform!” Duo said excitedly. He couldn’t wait to see his Hee-chan in that skirt.

“Oh, right you should train,” Luna said. “You have to hurry up and transform. You need all the training you can get. The Queen is moving fast. I don’t know how long I’ll have until she finds you.”

“You mean Relena?” Noin asked in a confused tone. She, along with Sally, Une, and Zechs, had moved off to the side of the room when things got weird. “No, the evil Queen Aurora. She’s the half sister of Queen Beryl, the Queen the original scouts defeated. She killed the scouts in hopes of taking over the world. Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of time also can control certain dimensions. She wasn’t killed by the Queen, so she sent us her to get and train you five.”

“Oh...”Everyone was a little confused now, but felt it best to let it slide for now. “Transform!” Luna ordered the four pilots who weren’t wearing skirts.

“Um...Mercury Crystal Power Make-up?” Quatre said feebly.

“Mars Crystal Power Make-up!” Wufei shouted almost proudly. He would fight this evil in the name of justice.

“Jupiter Crystal Power Make-up,” Trowa murmured inexpressively.

“Uranus Planet Power Make-up,” Heero said in his usual toneless voice.

More lights and ribbons and the boys were wearing skirts similar to Duo’s...except Heero. “Hee-chan! Yours is really short! I mean, it’s really short!” Duo exclaimed. Heero shrugged. Zechs, who was still standing next to Noin beside the wall, curiously looked his former rival over, apparently liking what he saw.

Did he just check out my Hee-chan? Duo thought angrily. He is checking my Heero out. Damn you to hell Zechs! He was mine first, go find a Treize-look-alike.

Duo was also looking Heero over, and could see why Zechs was looking so intently at him. He defenitly had the body for it. Not that his old spandex attire had covered much more. He also looked more feminine. Come to think of it, he ‘s always has been feminine looking. How come I didn’t notice how pretty he was before? Duo wondered.

“Maxwell,” Wufei interrupted his reverie,” close your mouth and try to be less obvious. You’re drooling.” Duo frowned. Leave it to Wufei to make him feel stupid.

The rest of the guys were gathered in a clomp and the other preventers slowly approached as well, Zechs still looking at Heero. I knew there was a reason he’s never returned Noin’s feelings. I guess all that fighting with Heero was just sexual frustration on his part, Duo thought snidely. “Didn’t know you swung that way, Zechs,” Duo said in his snottiest voice.

“Huh?” Zechs looked genuinely confused. So did all the others. “Nothing. Let’s go train.”


Why does everyone keep staring at me? Heero wondered. We’re all wearing skirts. Yeah mine is a little shorter but come on! I always show the most skin! Hello! Spandex and little tank tops...all the time!

They were forced to take the back way out (Luna said if they stayed inside to train they would probably break something expensive.) because Sally and Lady Une were afraid that people would hit on them if they saw them. Heero didn’t care, when he wasn’t around the others he got hit on all the time anyway. He was used to it. That’s what I get for being so damn fine, he thought with a sarcastic humor rarely displayed to anyone else.

As for his skirt being so short, Heero was actually happy because he could move around so freely in it. Oh, and the fact that Duo was openly drooling helped, at least Heero thought he was drooling, although knowing Duo he could just be hot or something and trying to cool himself the way a dog did just for the hell of it. Duo sometimes did stupid stuff like that.

If he is staring, he’s not being any less obvious than Zechs. Zechs?! Why is he staring at me? I thought he and Noin...the hair. I always knew he was to pretty, Heero thought with the same dry humor.

Little displays that they had used for gun practice in war days of old were set up for practice. Duo went first and delivered a impressive attack with his mirror, but the aim sucked horribly, which Heero found ironic considering how well he has been able to aim his Gundam’s scythe and guns during the war. Despite this, he still missed the target and nearly fried a flock of birds that happened to pass by at the moment. They narrowly escaped only having damaged tail feathers.

