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Warnings: well....umm....none really, pretty innocent & pointless so far...oh! probably OOC, thats it i thinks....


Heero let out a frustrated snort and angrily jabbed at his laptop keyboard. He was busying himself with deleting pop-ups, and secretly vowing revenge on the pioneers of internet advertising, while he waited for Duo to get out of their small, private bathroom (thank gods he had made sure they had that, it was bad enough just dealing with braided compatriot). The dorm was noisy at this time of the morning, so he couldn't hear what Duo was doing, but whatever it was, it was taking an exceedingly long time. The damn boy had been in there for over an hour! Heero was beginning to consider shooting off the lock and forcing the baka out...

Just as Heero was preparing to load his gun, Duo came bounding out wearing nothing but a loose towel and soapsuds in the form of a fluffy white beard on his face.

"Mooornin' Sunshine! & Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!" Heero only glared at the strange spectacle, and looked royally pissed about being called "Sunshine". Duo laughed and threw a sudsy rubber ducky at his face, which, of course, Heero easily blocked without even changing statement.

"Awww...dontcha want your present?"

Duo adopted a mock pout, which looked absolutely ridiculous with the foam smeared across his face. The corner of Heero's mouth twitched upwards ever so slightly, something even the most astute would have trouble spotting, but Duo's trained eyes caught it. He immediately launched himself at Heero and pressed his soapy wet body against his impeccable school uniform. "Kuso!!", Heero growled and pushed the braided one out of his lap. "Now I have to change."

Heero continued grumbling all the way to the bathroom about certain pilots who commandeer the bathroom for hours on end and ruin perfectly good clothing, etc., etc.

Duo only giggled and proceeded to dry himself off. He loved to annoy his stony partner; it was fast becoming his favorite game.


After dressing, both boys walked down to the dining hall. Duo was chatting away about something or other that was most likely highly trivial and insignificant. Heero occasionally took the time to mutter a "Hn" in agreement, but for the most part he was thinking about this morning's earlier events...How Duo looked with the water droplets sliding off his body...Strands of his hair slipping from his damp braid and clinging to his sudsy face...Those legs, that che//K'so! Not again...// Heero had been fighting these thoughts for months, and had thought he was winning, but with this new mission putting them in such close proximity, it was all he could do not to jump the long-haired boy. //Gods that hair is beautiful...it looks so soft...//

"Yo Heero!"

The blue-eyed boy abruptly snapped out of his reverie and stared at the concerned face in front of him. Duo was waving his hand in front of Heero's face and had the other hand on his shoulder to keep him from walking.

"Geez, man, you almost smacked into a wall! What's up with you??"

Heero shook his head slightly and muttered, "Nothing. Just thinking about...the mission."

"O...K..." Duo shot him a strange look before resuming his vocal musings on the ingredients of the school's meatloaf. Meatloaf just couldn't be trusted, no matter where you were.

Duo inwardly sighed. He wished he could know what his friend was thinking about. //It can't be the mission, all it is is some simple hacking and a routine break-in in the nearby Oz base...but then, Heero does love his missions...// He sighed again, only this time not so inwardly.

"What's wrong?"

"Hm? Oh! Oh nothing, just thinking about, y'know, homework and stuff...So...um...what's our first class today?"


Duo groaned loudly, "Arrgh! Why do you always enroll us in such hard classes?? Couldn't we take something easy for once? Like, Beginner's Home Ec or something?"

Heero only "Hn"ed in response and walked off with his breakfast tray. An exasperated Duo followed, occasionally making faces at the back of the Japanese boy's head.


Heero and Duo ate in silence for about 5 minutes until a sweet sounding voice interrupted them,

"Ohayo! Lovely day, ne?"

Duo's face expanded into a welcoming grin, "Ohayo, Quatre! How'd ya sleep, manno?"

"Pretty good, could've been better though...", Quatre responded wistfully as he thought of his green-eyed beau who was unfortunately off on a mission in a whole other part of the world.

