Title: The Letter
Disclaimer: *sigh* The characters of Gundam Wing are not
Pairings 2x1, 5x2/2x5, 5x2x1 (latter)
Rating: R? NC-17 I don't know
Warning: yaoi, angst, violence
Note: Please be kind! This is the first angsty fic I've ever written. I usually do humor, but I'm in an odd mood so I figured "what the hell, go with it".


"How could he do this to me? How!" Heero screamed heavenward. Maybe it had all been a mistake, maybe Duo had not really betrayed him. But the answer was in his hands. The note which he had found in Duo's pant pocket when he had been getting ready to do laundry from Duo to ...him. "He makes me admit my feeling for him, changes me, makes me soft and then he hops into bed with the nearest warm body!" Heero growled slamming his fist into a nearby wall, pleased with the hole he put there. His eyes scanned the letter in his hands again.

Love, I'm sorry. The other night was a mistake. I wasn't lying when I said I loved you, but I love Heero very much as well, and I could never hurt him. Please understand. I'll always hold you in my heart.

Heero was not sure which hurt more, the fact that Duo had went behind his back with someone else or the fact that the someone else was supposed to be a friend. "Damn you Duo and damn you too, Wufei!" Is this friendship? People hurting each other like this? Heero wondered. He glanced at the letter again. He doesn't want to hurt me! Ha! He's already hurt me! Heero found that he wanted to strike back at them both, but he did not know how. He was going to get even, that was for sure.


"I know what we did was wrong! I knew it at the time! Believe it or not, I care about Heero too! Very much. Maybe too much. Oh, it's all so confusing!" Wufei frowned at the stupidity of it all. How could they have been so weak? "I won't let Heero get hurt, Duo. No matter what."

"I know! But I think maybe we should tell him. It would hurt him much more if he found out after we had tried to keep it from him. Don't you watch soap operas? They always find out somehow!" Duo's voice grew to a shriek at the end. Ever since last Thursday he had been trying to figure out how to handle the situation. It had all started innocently enough. Heero had been out of town on business and Duo, bored with television, had desided to go bother Wufei, who lived less that a block away from the apartment he shared with Heero. One thing had led to another and they had somehow found their way into Wufei's bedroom.

Wufei sighed. "I hate to admit it, but you're right. We should tell him. Duo... I think I love him. I don't know why, but them again you love him so...oh, is it possible to love more than one person?" Duo nodded. "Yes, I think so. I think I love you, and I know I love Heero. I've always loved Heero."

"So, that's it then. We should go tell him together. Maybe if I tell him how I feel and you reassure him of how you feel...?"

"Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to work out?" Duo murmured.


Something was wrong. Duo knew it as soon as he and Wufei had entered his apartment. It was to quiet and that smell. It was a coppery smell, like raw hamburger and when he took a breath the could taste it. "Heero? Are you here?" Duo called. Before leaving to go over to Wufei's, Duo had asked Heero if he had been planning on going out for anything and he had said he was not. "Duo!" Wufei's shrill voice called to him from the bedroom he shared with Heero. Duo ran to him. "Oh god!"

The entire room was painted red. No, not paint. Blood. That was the coppery smell that Duo had noticed. It was everywhere. The walls, the floor, everywhere, as if someone had thrown a bucket of paint up in the air and let it splatter everywhere. "Heero!" He ran to the limp figure on the floor. Heero's wrists were slit, that was where the blood had came from. He was unconscious having lost so much blood. "Wufei! Call an ambulance, fast!" Duo sat down on the floor next to Heero, cradling him in his arms. Heero was clutching something in his hand. What is that? Duo wondered. He carefully removed the crumpled paper from Heero's hands, careful not to move his wrists. Duo gasped. It was the letter he had written to Wufei. Heero knew.