Next, Wufei stepped up and with “Mars celestial fire,” hit the target, but caused minimal damage. Trowa and Quatre double teamed the targets, but caused little damage, although Heero enjoyed Trowa’s whispered “Supreme Thunder” attack going crazy and almost nailing an unexpecting Wufei.

In the chaos of the attack gone amuck, Heero stepped past them uttering, “Uranus World Shaking!” Everyone went silent in shock as the ball of golden energy flew from Heero’s hand into the ground and back up, completely destroying tree targets in the process.

“That’s it! Good work, Heero!” Luna said happily while thinking. At least they’re not all idiots. That kid’s a natural. He got the power level far past anything the original Uranus did.

“Cool, Heero! How come I can’t do that? Damn mirror!” Duo gushed, throwing down his mirror. “Um...Neptune Deep Submerge!” He actually destroyed a target that time, but only one. He wanted to beat Heero’s three.

They all continued practicing until the others actually began to get the hang of it and destroy the targets as well. Luna pulled Heero aside. “Aurora is going to attack somewhere around here soon. The others are coming along but...Sailor Moon was always the leader, but since Duo isn’t Sailor Moon, I just don’t know. I’m not sure Duo can handle it.”

“Duo is much tougher than he looks,” Heero droned in his monotone, throwing a glance at the ex-Deathscythe hell pilot prancing around in the turquoise skirt. “I don’t think he is meant to be the leader. Sailor Moon-the original-had a crystal, the Silver Imperium Crystal. It made her the Moon princess so she could destroy evil. It was in her compact when I gave the compact to Duo, but when the compact became Neptune’s wand, it disappeared.”

Heero pulled out his transformation wand. “You meant this?” Sure enough, the crystal had embedded itself in Heero’s wand. “It appeared when I transformed.” Heero explained.

“So you see! You are the Moon princess, and the leader!” Luna exclaimed.

“Princess? Um...I’m a guy...”

“Perhaps Duo is the prince and-”

Okay! Princess sounds good I always thought I was to pretty anyway,” Heero said with enthusiasm he had never heard in his own voice before.

Meanwhile, Duo had been watching the interaction between the black cat and Heero curiously. Heero pulled out his wand and displayed a crystal, which Duo recalled being in the compact he had originally been given. The cat looked happy. She said something that made Heero look confused and something else that made him look happy as well. Oh god! He’s smiling! Someone’s going to die or already has! Duo thought nervously.

As Duo looked closer thought, he noticed that the smile was different. It wasn’t Heero’s manic I-just-blew-something-up smile. He looked genuinely happy. In fact, he looked like a normal teenager-discounting that he was wearing a stunningly short fuku and tiara.

God he’s gorgeous! Duo thought longingly. He was. His hair, usually in his face, was pushed off to the side in a style worn by the original Uranus to display his tiara. Duo wasn’t certain, but he thought he even saw some clear lip gloss on those pouting lips. Lips he wouldn’t mind kissing along with everything else in that tight little dress...STOP! Duo told himself. If Heero knew what you’re thinking he’d kill you...wouldn’t he? Duo wasn’t so sure anymore. He wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

Lost in his train of thought, Duo hadn’t realized Heero and Luna had rejoined the rest of the group. “Artemis! Heero has the crystal!” Luna told the white cat excitedly.

“Really?” The cat asked looking at Heero, who flashed his wand at Artemis for him to see. “Good! So we didn’t lose it after all. But that means Heero’s the moon princess-”

“Heero? A princess? Whoa, wait till your girlfriend hears about that!” Duo teased, although it gave him very little pleasure.

“She’s NOT my girlfriend!”

“Who?” The two cats asked at the same time.

“Relena,” Duo said with a lopsided grin, even though his heart was aching the entire time.

“I don’t feel that way about her,” said Heero softly.

“Yeah? How come you could never bring yourself to kill her?” Duo asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“Um, let’s see. Oh yes, she was the only hope for peace?” Heero said sarcastically.

“Sorry, doesn't’ fly,” Duo said with a grin.