Heero nodded in greeting as Quatre sat down & began nibbling at his cinnamon bagel[1].

"Y'know, I think I'm going to join the swim team!"

"Duo...you do realize you have to know how to swim to be on the team?"

"I know, Q-man! I'll just have someone teach me. I've always wanted to learn how to swim, and those posters they put up in the gym make it look like so much fun!" Duo nearly fell out of his seat as he punctuated these last remarks with excited hand gestures. Quatre looked on in concern; Heero simply snorted and rolled his eyes, then went back to mechanically shoveling his frosted corn flakes.


Heero sat in computer class, bored as fuck-all, thanking whatever deities existed that it was almost the end of the day. The computer course was a joke, so far all they'd learned how to double click the damn icons! [2] He snorted in frustration and searched his imagination for something to amuse him. Almost immediately his thoughts drifted to his braided roommate; he mentally ran his fingers through those silken tresses and breathed in the intoxicating sweetness and vitality that was Duo //*sigh* I really need a hobby...// he thought. The bell rang (finally) and Heero quickly got up, silently vowing to take up macramé.

He briskly made his way to the indoor pool, where Duo had asked him to pick him up. When he got there it took all of his immense control not to let his tongue hang out and start drooling. //Sheeeee-iiiiite......// Duo was standing at the edge of the pool, almost ghostly pale in the fluorescent lighting. The watery reflection from the pool played across his cream-colored skin, and tiny rivulets of water slowly rolled down his smooth shape. His black speedo //Oh gods, why did it have to be a speedo?// was riding low on his hips, showing flesh way past his navel, and in general leaving very little to the imagination. Heero forced himself to look up, and again found himself confronted with the very essence of beauty. Duo's hair was pulled into a loose ponytail, and the wet hair was clinging to him in a way that made Heero very glad he was holding his notebook in front of his crotch. Heero gradually became aware of the violet eyes that were regarding him curiously and his mouth quickly snapped shut.

"Came to get you. Quatre. Dinner. Quatre at dinner." He mentally kicked himself, //Gods! I'm rambling! (well, much as Heero did ramble at least) Get ahold of yourself, Yuy!//

"Oh ok. Hey! Heero! I'd like you to meet my swim coach, Rika!"

Heero's gaze shifted to a short girl in a green swimsuit who was just climbing out of the pool. She was pretty, with wide brown eyes and short brown hair pulled into a dripping pony-tail. Heero mentally chastised himself for not noticing her earlier, but then, he had been a bit distracted....

"Hi there", she smiled warmly, "You must be Heero! Duo told me you're his roommate, right? It's nice to meet you."

"Er...yes", Heero replied uneasily, social situations always unnerved him.

"Guess what, Heero! Rika says I'm a really fast learner and I've got a really fast Doggy-Paddle!" Duo proud grin looked like it could've cracked his face and he was practically dancing with pleasure.

"Hn. Are you coming or not?"

"Oh. Oh sure! I've just gotta get changed, ok? I'll meet you in the cafeteria."

Without another word Heero turned and left, his knuckles white from gripping his notebook.


Duo let his gaze linger on Heero's retreating form //God, he's so gorgeous...//. Then he blinked several times and turned around to face Rika, "Oi. Anyway, what time should I come back tomorrow?"

She gave him an amused grin, "1's good. You like him don't you?"

Duo eyes widened and he blushed furiously //Am I that obvious??//. He said in a small, squeaky voice, "You could tell, huh?"

Rika giggled at his cute reaction. She already was very attached to Duo, even after being around him for only a couple of hours, and she had seen the obvious want in Heero's cold blue eyes. Her own eyes took on an impish glint, "You know...I might be able to help you with that..."


Heero returned to the dorm in a daze. He was amazed he even found his way back at all, because he definitely was not watching where he was going. His mind's eye was focused completely on that soggy vision of loveliness that he had just left. He made it back to his room, notebook still securely in place, only to find Quatre tapping away at his precious laptop. "Oh Heero! Hi!"

