I almost did it. This one was almost a lemon. It was soooo close... And then, I chickened out. But hey, there's still hope. Maybe I'll rewrite it or something.

Why I love you
By: Kai
As you should all know, I don't own GW. If I did... Well that'd be different.


He felt... Empty. Alone. Lost. And yet, he wasn't any of those. There were always those long minutes after they had sex, the minutes that expanded into hours, that isolated him as Heero held him. There were shadows in his cobalt eyes, ghosts that ate away at him from within. And there was nothing Duo could do about it. He would fight dragons for the other boy, but he couldn't fight the ghosts. It was when they were closest that he felt the farthest away from his lover. He wanted to be able to wrap his arms around Heero, and have him blurt out what was bothering him, and then Duo could make it better. But, it never seemed to work out that way.


"So, what'd Quatre say on the phone?" Heero asked, later that morning.

"Nothing really. Trowa and him are fine. They're moved in on Earth. They saw Relena the other day... Nothing big." Duo chewed on the eraser of his pencil, trying to figure out the next answer on the crossword puzzle.

"Hey, Heero, what's a five letter word for a large robot?"

"A mecha," he replied with a shrug. He slowly turned the page of the newspaper, and took a sip of his coffee.

Duo leaned back in his chair, with the eraser still in his teeth, and looked at Heero with a degree of confusion.

"What's wrong?"

The Japanese boy glanced up at him. "What d'you mean?"

"Something's wrong. You're acting weird."

Heero looked down again. "Nothing's wrong."

"Aww, come one. You can't lie to me. I know you better than anyone. Now, really, what's bothering you?"

He could see Heero's jaw working, but Heero's said nothing. He finally inhaled. "Duo, you do really think that you know me?"

Duo's jaw dropped. "Uhh... Yeah. I think so... Why?"

"Sometimes I wonder."

"About what?"

He paused again, and took another drink out of his coffee cup. Then, he inhaled, and dropped his hands into his lap, keeping his gaze on the table. "Would you still lo--care for me if you really knew me?"

"I do know you, Heero. I know more than you think I do."

"Hn. Like what?"

Duo reached across the table and grabbed Heero's wrist, yanking his hand above the table, and exposing a tiny scar on the inside of his wrist. "You got this when you where ironing that shirt, the one that you wore to Trowa and Quatre's wedding. You tried to hide it from me, but I saw the whole thing." He picked up Heero's other hand and lay it palm up on the table. "You still have scars on your hand - right there, and there - from when you self-destructed. And, you have one on your knee from after the battle with Mariemaiya, when you fell, and Relena caught your head." He chuckled at that a little. He gave Heero a grin. "You never kill anyone that you've threatened, and you have a soft spot for puppies. You're favorite food is Pocky and you like the cookies I made last Christmas. You hide my presents under the pool table, and expect me not to notice, and at school you liked History."

Heero's mouth turned up in a half smile. "So, you know all that. But what about the other stuff? The people that I've--"

"Killed?" Duo's smile turned bittersweet. "I've killed just as many people as you. And that stuff doesn't matter. I know it sounds corny but, that's what makes you you. And I love you. The you that you are now."

"Did you just say...."

"Yeah, you moron. I love you. Haven't you figured it out by now?" Heero just stared at him, shocked. "This may be news to you, Heero, but you're not exactly the most interesting guy in the colonies. You're paranoid, anti-social, boring, cold, and not exactly emotionally capable. Why else would I stay with you this long?"

Heero glared. "Was all that necessary?"

"Yeah. I needed to make my point. But I still love you. Always will, I guess."

Heero gave him a genuine smile. Then, he pushed his chair back, and grabbed Duo's wrist. "C'mon. I'll show you how many of YOUR scars I can identify."

Duo went a little pale. "Again? Damn, Heero, do you ever get tired?"

"No." He kicked open the bedroom door, and tossed Duo onto the bed.

"Well, the rest of us do! Oi, not everyone is superhuman, you know!"

Heero was already working the buttons on Duo's shirt. "Shut up, Duo.

You know you love it." "Yeah, well. That still doesn't mean I have the energy to go at it whenever you feel like it. You have no consideration for my rights!"

"Shut up," Heero repeated, before covering Duo's mouth with his own. He pulled away for a second. "I have plenty of consideration for your rights, and right now..." He smiled devilishly again. "Right now, I know you're just being stupid."