“Hey, you’re little infatuation with Hilde isn’t-”

“What the hell does that mean?” Duo demanded. Wait a second. If he was bothered about Hilde, maybe I have a chance after all. Duo’s mind whispered.

“Oh, come on! Everyone knows your trying to get in each other’s pants!” Heero said in an exasperated tone. Duo was about ready to say something back when he realized something else. Hey, he actually sounded human! His voice had some emotion in it, even if he just sounds pissed off!

“I am not! I just-”

“Oh, forget it. I’m madly in love with Relena Peacecraft. I can’t get her off my mind! Happy?” Heero hissed sarcastically before detransforming and turning on heel to head back into Preventers Headquarters, leaving everyone, including Duo, speechless at his outburst. After several seconds, Luna ran after him.

“That was a bit unexpected,” Quatre whispered to Trowa.

“That’s the understatement of the year,” Trowa whispered back turning to face the small blonde. Leave it to his angel to get worried over the smallest things. “You know, you look really cute in that skirt,” Trowa murmured wickedly. Quatre blushed as Trowa hustled him up to their room. “Now, let’s see how hard it is to get that thing off you.”

“Trowa!” Trowa brought his lips down to Quatre’s, silencing him as he pulled the door to their room shut. Neither of them emerged until morning, but plenty of noise came from inside the room.


“Helios!” Queen Aurora’s voice echoed through the cavern they used as their lair. Helios, first in command of the new negaverse, appeared, his golden eyes narrowed in anger and annoyance. “Yes, my queen?” He said with barely constrained anger.

“I’ve found the new scouts. Really wasn’t hard at all. You’d think it was all the problems my sister used to have.” She was showing him five boys all approximately 16 or 17.

“This is Sailor Neptune.” A boy with an extremely long braid and glistening violet eyes. He was cute in a mind numbing sort of way, all smiles and grins.

“And this is Sailor Mars.” An Asian boy with black eyes and hair. Attractive, but clearly too serious.

“Mercury," Aurora went on, indicating a petit blond boy with blue eyes. Very cute, but so sugary sweet he might give you a tooth ache. Not Helios’ type at all.

“And this is Jupiter.” This one was a tall handsome boy with at least one piercing green eye. The other was covered by an interesting set of bangs. Um...what’s up with the hair? Helios wondered.

“This is the one that will give you problems. Not only does he have the powers of Uranus, but he is also the Moon Princess.” The image of a small boy, probably of Asian descent, came up. He had dark brown hair that fell in his face, and deep blue eyes so dark they were almost black. He was...beautiful. There was something wild and strong about him, yet he appeared so fragile. Helios wanted him.

“Helios?” Aurora had called his name several times. “I want you to stop them.”

“Yes, my queen.”


Sometimes Luna hated being a cat. It meant she and Artemis could not do simple things such as opening doors. They were outside Heero’s room trying to coax him to let Luna inside. She was very worried about him. Just when they were beginning to give up, the door flew open to admit Luna, and then slammed shut behind her.

The small Japanese boy threw himself down on his bed. Luna had not known him very long, but she had a feeling he did not normally act like this. She hopped up on the bed next to him. “What’s the matter Heero?”

Heero sat up and looked at her for a moment. No one ever asked him what was wrong. They all assumed that he was an unfeeling bastard that would kill them as soon as look at them. Of course, he had never given them reason to believe otherwise. “Well...have you ever been in love, Luna?”


“I never have. But I think I am. It’s all so complicated. Everyone assumes I care about Relena simply because I protected her during the war. I protected Duo too.” The last part was a whisper, but Luna heard. I think I’m beginning to understand. She thought. “Heero, why don’t you tell Duo how you feel?” Heero got a frightened look upon his face. “I couldn’t do that! He’d hate me! He’d think I was disgusting. And I could hurt him like that girl and her dog...”Heero’s eyes widened. He had not meant to blurt out that last part. He saw the questioning look on the small cat’s face and explained himself reluctantly. “On a mission, during the war, I had an assignment to blow up an OZ base. Just a routine mission. When I went to check things out that day, before the mission, I met a small girl. She was walking her dog, Mary. She gave me a flower. That may seem like a small thing, but it was the first and only gift I’ve ever received. Anyway, that night I accidentally sent a mobile suit flying into an apartment when I blew up the base...her apartment. She was dead. I found her dog latter. I don’t want to hurt anyone like that again, especially Duo. I care about him too much.”