Heero only glared pointedly in response.

"Hm? Oh your laptop. Sorry, but I had to write Trowa an email.", Quatre's eyes took on a dreamy glaze as he spoke the last few words. Heero rolled his eyes slightly before remembering his own amorous thoughts for another pilot...Unfortunately for our stoic hero [3], this led to an enormous resurgence of his previous state of mind.

Heero muttered a quick, "Don't worry about it." before rushing off to take a long, cold shower.


Heero busily toweled off his unruly hair as he stepped out of the bathroom a half hour later. As soon as he set his first foot out of the door, he stopped dead. Splayed across one of the single beds was Duo, with his hair coming out of his braid in wisps that seemed to lovingly caress his skin with every movement of air, and his face with that angelic statement that only appears in slumber. Heero stood captivated, his mouth dry, holding his breath, until finally the need for oxygen won out over his trance. He shook his head roughly as if to will his longing away and slid hurriedly into his bed.

Duo smiled sweetly in his sleep.


The next morning Heero awoke to find the bed next to his empty. He sat up with a start, Duo was never up before him. He didn't even hear any obnoxious singing coming from the bathroom //Duo must be already downstairs...//. He slowly got suited up in his perfectly pressed uniform (yes, he's the perfect ironer too!) and walked down the steps to the dining hall. And for the second time in 24 hours, he stopped in his tracks. There was Duo, but this time the image conjured up far less tender feelings. Rika was draped over his slim frame, any closer and she would've been in his lap, and they were chatting and laughing about something that was obviously quite enthralling; neither of them even looked up when Heero stomped into the room.

Heero violently slammed his tray down, making Quatre jump.

"O-ohayo Heero...", he managed to stutter out. The anger was coming off Heero in waves that were almost tangible. Quatre had no idea what could've made the boy so upset, but he did have the good sense to realize now was not a good time to stick around. Quatre's eyes suddenly widened in amazement and just a bit of fear, "H-h-heero!"

"What?", Heero growled in a disturbingly low tone. He then followed Quatre's eyes to the juice glass in his hand...or rather, juice glass that was in his hand. All that remained was glass shards and a sticky coating on his hands. A drop of blood splatted on the table. Quatre's face practically burst with well-meaning concern.


Heero simply wiped his hands and left, rage still hovering over him like a dark cloud.


Duo stared after his dark-haired companion as he stormed out of the room and felt a twinge of satisfaction //Maybe Rika's right after all...//.

He turned back to Rika with a blinding grin, "Y'know, I think you may be right about him!"

She giggled and squeezed Duo [4], "See? I told you this would work! Nothing like a little jealousy to put things in perspective."


The next few days were Hell for Heero. Everywhere he went, there was Duo with that leech. //Sigh...I wonder if that's how Duo feels about Relena...// "If only", he added ruefully. It was all Heero could do not to visibly mope. Heero became even colder towards everyone, and spent more and more time with his laptop (if that's even possible).

Quatre was getting very worried, it didn't exactly take much to see that pilot 01 was being even more antisocial than usual. It also wasn't truly difficult to put the facts together, a) Duo got a girlfriend, and b) we're lucky Heero hasn't killed someone yet. a + b = *nudge nudge, wink wink*, ne? [5]

Finally, after about 2 days of Heero's PMS-ing, Quatre decided to get to the bottom of this Nancy Drew-worthy mystery. Sitting in trigonometry class (one of the only classes where he, Duo, & Heero weren't together), Quatre leaned over and jabbed Duo hard in the arm.

"Itai!! Wassat for??"

The teacher slowly turned from the chalkboard, looked puzzled, then faced her equations again.

"Duo. What are you doing?"

"My english homework, what's it look like?"

Quatre sighed, "No, I mean with Rika! Can't you see what you're doing to Heero??"

