Title: The Letter
Disclaimer: *sigh* The characters of Gundam Wing are not mine...unfortantly.
Pairings: 2x1, 5x2/2x5, 5x2x1 (latter)
Rating: R? NC-17 I don't know
Warning: yaoi, angst, violence
Note: Please be kind! This is the first angsty fic I've ever written. I usually do humor, but I'm in an odd mood so I figured "what the hell, go with it".


Duo watched anxiously as two ambulance technicians shuffled out the narrow doorway of the apartment he and Heero shared. In Duo's opinion, they moved way to slow. It was strange how calm Duo felt. He took time to notice that one of the technicians was fat and balding, his large stomach flowing out of his to tight pants. The other technician was younger, thirty or thirty-five with greasy hair that clung to his head like a hat. Duo also notice a hole in the ceiling above him and with a detached interest made a mental note to fix it.

As the two men made it to the elevator Duo caught a patch of what they said. "...I've seen them like this before. They usually don't last. You gotta wonder what would make someone do something like that. Did you see that room? Completely red! And he's so young, barely begun to live. My sister's boy, Tom..." The door to the elevator slammed shut then, silencing the men. Duo stared after them dimly, completely numb.

"Duo! Snap out of it. You can be in shock later! We have to get to the hospital so that we can be with Heero," Wufei's voice was certain and left no room for argument. They took Wufei's car. Duo got the feeling that he did not trust Duo to drive. That was crazy; he felt fine if only his damn ears would quit buzzing and he would quit shaking.

"What could have made Heero do that?" Wufei asked quietly once the car was on the road. Duo, for once, was totally silent. "Has Heero been unhappy, Duo?" Wufei continued.

"When isn't Heero unhappy?" Duo asked irritably.

"That isn't fair, Duo. I'm just worried. You don't have to get so damned whiney. We have to focus on Heero now. Whatever could have caused this-"

"You want to know what caused it? Fine, I'll tell you what caused it. Our weakness caused it. Right after we...you know. Right after that, I wrote you a note explaining that what we did was a mistake and I had no plans of leaving Heero. I couldn't give it to you, so I must have stuffed it in my pocket or something. Heero found it, Wufei. He was holding it in his hand. He knew! That's why...that's why..." The calm that had surrounded Duo broke and the flood gates broke. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. "What was I thinking, Wufei? I should have been stronger. I never should have..." He still couldn't say it.

"Slept with me," Wufei finished.

"Oh Christ! We weren't sleeping! If we had been, this would be different! We fucked! That's all we did. We were like two animals fucking each other during mating season. There was no reason behind it. And now Heero's hurt simply because we couldn't keep it in our pants!"

"It wasn't like that. I admit that we handled it wrong, but it was not ugly. Don't make it ugly, Duo! Once Heero is well, we'll explain everything to him. We both care about him. I'm starting to think maybe that's why I did what I did. Ever since I met him...I can't explain it. I've never been good with emotions." The rest of the ride was silent and as they reached the hospital the gloomy mood did not lift.

Wufei went over to the admittance desk in the emergency room acquiring about Heero. Duo looked around helplessly. "Come on, they said they took him into surgery. We have to get down there," Wufei ordered coming back from the desk. "Why? What can we do? We've already put him in the hospital. What else could we do? I know! Let's go shut off all the tubes and equipment that they probably have hooked up to him and finish the job!" Duo hissed sarcastically.


"Why? It's the truth. We put him here."

"Maybe so, but feeling sorry for ourselves is not going to help matters." Duo sighed. "You're right, as usual," he admitted reluctantly. They sat in the lobby near where the surgery was being performed. When it was over they saw as the bed containing Heero was pushed into the recovery room, but could not see the status of Heero. Minutes ticked by. Hours. Days. At least that was what it felt like.

Finally, after about a week, three hours really, a young doctor came out to the waiting room to sit next to them. "You're the ones here for..." she stopped to look at a clip board. "Heero Yuy?"

"Yes." Wufei answered.

"Well, he came through the surgery fine, but he lost a lot of blood, and he'll have scars across his arms. It's a wonder he lived, as much blood as he lost. You can go in and see him now, but try not to get him to excited." Oh lady, you have no idea what you're talking about, Duo thought. But as Wufei pulled him to the recovery room where Heero was, he went without argument.

The room was a light blue, a cross somewhere between sky blue and robin's egg blue. It was a very calming color. There were curtains separating two beds. The first one was empty and the curtain was drawn concealing the second. Just as they stepped into the doorway the curtain opened and a nurse with a pitcher of water came out. "I'll leave this with you. You drink this. You need to flush out your system. Oh look, you have visitors already," she finished smiling. Heero sat up and turned frowning.

Nothing registered upon his face at first and Duo took advantage of the moment to take a survey of him. He was eerily pale, almost transparent. His dark eyes had shadows under them and were hollowed. As Duo watched they slowly widened. Heero's pale face flushed with more emotion than Duo had ever seen on it, and it was all directed towards him. Heero reached for the pitcher that the nurse had left. Suddenly the tranquil seen was smashed to pieces.

"Get out of here, you bastards! " Heero shouted then threw the pitcher with excellent precession.


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