Luna moved closer to him. He looked so vulnerable. Luna found herself comparing him to her former owner, Usagi. They were so different. Duo was more like Usagi than anyone, and that was a stretch. This boy reminded her of Haruka, the original Uranus. She had felt the need to hide herself behind a cool, seemingly uncaring facade also.

Luna was interrupted from her thoughts by a knock at the door. Heero reluctantly went over to the door and opened it. Duo stood on the other side. Heero’s eyes went wide in surprise, but he quickly recovered. He was the last person Heero expected to see there. “Hey,” Duo said quietly. None of his usual humor was present.

“I just wanted to apologize for making you angry earlier.” Okay, that was weird. Duo never apologized for pissing him off. “I heard everything, Heero.”

“So you felt pity for me? I don’t want your pity, thank you very much!”

It did not even phase Duo. He glanced at Luna, who took the hint and went out the still open door. Duo shut it behind him. “I could never feel pity for you, Heero. You’re too strong a person to pity. I only wish you could have opened up to me.”

“Why do you even care? I’m a freak. I have the hots for another guy. Aren’t you disgusted?”

Duo looked at him a moment. He brought his hand up to Heero’s cheek, stroking it lightly; half-afraid Heero would bolt. Heero’s eyes widened, but he leaned into the caress. “Not in the slightest.” Duo answered.

“Er...um...I thought you and Hilde-”

“Hilde’s like a sister to me; that’s all,” Duo promised pulling Heero closer. He wrapped his arms around Heero protectively. Heero sighed and laid his head on Duo’s shoulder. “I thought you’d be disgusted with me if you knew. I couldn’t bear that. You’re the most important person in my life,” Duo continued. Heero raised his head and looked at Duo for a long moment. Then he smiled. It was that same beautiful smile that Duo had seen earlier, a real, happy smile. It was the most beautiful thing Duo had ever seen.

Duo tilted Heero’s chin as he pulled Heero to him. Their lips seemed to meld together. The kiss was gentle, as Duo knew it was Heero’s first. Gradually the kiss deepened and they found themselves on Heero’s bed, unsure of when or how they had gotten there and never having broken the kiss.

Heero was making soft, continued noises that were driving Duo wild. Duo reluctantly pulled away form him. “Did I do something wrong?” Heero asked, sounding hurt. “No, you did everything right. Very right. But if I don’t stop now, I’m not sure I’ll be able to latter.”

“So don’t,” Heero said, causing Duo’s violet eyes to bulge. “I want you to go on. I want you to be my first,” Heero finished shyly. “Unless you don’t want to-”

“No, it’s not that! I want to. God, I want to. But I’ve wanted this for too long. I don’t want to tarnish it and make it seem like a wham-bam-thank-you-mam sort of deal.”

“It won’t ruin it,” Heero promised. “Besides, I’ve wanted this for a long time too. Maybe since that fateful day you shot me-”

“I’m never gonna live that down, am I? Look, I didn’t know-”

“And besides, you mean more to me than anyone,” Heero finished, never having stopped during Duo’s interruption. He saw the struggle in Duo. Duo laid back on the bed next to him and began to pelt his face with kisses.

“You know I’m in love with you, right?”

“Aa,” Heero murmured. He did now; he did not know how he could not have seen. “I care about you too, Duo.” Duo understood that he meant more than just caring, and enthusiastically attacked his mouth. Their tongues touched causing shocks to go down their backs.