Duo's grin reached manic proportions, "You bet I can, Q-man! It's all going according to plan..." He wiggled his fingers mysteriously.

"Nani?! You PLANNED this?!?!", Quatre practically shouted. How could anyone willfully hurt someone else?? Oh the humanity!

The teacher slowly turned again, getting a bit suspicious, but found the draw of chalk too much for her and swiveled back around.

"Quatre! it's ok!", Duo whispered fiercely, "It was all Rika's idea, she said he liked me..." Duo's eyes took on a dreamy sheen, "...and that all I had to do was make him jealous and he'd admit it!"

Quatre rubbed his temples tiredly. "Oi..." //I'm going to have to help Heero...he doesn't stand a chance with this plan, he's only going to end up blowing up the gym or something...//

Duo smiled smugly and went back to scribbling hearts and "H loves D" on his english assignment.


Quatre sat down next to a very sullen Heero at dinner. Heero's eyes had gone nearly black with malice and they were aimed directly at a certain female student. //Oh gods, I hadn't thought of that! Rika has no idea how in danger she is// Quatre realized he had to end this sick game as soon as possible, or not just the gym would explode.

"Heero? Oi, Heero?"

"Hn." Heero's menacing eyes narrowed to slits as he looked up at his shaking blonde friend.


"Well?", the word was barely coherent in Heero's low growl. Quatre gulped audibly and continued. "Well, ya see...

DuoandRikamadethisbigevilplantomakeyoujealousoyou'dadmityoulikeDuo!!" The tiny Arabian collapsed to the floor, gulping down air. The other pilot didn't seem to notice.

Heero's eyes cleared to their normal cobalt, and took on a glint that was far from angry.

"Heh heh heh..." Quatre tilted his head up, it was the creepiest sound he'd ever heard (besides maybe Trowa laughing). "So he was only making me jealous? Two can play at that game. Nimru ryoukai."


Duo looked over at his friends' table curiously. Why was Quatre on the floor? And why does Heero have that creepy grin on his face? Suddenly it dawned on him. //Oh Shit. Quatre told him! AAAHHH!! I'm DEAD!// He quickly pushed Rika off him and was about to tell her to run as fast as those high heels would let her, when he saw the evilly chuckling Heero grab the still gasping Quatre by the back of his shirt and pick him up.

//AAAHHH!!!!// Duo extended his arms in a vain attempt to hide his female friend, who for her part, only looked confused at Duo's stricken statement.

Heero slowly plodded over to the table, dragging the very shocked and confused Quatre behind him. He stopped about 5 feet away, hauled Quatre up, and planted a big smacker right on his lips.

Quatre's eyes widened and he desperately flailed his arms in surprise. Duo's mouth hung open, out of all he had been expecting, this did not even come close. Rika just giggled.

Heero let go of Quatre, who fell sputtering to the ground.

"H-H-Heero!!! Trowa! Trowa. NOW! Ack!" He collapsed in the cutest confused faint.

Rika couldn't stand it anymore, she burst out in hysterical laughter, practically falling out of her chair.

Heero and Duo didn't even notice. They were both too busy staring at each other, one with a look of complete shock and the other with an amused half-smile.


Heero laughed softly, "Just showing you that I can do it too, baka."

The braided pilot's mouth fell open even more. Heero smiled wider, grabbed Duo's shoulders, and took complete advantage of his friend's open mouth. Duo kissed back fiercely, their lips and tongues meeting with bruising force.

Abruptly, Heero pulled away. Duo whimpered in disapointment.

The blue-eyed boy grinned again, "Next time...just come right out and tell me, ne?"


Owari! [6]


[1] i'm eating one right now! mmm......
[2] hmm...sounds a lot like what i learned in compy class today...
[3] *giggle*
[4] *sigh* i wish i was Rika
[5] makes no sense i know, but i couldn't resist a little Monty Python-ism hehe
[6] i know, i know...i mentioned absolutely nothing about the mission really...but i'm lazy...so deal *giggle*