Heero felt Duo pull off that damned tank top of his and drop his mouth to his throat. Heero groaned as Duo sucked their, worrying the flesh between his lips until it was flushed a soft pink. He worked his way down to Heero’s nipples, taking one into his mouth, then the other. Heero’s hands wound themselves around Duo’s braid as Duo continued down his body. He glanced up at Heero. Heero’s beautiful eyes were closed, his long lashes shadowing his cheeks. His mouth was slightly open and his tan skin was noticeably flushed. He looked like an angel.

Duo undid the button on Heero’s tight jeans and pulled them off him, surprised to find nothing underneath. Duo ran a had down Heero’s thighs across his firm buttocks before bringing his lips to Heero’s thighs. He brought his hand up to Heero’s lips, stoking them softly and groaning aloud when Heero took a finger into his mouth. Duo brought his lips back to Heero’s thighs and lower body, purposely ignoring his growing erection.

He pulled away from Heero to remove his own clothing. Damn it! Why do I have to wear so much clothing? Were Duo’s last fully coherent thoughts before he was pulled back down to Heero.

Their kisses quickly escalated from playful to passionate, and their tongues fought for control, until Heero’s relented and beckoned Duo’s into his mouth deeper. Their hips grinded together, causing electrifying friction. Duo pulled away and leaned over to dig through Heero’s nightstand to find something to use as lubricant. Is this a set up or what? Duo wondered delightedly as he removed a jar of Vaseline from the drawer.

He bent to take Heero’s lips again as his lubricated fingers sot Heero’s virgin entrance. There was quite a bit of discomfort for Heero as he slipped a finger in, then only pleasure as Duo’s finger hit something inside him that set off sparks in front of his eyes. Heero began to move his hips and Duo slipped in another finger, stretching the opening. When he could finally move three, he decided Heero was ready.

He brought his lubricated member to the place his fingers had been, and pushed the tip past the ring of muscle then stopped to give Heero time to adjust to the feeling. Apparently Heero did not want to adjust because he thrust his hips forward forcing Duo in to the hilt. Heero let out a surprised gasp; he had not expected it to feel like that.

Duo was fighting the urge to thrust hard into the beautiful creature beneath him. He moved his hips slowly, but as Heero began to writhe he lost control and thrust wildly. Heero wrapped his legs around Duo’s waist and met Duo’s thrusts.

Soon they were both sweaty and moving at a rapid pace and both making plenty of noise as they let out a moan with each thrust. Duo put his had between them to pump Heero’s neglected erection in time with his own thrusts. The double sensations were too much for him and he came. Soon after, Duo climaxed as well and collapsed atop Heero, both of them panting. Heero recovered first and began to place soft kisses upon Duo’s sweaty face before they both dosed off in each other’s arms.


“You think my Heero’s in trouble?” Relena Peacecraft asked the attractive golden eyed young man in front of her. “Yes. He and the others have to be separated to keep them all safe.” Lord, this girl is a fool. Helios thought. She’s playing right into my hands. He was not sure which one was Heero and he could not get a picture of him from her mind, but whoever he was Helios felt sorry for him. And to think she’s the leader of the world. God help them all.

“Oh...I’ll have Une give them each separate missions...oh, wait that won’t work. They have a mission coming up. Hmm...” Okay...maybe her stupidity won’t work in my favor. Aurora had told him he needed to get the scouts separated in order to take them out one by one. She said the ones called Heero and Duo posed the biggest threat, so they were his main concerns. Helios wondered if one of them was not the one with the beautiful blue eyes and wild, strong aura that had caught his attention.

“You didn’t say what kind of danger they are in,” the young queen was saying. “Oh, it’s too serious to involve you in,” Helios explained smoothly. “Well, if Heero’s in danger then I’m most certainly involved!” She exclaimed. This girl was starting to anger Helios. She gasped. His eyes were glowing a flame orange like the sun form which his name was derived. He had given up his cover.

“You’re the danger!” She cried hitting the security button upon her desk. Helios smiled coldly. “Give this to your darling Heero,” he instructed thrusting a note upon heavy papyrus at her.

“Put your hands up!” A security guard who had just come in. Helios smiled their way before disappearing in a puff of orange blossoms.


The morning sun was just peaking and shinning through the blinds in Heero’s room right into Duo’s eyes. He groaned and buried his eyes in Heero’s soft hair. “What time is it?” Asked Heero softly. “Um...”Duo removed his face from Heero’s hair to look at the digital clock. “Almost seven,” he said regretfully, expecting Heero would pull out of his embrace and get up. Heero was generally up before six.

But he did not. Instead he snuggled closer to Duo’s warm body placing a kiss on the hollow of his throat causing Duo to shiver in pleasure. They laid in each others embrace like that for another hour before they heard movement of everyone else getting up. “Hmm...wanna go take a shower?” Heero asked slyly.

“What are you saying I need it?" Duo asked with mock annoyance. Heero flipped over to face him and raised his eyebrows suggestivly. “Oh...OH! Yeah, I need a shower. You have to come with me, I could, um, drown or...something.” Heero grinned at Duo’s “subtleness”.

“Can’t have you drowning, now can we?” Heero agreed as they headed off towards the bathroom.


“Where are Duo and Heero?” Quatre asked Luna. It was normal for Duo not to be around this early, Heero was another matter.

“Oh, well....”Luna stopped. She knew where they were and could speculate at what they were doing, but she was not comfortable telling what was not her’s to tell. She was saved by a voice behind her. “They had a bit of a fight last night,” Wufei said coming through the kitchen door. “Maybe they finally killed each other. Actually, I don’t think Maxwell could pull that off. Yuy on the other hand-”

“What were they fighting about?” Noin asked sharply. “I don’t know. I didn’t have my ear pressed up against the damned door. That’s something a woman would do.” Wufei said snidely.

“I hope they’re alright. Maybe we should go check,” Quatre said worriedly.


In the shower, an exhausted Heero released his legs from around Duo’s waist and slid down to the shower floor looking very satisfied. Duo grinned down at Heero. “I think we’re clean,” he said softly. Heero pulled Duo down next to him on the floor and kissed him passionately. They were just getting ready for round two when the hot water ran out drenching them in ice water.

“We should be heading downstairs anyway,” Heero said levelly as he allowed Duo to towel him off. “Mmm...” Heero groaned as Duo disregarded the towel and ran his hand over Heero’s soft skin. He was just about to pull Heero in for a kiss when Heero gently pushed him away. “We need to go downstairs,” he whispered, his voice about ready to crack.

“Okay, love,” Duo murmured half-afraid Heero would get angry at the affectionate title. Instead he smiled softly and gave Duo a quick peck before going to find something to wear.

When he came back dressed Duo’s eyes widened with surprise. “No tank tops?” Heero was wearing a white oxford with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He looked much better in Duo’s opinion.

“It’s cold out,” Heero explained in what was the closest to a whine that Duo had ever heard in his voice. “And besides Zechs weirded me out yesterday.”

“Why’s that?” Duo asked, knowing exactly why. “I swear he was checking me out, but maybe-”

“No, he was. Pissed me off.”

“Really?” Duo stuck his tongue out at Heero. “You want me to admit you turn me on?” Duo asked uncomfortably. “Do you really love me, Duo?” Heero asked seriously. “Yes,” Duo said without hesitation. Heero sighed contently before grabbing Duo’s hand and pulling him along. “So do you?” Duo asked.

“Do I what?”

“Love me.”

“Always have,” Heero answered truthfully and Duo swore he could feel himself glowing.


Quatre was just getting ready to go hunt up the missing pair when they walked in. Duo had his hand around Heero’s wrist and he was pulling him along. Quatre braced himself for Heero’s anger at being pulled, let alone touched. He was pleasantly surprised when Heero did not get angry or even throw an insult at Duo. He looked almost content. “What, no torn clothing? No blood?” Wufei asked circling the two of them.

“Why would we be bleeding, Wu-man?” Duo asked with a cockeyed grin. “Well, you are late. We figured you’d gotten into a fight,” Quatre said reasonably. “More like you finally offed the braided moron,” Wufei muttered under his breath in Heero’s direction. Heero raised his eyebrow but said nothing. Just then Luna and Artemis showed up.

“You need to be on the alert. I get the feeling Aurora's planning something,” Artemis said, sparring further explanation as to where the two boys had been. “And what makes you think that?” Duo asked. Noin dropped a not on thick papyrus. “Miss Relena was visited this morning by a strange young man with gold eyes and dark blonde hair claiming that the five of you were in danger and needed to be separated,” Noin informed them. “He left her that note to be delivered to Heero.”

Heero took it and opened it, reading the heavy bold writing:

Bring the Moon princess and the crystal to the old hide out. You fur balls know the place. The princess only.

“Where is it?” Heero asked Luna. “No way, Heero. You can’t face these guys alone, “ Duo declared, figuring out what was on the other boy’s mind. “I don’t have much choice,” Heero retorted.

“We could all go, and stay out of sight,” Trowa suggested softly. The others nodded and Heero was outvoted. They would all go tonight to face Aurora and whatever she would throw at them.


“You know, we could always turn back,” Sailor Neptune, Duo, suggested as they neared the large domineering cave used as Aurora’s lair. “You would say that,” Wufei chided.

“Shut up, Mars! I just don’t want Heero hurt.”

“Right,” Mars said sarcastically, rolling his eyes heavenward. They were going to continue fighting when something happened that halted the squabbling pair. There was an orange flash, followed by a bunch of orange flowers, which reviled a young man. He smiled coolly at them. “Just as I figured, you didn’t do as the note said. I wanted the Moon Princess alone.” He looked Heero over, a hungry glint in his eyes. Duo went over to Heero and put his arm around his waist. “Listen crack head, if you think we’re just gonna hand Heero over with a fond farewell you can think again.”

“Is that so?” Helios asked snidely. “I don’t like your attitude. Neptune Submarine Reflection!” The mirrors blue light dazed the golden man and the others followed suit.

“Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!”

“Jupiter Oak Evolution.”

“Uranus World Shaking.”

“Mars Flame Sniper!”

The four super attacks hit Helios all at once who, shockingly, was still standing. Somehow, in a motion unfollowed by any of them, he managed to grab Heero and with the obligatory evil laugh, disappear in a flurry of orange blossoms. “HEERO!” Duo shrieked after him.


Heero came to a very short time latter, not quite aware of his surroundings. “Welcome back to the land of the living, Sleeping Beauty.” Heero turned towards the voice and found the golden haired man. “Uranus World Shaking!” Nothing happened.

Heero looked down at himself and found he was wearing a soft blue dress instead of his scout outfit. “Why the hell am I dressed in drag?”

“What, you’re not used to it by now?” Helios shot back. “Uranus Planet Power Make-up!” Again, nothing happened. “You can’t transform in here. This sanctuary is protected by nega-energy.”

“Well isn’t that just fucking typical!” Heero exclaimed angrily. “You’ve got spunk. That braided full wouldn’t know what to do with it. I on the other hand...” While he had been speaking he had pulled Heero close and his lips were coming in for the kill. Heero found he had no energy to fight him off.

Duo, I never in a million years thought I’d be saying this, but please save me! The moment his thoughts turned to that of his braided lover, the crystal in his wand, which the fool had neglected to take form Heero, began to glow a deep gold. The power slammed into the assaulting man and he was for a second time in the last half-hour thrown into a wall.

“Uranus Planet Power Make-up!” This time the transformation took hold, despite his previous problems. “How can you transform?” Helios asked astonished. “Because, don’t you know in these cheesy super hero flicks, the lead character can always do something after being told they can’t?”



“HEERO!” Duo shrieked after Heero.

“Shut up! You sound like that moronic onna that’s always following Yuy around and you’re gonna cause a rock slide.” Wufei/Mars chastened.

“What are we going to do?” Duo whimpered, and Wufei relented a bit seeing how worried Duo clearly was.

“This is Heero we’re talking about here. I think you should be worried about the poor smuck that kidnapped him, not Heero. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t handle,” Trowa assured Duo to which Quatre and finally Wufei agreed.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Four sets of eyes turned towards the source of the horrible cackling noise. There were four women with white skin and different colored hair. “We’re the Death and Destruction Sisters!” They announced proudly.

“Ebony!” Said the one with black and turquoise hair.

“Midnight!” A black and blue haired one.

“Darke!” A black and red haired one.

“Wow...that’s...nice. You should try out to be cheerleaders.” Duo informed them.

“Actually, they’d fit in at my circus better. There’s an opening for freaks,” Trowa put in his two cents.

“ We have been sent to destroy you-”

“Omae O Korsuo, you stupid Onnas!” Wufei shouted at them, annoyed to have a bunch of women threaten him. “Mars...Celestial Fire...Surround!” He shot it straight at them. The smallest, Darke reflected it at them. It nailed Wufei and he was caught by the fury of his own attack. One down.

“Sailor Mars!” Sailor Neptune screamed, despite being told not to. Noir, the green and black haired one, shot a group of green spikes at Quatre. “Quatre, look out!” Trowa threw himself in the path of the spikes and took the hit in Quatre’s stead. Two down.

“Ha! Ha! Fool! Trying to stop us. Don’t worry blondie, you’ll be with him soon!” The blue and black haired one, Midnight promised as she hurled a blue ball of energy at the unsuspecting Sailor Mercury who had ran to the side of his fallen lover.

It slammed in to him and he put up no resistance. As promised, he was killed as well. “Where’s the other one?”

“Right here,” Duo, Sailor Neptune stood behind them looking royally pissed. “Neptune Deep Submerge!” The ball of water hit and destroyed all but Ebony. “My sisters! You’ll pay for that brat!” She fired a large turquoise and black broken heart right at Sailor Neptune.

“I’m sorry, Heero. I love you,” he whispered. Then he died.

“Impressive, Sailor Uranus. I can see why you’re the strongest,” a soft, femine voice behind Heero said. He turned quickly and was confronted by a tall, beautiful woman with long blonde hair streaming like a ribbon to the floor. She had shining golden eyes that looked Heero over with an icy intelligence. “Aurora,” Heero guessed aloud.

“Correct,” she said smiling evilly. “Don’t you want to know about your friends?” She formed a crystal orb with the wand in her right hand. It showed each of his fallen comrades. He was able to keep his emotions in check until he saw Duo. “NO!” Heero screamed hoarsely as he saw his beautiful longhaired lover’s lifeless body.

“You’re all that is left. Surrender the crystal and I may spare you.” I have to defeat her, for the mission..., for my friends...for DUO! “I hate to copy Duo, but GO TO HELL! Moon Princess Space Sword Attack!” As he said these words his space sword slid out of hammer space into his hands and his moon crystal flew to it, embedding itself on the font. There was a flash of gold and then only black.


1 week later

“So, what should we do?” Duo asked Heero, who was leaning against him, his head on Duo’s chest. They were in the middle of the city park on the bench, near the pond. It was almost dawn and the sun was trying to peak around the horizon.

It had been a week since the fight with Queen Aurora. Heero had used all his power to destroy the evil and restore everything to how it had been before. Everything was as it should be.

Heero leaned forward and captured the other boy’s lips with his own. Just when things were getting good and Duo was ready to drag Heero in a nearby bush and ravish him the sky turned a deep turquoise then a bright gold. “What’s that? It’s not dawn!” Duo exclaimed as the sky opened up and dropped a blue haired girl with a knee length braid into Heero’s lap against his lips separating them.

“Mommy!” She exclaimed, glomping Heero affectionately.

“WHAT!!! Heero, is their something that you’ve neglected to tell me?”


It looks like a new adventure is in store for the Neo-Sailor Scouts! Who is the mysterious girl? Why is she here? Why in god’s name did she call Heero Mommy? Tune in for the next installment of The Neo-Sailor Scout Series!


End of Series 1

To be continued


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